Thursday, December 30, 2021

Interview With Sunnweaver Leader Rita Mariner

By Penny Shuftan

I was lucky enough to be able to get together with Rita Mariner, the leader of the Sunweaver community.  

My first question was if she owns Sunweaver and other lands. "I own 10 sims, four full, 6 homesteads," said Rita,  "About 10 years, I started out with Sunweaver Isle and expanded from there, as demand grew." According to Rita, the best thing about rental people would be people.

Rita not only has these sims, she also have two clubs; Club Cutlass, and Club Zero Gravity.  "I had them, when we lived in Pockwock," Rita replied, "on the mainland, just moved them, when he had the room here."  I also asked Rita what's the best part about owning the clubs.  She said, "The
people again, I don't run either club for profit. I Just wanted a fun place to hangout with friends."

Rita is also with the Relay For Life in Second Life.  "Yes, I've started with the Passionate Redheads, until they broke up," said Rita, "I then started the Sunbeamers, and been going with them, ever since. I created the team, so I am the boss bunny." The best part of working with the Sunbeamer team would be her team members, and thinking up crazy stuff to do each year with the teams and its members.

One game created for the Sunbeamers' Relay events is the Demolition Derby, which Shockwave created based on her idea.  "It has audience participation, they get to fire cannons at the drivers," said
Rita, after saying that they all have a blast there.

Rita's goal for 2022 is to keep in doing what she has been doing, running the Sunweavers and Sunbeamer team and enjoy the company of her friends while doing so, "It's fun to hangout with my friends, some of them I know in real-life," said Rita, "I used to attend furry conventions as an artist/dealer.  There would be Sunweavers there, we would all get together for dinner one night at the conventions."

Rita's original avatar was a rat, who she named after a female rat in "Flushed Away." She later settled on the Kani Bunny as her main avatar, although she has dozens topick from. 

As we ended the interview, Rita had one more thing to say, "I just follow The Golden Rule, treat others, as you wish to be treated." 

Rita is a hard worker, who cares a lot about the others in many ways.  She is very successful at running the sims, and the clubs.  As we ended the interviews, I did so with a smile because Rita is truly a remarkable person.


Editor's Note: Just after the interview, Rita gave her renters a month's free rent.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Interview With Snowy AngelBun Lefavre (Skylark Lefavre)

By Penny Shuftan

Earlier, I had a chance for an interview with a very successful DJ, and club manager, Snowy AngelBun Lefavre.  My first question was how long she had been Djing.  "Seems like a while, least over five years now," said Snowy.  

My next question would be if Snowy could remember where she was when she first Djing.  "I think it was The Happy Vixen," Snowy replied.  I then asked if she is a manager at any other club, and according to Snowy, she is a manager at Bouncing Bunny Beach Club.  That's where she also DJs. Snowy had been Djing and managing at the BBB Club for close to a year she thinks.

Snowy's favorite thing to do would be DJing. But the thing she enjoys the most is having people to share her passion with and enjoy her music that she plays.

I wanted to know something about Snowy being a very empathic caring furry with a big heart who has a very successful DJing and managing club.  "I would be flattered," said Snowy, "but I am just being how I was raised to be It's all I know how to be." 

I had been wondering about the fact that Snowy is one of the hard-working DJ and manager of the most popular clubs ever. How does she feel about being the most popular (in my opinion), especially with a very successful DJ career. "I never really think about any of that," Snowy said, "I just do it to have fun with friends and fans. I like to party and I like partying with those that enjoy partying."

According to Snowy, she's going to be around as a DJ, and manager for as long as she is wanted and needed. I told Snowy that since she is one of the most popular DJ and manager, I don't think that Snowy will ever stop being wanted or needed.  "I am pleased that I am still wanted and needed," Snowy replied, "I will continue making others happy." 

I pointed out that Snowy also has a kind heart, always helping people with their health problems. I was just curious to see how Snowy feel about people referring to her as someone they could count on when it comes to their health issues. "I help others so they can continue to be around and enjoy life. I don't think much except parental thoughts." said Snowy.

I did bring up something about people coming to Snowy's clubs.  From what I can see from my time at these two very popular clubs, many people are coming to the clubs, even deaf people.  That should tell Snowy about her popularity. "It says a lot," Snowy said, "but I also know DJing is more than just the music. It means interacting with the fans in a way that brings comfort and enjoyment." 

We started talking about goals for 2022. "Yes I plan on rebuilding my life so I can be here much longer as I have my own health issues to overcome. I hope to be around to keep being me," replied Snowy, "It would be hard to be here unless i take care of myself."

The conversation changed to the fact that Snowy had been through surgeries.  "I am thankful I survived my surgeries," she said, "But yes I am more stubborn as I djed while healing after surgeries cause I never wanted to let anyone down."

Snowy is happy DJing and managing at the most popular clubs.  She also try to help any place she works at to become a fun place to be.

Snowy has advice for anyone who wants to become a DJ.  "Everyone starts from the same place, no one is born good. We all work at it and it takes several variables to make a working combination," said Snowy, "but it is possible for anyone that puts their mind to it." 

We started talking about a club that used to be around, Castaway Cove Club.  It was a club built into a shipwreck of an old 18th century club.  "It was small, but we had fun there," said Snowy, who had been a manager until its' closure due to the sim owner, Sunray, giving up his sims.  He died shortly after.

I sent Snowy my condolences, and wanted to know about her role in Castaway Cove Club.  According to her, she was just the manager.  Snowy thanked me for my condolences, saying that Sunray was the sweetest guy she ever knew.  "He is missed," she added.  

As we continued to talk about the Castaway Cove Club, she said that Kitacelia was her only hostess at that time.  Now, right now, Kitacelia works for Snowy at two different clubs.  "I chose her because of Castaway Cove Club." Snowy said.  "Castaway Cove Club was a themed club, but it was fun."

