Friday, September 1, 2017

Interview With Snowy Sugar Blossom (Skylark LeFavre)

By Deaflegacy

I went to interview Snowy Sugar Blossom (Skylark Lefavre).  Snowy Sugar Blossom is a General Manager and DJ at the Happy Vixens Club.  She is also a backup DJ at the same club.  Snowy Sugar Blossom is also a DJ at Eternal Desires and Club Cutlass.  Sundays and Wednesdays are her days off.

When asked what part of DJ does Snowy likes the most, she has this to say, "Sharing my passion and likes which is top ten hits of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, plus some songs after. What I enjoy pleases me when others enjoy it. I try to stick to a theme. Love and Feel Good music. DJing also makes me feel good personally as music is the medicine that makes the world right and perfect. It can cure many problems or help me work harder. DJing is an outlet that allows me to take my medicine.  My world since I was a toddler was built on music since my mother set me in front of the TV to watch Bobby Goldboro I think his name was."

I asked Snowy which album does she play the most while she's DJing at the club.  "There are messages in each song a tale and story. Each story has power power to influence your day and your life. I take those with a happy message that instill faith and hope too and play them. This is why you don't hear me play songs of breakup and love loss unless requested." said Snowy Sugar Blossom.  "I believe songs speak feelings better than people can with their mouths.  There is a song for every single situation and then some.  You just have to open your ears to the lyrics and interpret it the way it was intended.  Music inspires me when I DJ so I choose my song list carefully."

The music Snowy plays is her inspiration.  She said that she feels what is sung, and she understands the emotions of those sung about. It's hard for Snowy Sugar Blossom to choose whom is her favorite singer, but if she must choose one, it would be The Eagles.

Snowy has been DJing for about a year, feeling she had evolved and gotten better quickly.  There is always room for improvement, she says.  Snowy plans on being a DJ for as long as she possibly can, "Trying to please everyone is hard enough, like walking on a path of broken glass without cutting up your feet. Its not impossible just hard as you have to learn your audience."

"I'm not the first person to carry the name DJ Snowbuns, and I may not be the last as another will take the name." Snowy told me. She has a number of avatars from fox, to bear, to human, to pony, but is best known for her white bunny, "The bunny is my identity, my personality, the way I live, the way I eat, the way I love, the way I think. I am a bunny yes, as it chose me not the other way around. I hope while I carry the torch I can be as good as those before me who had the DJ handle."

Snowy and I talked some about bunnies, which included my own rabbit doll in real life named "Bun-Buns."  Snowy told me, "Some call me this a lot."

We started talking about inspirations.  I asked Snowy if she feels that she is an inspiration to the others.  "That I'm not fully sure of, but some have told me I am inspiration to them." said Snowy,  "I have a  lifetime to give. To be one person's inspiration if only, its enough for me to know I am making a difference." The memorable part of being DJ is the comments on how much people enjoy Snowy Sugar Blossom's music she play, or the love and adoration they share with her.

Snowy Sugar Blossom has something to say about being the DJ. "I DJ to make people happy not for the money. The money is a luxury, but not the reason I DJ. It comes in handy yes, but the reward is seeing people happy and loving and enjoying my passion. That is the best payment I could ever get."


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