Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dinner Dating in Second Life

By Leona Kitty

Second Life, being an online virtual world allows us the opportunity to create just as the title says, a second life. We have the choice to make it anything we want. Some come here as an escape, others come here because they are unable to get out much in real life. Either way the lives we create in here can contain so many different possibilities. One of those that I have personally seen and experienced over the years is the ability to meet people and date in Second Life.

In real life you meet someone, usually go out on a date with them to a dinner, movie, a walk in the park, out dancing. So why not do the same thing here? Residents of Second Life have created so many wonderful places for us to use for this purpose. You can go out shopping for a nice outfit to wear for your date. You can then meet up for a romantic dinner followed by dancing. And all of this can be done for much less than the cost a real life date would have cost.

So you may ask, how can I go to a romantic dinner? We cannot actually eat in Second Life. Well this is where your imagination comes in. And truly, when you take that real life date out, are you there only for the food or are you really there to get to know them? Getting to know your date is what the night is all about.

 I personally have always loved the Live service romantic restaurants in Second Life because I feel it truly creates an atmosphere that is as close to a real life date as you can possibly get. You and your date arrive at the restaurant and you are warmly greeted by your hostess or server. Once seated at your table you are able to view a menu and make selections. Over a three or four course meal your server will visit your table to deliver the next course, see how you are doing and just provide general roleplay to make the experience as close to real life as possible. During this dinner which usually lasts close to 1 hour you are able to talk privately with your date and focus completely on getting to know them. What a wonderful way to live a dating experience in Second Life.

So for those seeking a nice, romantic experience where they can devote some time to their date or even significant other I highly encourage you to check into some of your local romantic restaurants.

- Leona Kitty

Pictures taken at "The Falls"


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