Monday, March 27, 2023

Xzavia Yifu's Memorial Service

 By Bixyl Shuftan

On Saturday March 11, people gathered to pay last respects to Xzavia Yifu. Most noted for being a content creator, trading her wares under the brand Timeless Textures, she had passed away on February 1 due to complications from Covid, which she had been hospitalized for around Christmas 2022 and did not recover from. She is survived by at least one son.

A "Celebration of Life" service was soon planned, and as 1PM approached people began gathering high above the Suri sim at Eagle's Memorial. The event was held in a chapel area with numerous seats. As more people came in, additional seats were placed just outside the opening. Leading the service were Wyv the FloxMonster™ (Wyvern Dryke) (sometimes still called Wyvvy) and Kitkow.

Wyv would greet everyone, "Welcome, everyone, and thank you all for coming out today.  I am so glad to see you all. I want to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped make this happen.  I won't try to list you, because there are several, and my brain has been mush for the past several weeks.  You know who you are, thank you. ♥ (I know if I try to list you, I'll forget someone) Thank you all for coming today.  I am deeply honored to deliver this eulogy for our dearest Xzavia. . . . Seeing you all here now, I suspect that if Xza -were- here, she would blush furiously and demand what all this fuss is about.  She was as humble as she was talented, and never wanted the spotlight for herself. Yet here we are, to remember and love her.  So let's begin.

"Xzavia was a remarkable person, who touched many lives with her kindness, creativity, and generosity.  She had a unique talent for creating beauty that nearly everyone could appreciate, right away.  Her textures are varied and colorful, bright and dark, lively, somber, and everything in between. Most people knew Xzavia for her art, but I was privileged to know a more hidden side.  For one thing, she was a fierce and determined provider for her child. Like many of us here, Xzavia had ongoing health issues, and that meant her SL store provided much of her income.  It was an endless battle.  There was never a thing such as 'time off.' However, that experience made her a competent and talented entrepreneur.  She taught me many things over the years, and for that I am so deeply grateful.

"Another thing most people might not know is, Xzavia had a tremendous sense of humor.  She did not always show it in public, but it bubbled always under the surface.So many times I recall, while we might be talking seriously in group chat, she and I would be giggling like kids in private IMs. She brought me so much joy, so much laughter and happiness.  I miss that terribly, but I am so, so grateful to have known it while she was here.  Thank you, Xzavia.  I miss you, sweetie.

"I want to talk about remembering her, before I go. Xzavia's great skill with textures has inspired and enabled others to create new things.  In that way, she spread new beauty and joy throughout Second Life.  That effect continues even today. Although we may be devastated now by her loss, we can honor Xzavia's memory in many ways.  For one, we can carry on her spirit of giving and creating. Remember Xzavia's generous soul.  She gave freely of both gifts and assistance. Furthermore, Xzavia taught us to create beauty and joy--not just through art, but through our friendship and camaraderie. So as we say goodbye to Xzavia, let us remember her legacy and the impact she had on our lives. More importantly, let us carry forward her spirit of generosity and creativity, by using our own talents to make this world a better place. Go forth!  Create, give, and love. Thank you. ♥"

Kitkow would comment, "To add to what Wyv said, Vel (velcon.ethaniel) created the dress I and others are wearing today using Xzavia's textures. That's how far and wide her reach hit."

Others were invited to make comments. AutumnVenus would say, "I didn't know her personally, but I love her textures, you can tell she put a lot of hard work into them I think I speak for all of us when I say 'Xavia you will be missed, rest in peace.'"

Star (astarrynite Resident) commented, "I was in a Post Apocalyptic world for a few years, and I asked Xzavia if she had anymore post-apoc textures, and boy did she make a lot of 'em.  A ton over the next few years. She always was so eager to help. Eagle too." She would later add, , "Did anyone ever cheat in Xzavia's store for the Twisted Hunt?  Derender the walls?  I did one time and wow! Talk about Wicked." Elixia commented, "Only one time, star? You have self control!"

Roshy Aura spoke, "I can still picture in my head her very old store way back on 2010. She used to have two huge cubes near the front center just next to the group gifties and MM board. She always sat on top of one of them, so cute, and never ever refused a casual and friendly chats with us the visitors to her place - anyone remember that? It will always be the way I see her."
She would later add, "Her amazing textures are all over the world here and will always be, she is still with us. And speaking of this I just realized the other day that the house I am working right now (my last project) has her textures all over the floors. And I did not do this intentionally.. They were just the best set for this project."

