Monday, September 4, 2023

Reader Submitted: Is There Really That Much Hate On Furries?

 From Zada Bury

Lately I was read the article about the hate against Furries. Then there was also the readers submit with the flag. Soft (Linden) was also post something on Twi- I mean X.

I was see while doing a Drive a picture on the wall - Furries are everywhere, in a way. And most time it seems to work smooth. And then telling people about the hate again.

But is it such big thing? Somebody was commenting it would take getting around in a not that well known avatar to get the experience. I would say, I am not really known in SL. And I am 90% of the time in a furry-avatar (sometimes also a Neko and rarely a human).

Maybe people insult me on voice ... but I can read and write English and Typonese - understanding spoken English, special in different loudness and in a flood other noises might go wrong (special if then also the TV or radio is on or I check YouTube or edit videos) ... so voice is off ... and "Is an insult an insult, if the addressed one not get it?"

It is (for luck) rare, my club becomes griefed ... and the most (and less) trolls we bore out. But is that "Furry specific", as my club is for all species (as long them match an adult appearance, fit trough the door and aren't e.g. war-robots)?

Now you can maybe claim, I don't interact much. Usual you find me in my club. That one is for all species, even the most are Furries (actual Party: 26 participants, 4 human, 22 furs, all having fun). No problems.

Then I am around shopping. Maybe I am in some shops not long enough in a shop to rezz, in others for sure. I was experience before years once an issue, a mall was eject me about "to high ARC". My rant to the owner of the crappy security-system, you can imagine, the excuse was lame. Also the shop-owner got my complaint, and guess, which mall was have in a couple of weeks a store open for rent, as the shop moved?

But anyway: No specific hate against furs.

Also you find me on Linden-events. Them are anyway open for all kind of avatars. As also a lot of the Lindens use non-human avatars, it would be anyway very weird.

You know me also from the "Drivers of SL Grid Drives", where I am since around two years active. This group is open for all kind of people and the drivers are often even more diverse, than the people in my club.

Also no problem,. or not? Once there was a place (group of private Sims), which was hosting the drive in a part, sponsor it also a little, but demanded on "human avatars only." There the Drivers was enforcing their own rules: "Swallow your pride ... or we wont come." You can guess, who was preferring more to have traffic and promote themselves (even the lag was more of a "stay away from here!" sign).

I can understand, if a place say "Here only Human avatars" (or "only furries") , about their concept (even that is stupid). And I can easy accept it, if the place isn't exclusive. For example: If 1-of-100 hangouts make these limitations, it's stupid, but "okay, that I can handle." If it would be 1-of-5 spots for "The new Unobtanium-Game" (nothing real), or "the only store which sells ZYXXYZ-walking houses," it is "not okay."

But that I don't see as hate against Furries.

Maybe somebody else can write about negative experiences, them was made, and how it was come to happen?

Zada Bury