As the interview came to an end, I did have one last question for Snowy.  I was just wondering how Snowy feels about being an inspiration to some people.  "It pleases me I am of such valued use to others in needs," she replied.

Here you have it, an interview with one of the most popular DJ, and club managers, Snowy AngelBun Lefavre.  I will be having a follow-up interview with her in January.  As I have looked forward to this particular interview, I am really looking forward to the follow-up interview.  Of course, I'd have to add that Snowy had inspired me many times, and will come to inspire me for many months and years to come.  After all, she's an inspiration.


Friday, December 17, 2021

Interview With Strawberry Linden

By Bixyl Shuftan

A few days ago, I had a chance to talk to Strawberry Linden. Strawberry is a popular Linden, having gotten her start as a noted fashion blogger. When hired, she became a marketing specialist, eventually moving up to Senior Social Media Manager. She appears in Linden Lab's "Lab Gab" shows, but also communicates to the residents in occasional Linden blog posts, interviews such as the Meet the Lindens events at the Second Life Birthday events, and others. While much is already know about her, here was a chance to learn a little more.

Bixyl Shuftan: To begin with, how did you find out about Second Life?

Strawberry Linden: An old friend told me about it, so I decided to sign up and check it out. I was confused at first and logged out right away. But then 2 weeks later I logged back in to give it another try and got hooked.

Bixyl Shuftan: How were your first days here after your second try?

Strawberry Linden: It was fun, I made some more friends and we "lucky chair" hopped together, and I won this beautiful red gown and walked around with it for like a month (laughter). Of course I first attached the box to my head, until someone showed me how to rez and open it and then wear it.

Bixyl Shuftan: How long did that take?

Strawberry Linden: Within a few days once I returned. Then I found this club that was all about bollywood music, which I am obsessed with, so I started hanging out there and made a lot of friends and just had so much fun. ... lot of social events.

Bixyl Shuftan: How did the idea of becoming a fashion blogger come about?

Strawberry Linden: One of the friends I made at the club had her own fashion blog, and she kept pestering me to join her, and for two months I kept saying no, and then December of 2007 I finally gave in and did my first post. A lot of people like the way I styled my avatar and gave me positive feedback from my blog posts, so I kept doing it and once she left Second Life a few months later, I created my own personal blog.

Bixyl Shuftan: In your opinion what were your most noteworthy posts?

Strawberry Linden: My tutorials and my meme and blog challenges. They got the most amount of attention early on. Then later when mesh heads and bodies were released and I started showcasing those in detail, those were the most requested.

Bixyl Shuftan: What were some of the challenges in operating the blog? Were any subjects hard to write about? 

Strawberry Linden: Nothing really, my blog was just a fun hobby for when I had time. The only challenging thing that happened was around the end I was just getting burnt out over blogging all the mesh heads and bodies that people kept requesting. So I'm happy I was able to stop doing those. I didn't like that my blog started feeling like something I had to do, instead of the fun and creative outlet it was for me.

Bixyl Shuftan: When did the Lab approach you about joining them? 

Strawberry Linden: They didn't approach me. They put up a position for a Marketing Content Specialist. They wanted someone to take high quality images and videos in Second Life and help them with marketing content. One of my friends told me that a lot of people were talking about the position and saying that it's what Strawberry does. I laughed and then I looked at the description and I thought, hey yeah maybe I can do this. So I applied, and 6 interviews later, i was hired.

Bixyl Shuftan: Nice, in April 2019?

Strawberry Linden: Yes, April 15th.

Bixyl Shuftan: What were some of your biggest surprises after you joined the Lab? 

Strawberry Linden: I was pleasantly surprised to see how passionately the employees are about the platform, majority of them are active Residents as well. It's been so amazing to work with people that absolutely love what they do and actually use and enjoy the product as well, just like myself.

Bixyl Shuftan: Nice, whom did you get along with the best? 

Strawberry Linden: Oh goodness, you're asking me to pick favorites (laughter), gonna get me in trouble. I interact with so many of them, and they are all so friendly and nice. I have to say that my absolute favorite person is Brett Linden, and not just because he's my boss. He's probably the best boss I've ever had and I feel like I can go to him for anything. Ebbe was also one of my favorites.

Bixyl Shuftan: I recall you've been on Lab Gab a number of times, with Xiola Linden.

Strawberry Linden: Yes, Xiola and I started the show together. She is actually the one that named it, Lab Gab. She was so much fun to work with as well. She was one of my first friends in the company and was my buddy that helped me through all the paperwork on the first day of work (laughter).

Bixyl Shuftan: Will Lab Gab continue to air on occasion?

Strawberry Linden: Yes definitely. I did try to do it every week or every other week, but it's just a lot of work to do it regularly like that, especially with all the other projects on my plate. But yes, it will continue in the new year and in fact I will be having some Linden employees on to talk about updates and other news, etc, in the new year.

Bixyl Shuftan: Was there anything you wanted to mention about the upcoming year?

Strawberry Linden: A lot of good news hopefully. I am excited for it and to see the platform grow even more. As for specifics, I can't say much aside from upcoming community events like Shop & Hop for Valentine's Day is already schedule and of course our 19th birthday this year in June will hopefully be even bigger.

Bixyl Shuftan: Should be fun. Was there anything else you wanted to mention?

Strawberry Linden: I wanted to wish everyone in the community and really happy holiday season with their virtual family and friends. I hope everyone stays safe!

Bixyl Shuftan: Thank you Strawberry, and Merry Christmas to you as well.

That concluded the interview with Strawberry, though we talked for a few more minutes. She also wanted to take a few pictures. 

So no doubt Strawberry will be continuing to do what she does. 

Bixyl Shuftan