Monday, August 28, 2017

Interview with Helvis Xue, Prez of Cobras MC

By Wesley Regenbogen 

Helvis Xue is the current President of the Cobras MC motorcycle club in Second Life. In real-life,hHe is from England. He runs the club on a daily basis, and also has a good team that helps him to fulfill his tasks as it's leader. I have found him to be a nice guy, and he tries to help people whenever and wherever he possibly can.

Helvis Xue and myself met somewhere on the Cobras Coil tracks to do this interview. I asked him how he got started in Second Life. He told me that he saw a documentary where an ad was presented about Second Life. He decided to give it a shot and since he is a biker in real life, he wanted to do something similar here, and thus he found out about Cobras MC and joined them. He bought his first bike in Second Life when he met the owner of Q Customs, a bike maker in Second Life from Germany. Helvis met him shortly after when he just arrived at Second Life.

Next I asked him if his real life biker experience helped him as a Second Life biker as well. He replied that it does help him to be a good biker here, and also to find similar minded people inworld.

When I asked him if it’s difficult to get people online in Second Life when they live in different time zones, he told me that it is indeed difficult to get people online at the same time, because on one end of the world it’s morning, for another person it’s midnight and for someone else it’s another time during the day. He tried to make a group picture of Cobras MC with all members, but it’s very difficult to do so.

Then I asked if his job is not the easiest job in Second Life. He replied to me that it isn't, but he is privileged to have a very good team at his disposal to make his job much easier. Their jobs range from being a scriptwriter, looking for money to keep the sim active, to his personal secretary and also people that organize things and see to it that everything runs smoothly. He tries to do a different kind of motorcycle club presidency by offering compassion, listening to people, and trying to keep everyone happy. It is not that easy, but he tries to do his very best to do so. He also changed the period of a Prez to twelve months and after that they vote, if he gets enough votes, he can continue for another year.

When I asked him how he sees the future of Cobras MC, he replied that he hopes that the club will get bigger in the future.

I wished him the best of luck with his being a President of Cobras MC and I thanked him for taking the time to do the interview.

Wesley Regenbogen 

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