Thursday, June 28, 2018

Interview with SLB Exhibitor Kimble

By Deaflegacy

Kimble (kimblecoles)

I met Kimble (kimblecoles) and her partner, Disgo Coles (disgo) at a nice lot. The first question is about Kimble working with emergencies and catastrophes on global scale. “Yeah, well, my real-life job is in climate change. And so I made my Sec exhibit around that. ” replied Kimble, “It's generated some heated debates!” I wanted to know if Kimble knew why her exhibit generated heat debates. “And yeah, well, my exhibit lays out the facts, the evidence. And I have a poll running there about whether people think it's all a hoax or not,“ Kimble answered, “Some of the visitors, well, they got into arguments and they get quite passionate. It's a touchy subject for the USA's people it seems. Not so much the rest of the world.” Kimble continued on to say that it was her intention to make people think. So I think I go that!” Kimble She grinned. I told her that it's a good intention.

After I asked her how long she has been working in the field Kimble replied, “Well, I'm a programmer, and have been in the topic for a while. But last year I started with some big data analysis and it really fired my passion for it. And scared me, too.”  Kimble added, saying that the next generation is in big trouble.

“Second Life has been so special for me personally. I have some real-life history. And so this have been a way of giving back to SL,” said Kimble, “I think it's fair to say SL has been a huge factor in getting my real-life life back together.”

We started talking about the Second Life Birthday. For her, it was scary and exhilarating. We then changed the subject to Second Life. “Would you say that you have learned a lot about being on SL?” I asked. Kimble's response was, “Flip, yeah... in so many ways. I mean... there's the tech side.. building scriptings, etc. but there is the personal side... It's been a place to learn about myself, about other people. And I've met so many people who like me, have found SL a place to do the same.”

I asked Kimble  if it is a good thing to learn about herself, about other people. She replied, “Well, I was caught in an abusive relationship in real-life. So yes! I vowed to learn about myself and others so that this did not happen again. I wanted to understand how people can be caught up, and can find control again.

The next question is if Kimble would say that she's doing good. “Yeah, sheesh, you should have seen me a year ago. I was a mixed up mess," said Kimble, "And although a few deeply trusted friends, and with Dis here, I've rebuilt thing. I have to say though, my early years in SL were a mess. Because I've made a lot of bad choices. But trusted friends... makes all the difference. And Dis here, she's my reference!” Disgo, whom was still close by listening,  smiled.

“I think the biggest way I've learned is through challenges,” said Kimble, “I call it jumping off a cliff. Gee, my friend in SL, throws me over cliffs, like, “Hey exhibit at the spring art faire.” And the latest we're making a two person theater production. IT's all challenges that stretch me, and teach me about what I can do, and be. All it takes is an attitude of, … “I can try, I can learn” or “I can be scared and do nothing.”

I asked Kimble  how long she think she's going to keep doing this, the challenges and helping people out.She  replied, “I don't see a reason to stop. I guess if I run out of challenges. But for now, I see no end. The theater will be a long term growth. I like helping people, and with my real-life history, I keep finding people with similar of much much worse experiences, who simply want someone to listen. Scripting is a desire, because I program in real-life (I'm a nerd), and I”d like to do more arts. Exhibits are fun. Hey, the opportunities go on. But I do try and do it on the cheap. I've not much funds to put into it. So that places some constraints.”

I told Kimble that I think she's doing a good job so far from the sound of it. I asked her what she thinks. “Hmmm ... well .... two answers I guess," she replied, "I know that I am a far more whole person than I was after my real-life experience. And I put a lot of that down to my close friends here. So I think personally I'm doing well. For more measurable things, I've made art, and it sells, so that's good. I'd not built before, and my exhibit has had great positive feedback, so that's good. and I have wonderful people who love me, so that's good. and the theater, wow, I'm excited about that. “So I think I'd doing good. I'm loving it basically!”

Kimble makes her own version of fractal arts where she brings in some real image component with the fractal image. That's what Kimble exhibited at the Spring Faire. Kimble's big hunt gift at the SLB exhibit is one of her arts piece, "Yeah, I make my own version of fractal art where I bring in some real image component with the fractal image. That's what I exhibited at the Spring Faire. And my big hunt gift at the SLB exhibit is one of my art pieces."

Before I left, Kimble gave me one of her big hunt gift. I thanked her before I left. The interview was fantastic. We could learn a lot from Kimble about what's happening in the world when it comes to weather.

