Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wesley Regenbogen And Cobras MC

By Penny Shuftan

Recently, Wesley Regenbogen became a five year member of the Cobras MC, the motorcycle club on Second Life that he joined five years ago.  I asked him how he found out about Cobras MC.  "Well, I was contacting a real life organization called 'Be The Match' at that time and I was looking to see if someone already did a fundraiser for that organization here in Second Life." said Wesley, "I ended up talking to MIghtbe Shelter here in Second Life and she invited me over to see the Cobras MC here in Second Life.  She showed me around and we talked a bit about what I wanted to do here in Second Life as a fundraiser and how I wanted to do it.  She told me that they did do a fundrasier here in Second Life for Be The Match here in SL.  But after a while, she told me that the organization didn't want to do anything anymore in Second Life  So, I kept on searching on the web and for the other real life organizations."

According to Wesley, there are a few steps to joining the Cobras MC.  The first step would be that the new person would become a "hangaround" which means that you join the rides for a while, and get to know the Cobras MC members a bit more.

The second step is that after "hanging around" with the Cobras MC, you are asked if you wanted to become a prospect.  If you accept, then your prospect period begins. Depending on how well you do it can take up to about a month or something like that.

The third step is that after your prospect period, they will vote for you at Church (weekly meeting at the Cobras MC).  If you get enough votes.  you are "patched in," which means you become a full member and get a vest for your avatar.  

After becoming a full member, every ride you do counts to reach rides patch.  You will get them on your vest when you reach them.  Also you reach "year patches," so every year you are a member, you will get a new year patch on your vest.  Wesley had reached his five years patch recently, and also got his "1K" rides patch, that is 1000 rides.

I was wondering if Wesley is planning on staying with Cobras MC for a long time.  "Yes, of course," he answered, "I will stay a Cobras MC member for as long as possible.  That is my plan."

My next question is if Cobras MC has any fundraisers.  "No." Wesley told me, "But they sometimes participate in fundraisers and do rides and stuff for them.  after a few years I finally found an organization called EURORDIS that helps people with rare diseases and I hoped that they wanted to support me on this in Second Life, fundraising, I mean, but sadly that didn't turn out that well.  But I'm in contact with an organization called " Rare Diseases International" and I will have a video call with them in August. We will see how that goes."

I was just wondering if Cobras MC has any events planned, and Wesley answered that he doesn't know yet. But he's going to first try to convince a new organization to join him in Second Life and try to build something up in terms of fundraising for them here in Second Life.  He wants to have a real life organization backing him up on fundraising here in Second Life, like the Relay for Life does here in Second Life.  

As for plans, Wesley doesn't know what Cobras MC's plans are.  As for himself, "I guess keeping on riding on the tracks on Second Life," he told me with a grin.

That was it for the interview as I thanked Wesley for the interview.  This had been a fantastic interview.  There's always something to learn when it comes to Second Life, that's for sure.

Penny Shuftan