Friday, May 3, 2024

It Came From Fantasy Faire Chat: Stuck Frog

By Bixyl Shuftan
The Fantasy Faire may have ended, but people have a way of hanging onto the fun times.
The sims were closed sometime on the night of May 7 and 8, probably just after Midnight. And throughout the day afterwards, there was plenty of chatter about the good times. Then someone posted a short video, one of the giant frogs at the fair, nicknamed "Ten Ton Tammy," stuck between two rocks.
[15:00] Mila (Mila Irata): we dig the Faire!
[15:01] Alia Baroque: [14:58] Alia Baroque:
[14:58] Alia Baroque: [14:56] Sonya Marmurek: poor Tammy, worked hard through whole Faire, has finally time to visit, and gets stuck!
[14:58] Polenth Yue: Didn't make it giant frog size!
[15:01] ℒυηα Ƈυяℓуѕ-Aмєтнуѕт (LunaRose Amethyst): hahahaha

And then, it got weirdly funny
[15:01] Wondering Fairelander: That is one giant bubble butt
[15:02] Astra Xenia (EroDoll Resident): I wasn't going to look but then you gotta mention bubble butts
[15:02] Astra Xenia (EroDoll Resident): Perfect
[15:02] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): lolollollllll
[15:03] Wondering Fairelander: I'm glad to be helpful!
[15:03] Gwen Enchanted: ROTFL
[15:03] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): why are the cheeks so disporportionatley small though ? lol
[15:03] Gwen Enchanted: The Dowager is just happymaking. :)
[15:03] Gwen Enchanted: Vilhemina: She's been dieting!
[15:03] Wondering Fairelander: I can't believe you asked that question in Second Life, Vilhemina.
[15:04] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): lol, i t .. i mean .. lol
[15:04] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): >.>
[15:04] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): it looks liek a frog that has splatic easter eggs glues to its butt lol
[15:04] Astra Xenia (EroDoll Resident): @VιLḧعLmiηα those are what those frog's butts look like irl too
[15:05] Beautiful Storm (VorellaKepesk Resident): think about it. would you want a frog named 'ten ton tammt' with a badonkadonk that could smash a small city?
[15:05] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): LOL
[15:05] Wondering Fairelander puts Vilhelmina into a special contact set for insulting Tammi
[15:05] fyre (fyreflower Resident): bahahaha
[15:05] Beautiful Storm (VorellaKepesk Resident): give kermit an aneurysm with though kinds of frog cheeks
[15:06] Clover (CloverDunne Resident) flutters through chat with her teeny tiny itty bitty Pixie sized bubble butt ^^
[15:06] Snowlord Resident: i regret slightly I didn't pick up the ten ton tammy's, but perhaps a variant will come out later. it's okay though. I came to quills main shop and got spinning sausages. who could ask for more than that!
[15:06] fyre (fyreflower Resident): pictures kermie in the 'hurt' video*
[15:06] Clover (CloverDunne Resident): O.O
[15:06] Beautiful Storm (VorellaKepesk Resident): spinning bacon slices?
[15:06] Snowlord Resident: well and I did get the raver. lol
[15:06] Snowlord Resident: round sausages!
[15:07] Beautiful Storm (VorellaKepesk Resident): Triple T has everythin Kermit could want. she'd loud, proud, and pink~
[15:07] Beautiful Storm (VorellaKepesk Resident): wait-
[15:07] Snowlord Resident: what what in the buh' what what in the buh!
[15:08] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): you wanna do what what bubble butt? lol
[15:08] fyre (fyreflower Resident): lolz
[15:08] Wᴏʟꜰ Bʟᴀᴄᴋsᴛᴏʀᴍ (WolfBlackstorm Fairelander): lol
[15:08] Snowlord Resident: :P
[15:09] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): :P :P
[15:09] VιLḧعLmiηα ĦعmLØςк  (DenaNash23 Resident): lmao
[15:09] Wondering Fairelander: Does anyone have a Buh! gesture?
[15:10] Snowlord Resident: the tunny says buh! lol
[15:10] Tree (TreeRat Resident): Don't even wanna think about buh buh butt
[15:12] Snowlord Resident: you do though.. haha (fyi volume check first.. ) 

Eventually, the chatter moved on to other subjects. But the cheers and chuckles continued.

On another note, one of the Fairelanders had a gift for everyone, an "After the Book Book."
Good morning, Fairelanders. Now that the Faire has ended I wanted to thank you all for being you and helping to inspire my poetry. This year I wasn’t done writing when the book had to go up for sale. So here is a free companion book. I hope you enjoy this little memento. ~Sidhe Fairelander (aka Banshee Heartsong).
One can get it through the Fantasy Faire group.
Bixyl Shuftan