Kimble's exhibit at the Second Life Birthday, "Dystopia or Utopia," is located at SL15B Electrify (137/236/23).


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What Is A True Friend In Second Life?

By Deaflegacy

As we go on in our lives, we would know one thing - best friends are one thing and true friends are another. That's what this article is all about: true friends. I had a chance to interview four people about the meaning of true friends. I am very happy to say that all the interviews have been a success. This is about true friends and how four people came to see true friends as.

Ari (arisia.vita)

I had a chance to ask Ari (arisia.vita) a few questions about true friends. I asked him, “What would you say when someone says that you are a true friend?” He responded, “I would say that they are a true friend too, it takes two.” I told him, “You are not just a true friend, you are also willing to help people out and have pictures taken of you, right?” Ari replied, “Yes, gladly.”

I wasn't finished. I went on, asking him, “In other words, you are a kind, caring man with a big heart, big enough to fit everyone inside?” Ari answered, “That is my goal, and friends like you help me achieve it.” I couldn't stop because Ari (arisia.vita) is my true friend, “You helped me to reach my dream of becoming a writer, that is what I meant to tell you today.”He was  so glad to hear that.

As Ari and I continued the interview, it turned out he had been playing piano for around two years. I have been on Second Life for almost three years. It is almost like we were meant to meet as true friends. That was not all. “How do you feel when someone tells you that you are an inspiration?” I wanted to know. Ari replied,“I tell them I just mirror the inspiration I see all around me, including them.” 

I did ask Ari another question, “How would you feel if someone tells you that you are a true friend?” His response was, “I tell them they are a true friend to me, and a true friend is one who cares.”

Before we went our own ways, I asked Ari if I could use his quote about if I'm the problem and he said yes. It was, “You are not the problem. You are a part of the solution.” That was his quote. I took him aside, and said, “Your music is so relaxing, so calming. You really do help people, do you know that?” He replied, “That is my goal.” I told him, “Your goal have been reached.” Indeed, Ari is a true friend.

Bixyl Shuftan

Bixyl Shuftan and I met. Bixyl is the editor at SL Newser but he is more than just an editor. He is a true friend and I got a chance to interview him. But before I started the interview, I thanked Bixyl  for giving me a chance to be a writer. “You can if you like, but I only pointed out the way. You're the one who made the decision to step forward,” he replied with a smile.

Six String (roleplayismylife) got a chance to point out something to him, “Yes, Bixyl. The fact that you gave her the opportunity to be a writer has definitely made a difference in her life, and it's quite noticable.” That's so true!

My first question in the actual interviewing was, “How do you feel when someone tell you that you are a true friend?”  Bixyl replied, “In one word, happy. I feel like I've truly won over a friend's confidence." I asked him to say in his own words, what a true friend is. He replied, “Someone you know very well whomyou can always count on to look after your best interests.” 

I wanted to know if Bixyl thought that a true friend is a very good thing to have, and that knowing that there is always going to be someone you can count on. “Yes," to told me with a smile, "A true friend is a very good thing to have.” That's indeed true.

Six String (roleplayismylife)

Before the interview got started, Six String (roleplayismylife) had a quote about true friends to share with me. The quote is, “Damn, that was fun! Let's do it again?” I asked Six if I could put this quote in the article and he told me okay. Six said that the quote came from a sign on the wall where he goes to once a month to do music. Thanks, Six String. 

The interview got started after that. I asked Six, “How do you feel when someone tells you that you are a true friend?” He replied, “It makes me feel really good. After enduring such hardships for most of my life, and pseudo friends who were only using me, it feels nice to know that somepony like me would think of me as a true friend.”

I asked Six what is a true friend in his words.He  replied, “Someone who sticks by you no matter what, even when things seem bad.”

The next question is, “Would you say that a true friend is a very good thing to have?” And Six String  said, “Yes, I would,” before adding, “Well, I think it varies from one pony to another, because everypony has their own definition of what a true friend is. But for me personally, a true friend is somepony that you're so close to, that you consider them to be family. And as such would do anything for them, including sacrificing your own life, if it means saving theirs.”

Snowy Sugar Blossom (skylark.lefavre)

I met Snowy Sugar Blossom (skylark.lefavre) at the club where she was working. She is my sister and true friend. The first question was, “How would you feel if someone tells you that you are a true friend?” Snowy replied, “I would be flattered, honored, and happy. It would mean I have done something right to deserve such a friendship and that I should keep being as best of a friend as I possibly can be and never do anything to jeopardize it.”

