Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goodbye Perri, Hopefully Only For Now

A little sad news from the HV Community sim, where I make my home on the Grid. One of my neighbors, Perri Prinz, has made a name for herself as a DJ in Second Life, in my opinion one of the best in her selection of 60 and 70s music. She would play at Cutlass, Club Zero Gravity, and other clubs. With her partner RECoyote Mindes, she also owned a club of her own, the Green Meadows Club, which friends also called Perri's Xanadu. Her music got her many fans, and her gentle manner a number of friends. And of course there was her partner RECoyote.

Outside of Second Life, Perri, or "Hunny Bunny" as she sometimes calls herself, was also known as a writer. She wrote the chapters for Spectral Shadows, a long series of stories that mixed themes such as time travel, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, going back for many years. A teleporter at Xanadu would take one to a gallery of Spectral Shadows Illustrations. She would also put some thoughts in a Livejournal, which went across a number of subjects, such as music.

Her latest Livejournal post however was a sad one.

Perri suffered from health problems in real life, and as much as she loved her friends and playing her music, the technical glitches could sometimes just be too much, requiring her to take occasional breaks to rest up. Running her club had proven to be a bundle of nerves, so friends from the FCA club alliance, including myself, had recently been helping her to try to get Green Meadows/Xanadu up and running again.

Unfortunately, one event she had spent hours preparing for happened to occur right on the very day the Grid was hit with its "Unscheduled Maintenance." Not only was getting online difficult, but nothing seemed to work, notably her music stream. It was then she felt there was nothing better to do but leave the Grid for good, saying goodbye to her friends who managed to show up despite the glitches that day.

Since then, Perri's gotten a number of messages from friends and well wishers.  And she responded she might return after an extended hiatus to heal, "REC and my friends … I'm missing them already. … I hate the thought of never being with … the others again. … We'll see what happens. I just pulled the plug. I didn't throw out the computer." Perri's Livejournal entry and responses can be found here: .

As for Club Green Meadows, events there have come to a close, at least for now. It's possible later on the FCA club alliance will try to get the club running again with others playing the music Perri was noted for.

Goodbye our friend, at least for now,

Bixyl Shuftan

*Addition* Perri did come back a few days after this was written.


  1. Perri, you will be missed! Heal, and come back to us soon!

  2. I hope she returns soon. And I'll be happy to provide her with a stream that's as bulletproof and easy to use as a stream can be.

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