'Kins (Olliekins McAndrews) would say, "I've known Xzavia for over a decade, first meeting her in one of her shop locations as many of you may have done. A casual conversation here and there in passing led to longer chats about everything from pumpkin pie recipes to the ups and downs of our lives over the years. Like Wyv, we joked in IM while chatting in group or working. I've moved through various shop locations for both of us over the years, laughing as we set things up and tore them down again later. I've been pretty reclusive the last couple of years, trying to find my footing in both worlds again. Xzavia was always an anchor here, and I'm sad to lose both that solid connection and the typist behind the pixels. She will be sorely missed."

Elixia Writer spoke, "There have been others who have mentioned laughing in IM with her along chats. Even in the face of her great creativity, generosity, and other many strengths. I, for one, will miss her positively WICKED sense of humor. It's what I will remember most about her aside from her unselfish love for others, particularly those she considered part of her pride."

Penny Dreadful (Gothicmuse Resident) spoke, "X was a very good friend. Like her, I have severe depression, and and I could always count on her to understand and be supportive. I will miss our hours-long chats about our kids, men in our lives, and everything else under the sun. She was a wonderful and kind person, and while I will miss her always, I'm very grateful for the time I got to spend with her. Thank you for listening. Miss you, X! (heart)"
Kitkow would read a notecard from ShellyAnn Jun Lefavre (mshellyann), "Xzavis was my auntie in this world for over 16 year.  We had a very loving and private relationship.  I feel blessed to have been able to talk to her the day before she passed.  I i will miss her beyound words. Your words and presence here today have touched my heart. Thank you for being here and honoring her today. Please keep her memory in your heart as you play her kindness forward. Shelly."

Beth Ghostraven commented, "I'm wearing a dress that I made from one of her textures, to honor her memory."
Larree Quixote would say, "More important than her amazing work, was her kindness. She will be missed. Her huge heart will be missed."

Pieni Resident spoke, "X was one of those people who I feel I should have been close with. The ones here who are in Second Life for a lot of hours and have been for a long time, know, how SL is, we come and go. (It) does not mean we do not care. I was so close with Eagle, that he became one of my Uncles. I spent years in his store and so saw X around, too. She always made people welcome. Not just ones who were like her, but everyone. Seeing her textures in every possible hunt and charity thing made me feel better. Me and Eagle were not as close (in) the last years. Not for lack for caring, again, but just different paths. But we sent real-life cards and were always family. I have to tell you how good it felt, when X was so kind to me in his memorial and how she honored him. I was surprised, that she went so quickly after that. I do think they are in peace now. And I thank you X for all you did for the community here, for the outcast and the insiders, and for me. Thank you.
"We heard lot about Eagle here, but I think for good reason, I'm so happy he had a friend like X (heart)"

The last sizable comment would be from Kitkow, who had been saving it for last, "I met Xzavia shortly after I was 'born' in 2011.  It was during a hunt that I found her store. Her store was being hosted on Eagle Wilder's (USC Textures) region.  I got to talking to both, but really got personal with Xzavia.  When Eagle passed, I told X anything you need and I will make it happen to my best ability. I promised her before that that anything in regards to her or her store I have her back.  We became friends on Discord and I joined the TT group on there.  I chatted her a few days before her passing (on Feb 1), but found out she was gone on Valentine's Day.  I was the first person who learned of this because her son went on her Discord account and I was up at 2:30-3:00am.  I passed the news to one person, and she created a chain reaction that got the message over to Wyv.  Wyv and I were able to talk and coordinate with the other fine folks here.  I miss her so so much.  I would also like to say thank you to Leslea Aldrin in helping to find our Videographer."

"Thank you to MaKenna for providing the venue and beautiful decorations, and to Wyv for being so helpful with all this. ...Thank you Jackson Redstar for being our Videographer. And thank you Wendi Linden for helping with crowd control"

There would be other smaller comments. Elixia Writer would say, "Thank you to Kit for spending hours working on notecards to update us all on those we've lost." Fyre (fyreflower Resident), who was lightly dressed, would say, "Xza wouldn't have minded that I'm not appropriately dressed for a memorial, she used to joke that she at least asked bits be covered if possible. ... for me just seeing her staring at her walls changing things out, talking real talk and love, will be my memories to live on, just like every place I ever eagerly bought and used, and will continue y=to use her artwork." Wendi Linden was there, but would say nothing, other than her wearing of a black dress as a sign of respect. 
After a few more chances at last comments, the tinies in the audience would do a riverdance, with Wvy and a few of the "biggies" joining in.  Soon after, people began to go their separate ways, "it was a beautiful ceremony." "Thank you all, this was lovely,"