I asked Snowy  to say in Snowy Sugar Blossom her own words what a true friend is. Her reply was, “Someone who is a friend to you despite whatever quirks or abnormalities one has that would drive (away) others in a heartbeat. It is someone that accepts you, good and bad, and loves you despite them. A best friend is someone you can always count on no matter how bad things get.”

The next question was, “Would you say that a true friend is a good thing?” Snowy said, “Yes because true friends are a dying breed in this world, SL and real life as everyone is out for themselves and their own. True friendships can be hard to find. True friendship should have no strings attached or conditions.”

The last question was, “What is your definition of a true friend?” Snowy Sugar Blossom (skylark.lefavre) responded, “Someone you want to be with everyday and can't live without and love to do things with. Someone you are so close to consider them family.”

Now you have it. I have interviewed four people about their feelings on the topic of true friends. It is true that it's hard to get a true friend, but in the long run, when someone gets a true friend, it turns out to be worth the wait.


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Interview with Patch and Keira Linden

By Gemma Cleanslate

I was able to make it to the auditorium Tuesday for the talk at 2:00. The Lindens present were Patch Linden, Senior Director of Product Operations, and Keira Linden, part of that team. Saffia Widdershins was the interviewer and talked with the Lindens asking questions and discussing. Both talked about their very early days in Second Life and their present position with the Lab. The audience was approximately 75 through out the attached sims.

Some interesting information they gave us explained the collaboration between the resident leads of the SL15B and the lab this year since it is 15 years . They both felt it was a special year of celebration not only for the residents but for themselves. They looked back on the changes that have taken place in the past years and both look forward to the next 15 promising that more changes we will like are coming soon. They are “baking” !

Kiera‘s job is working specifically with Second Life.

 Patch works with Second Life and also with Sansar.

One thing that they discussed that is interesting that I did not know was that certain regions that you can use for big events, The Galaxy is one, Svarga another .Patch says last names are coming back soon! He also explained who the Moles are.

If you have specific questions on becoming a Mole or other specific information you can im him or e-mail him too, or put a ticket to his attention.

The interview was interesting and went well over time with questions. Saffia always does a wonderful job talking to the Lindens and has a good knowledge of what is going on at the Lab. Please link here to see and hear all the discussion and the many questions that came from the audience that you might have been wondering about. 

Gemma Cleanslate

Monday, June 11, 2018

Ari at Cape Heron

By Deaflegacy

Ari (Arisia Vita) is a true friend. Ari plays music because it helps the others.  I thought it would be a good idea to come to his concert on Wednesday morning.  Ari plays the concert on Cape Heron every Wednesday morning at 10 AM SLT at Cape Heron (182/134/2)

I asked some people at the concert about what they think about Ari's music.  They had a number of things to say.

“I always feel so revived,” spoke Tater (Taterlinda).  “Stress and worries go away..... (laughter)”

“Ari is one of the most unique performers in Second Life.  His art consists in selection of a program, planning and assembling it, and then doing magic things with sound, so that his stream is a work of art in itself.  In addition, he is one of the kindest, most charming hosts I have ever found in SL.” Gaia Maria's alt  (Mariaseconda) told me, “He is accomplished and knowledgeable in almost all musical genres, so his concerts are always unique, never repeat, and whatever genre he chooses, his concerts are a delight, as is he.”

Tater, agreeing with Maria, puts in a request for Italian music, “I would love to hear Italian music.. southern Italian mostly."  Ari was most than happy to play the Italian music, “Then I shall play some by the composer/pianist Claudio Gizzo, not sure if he's Italian, but we can pretend,” Ari responded with a smile.

“I didn't mean to interrupt so much good to speak about.” spoke Tater.  “He lives his life through his art like all of us have.  Our own specific gift.”

“You all are saying such lovely things.” Ari told the people.

“The music Ari plays is always carefully selected in advance, and he always knows which songs to play, and when. I'm not sure if he has the song titles written down i the order that he wants to play them, or if it's a mental playlist, but it's always great, regardless.” spoke Six String (Roleplayismylife).

“Ok, close your ears Ari!!!” Tater told him, laughing.

“As long as I can keep my eyes open to see all the beauty around me....” answered Ari.

“The music goes quite well with the setting and the companionship.” Gentle Heron complimented

“I'd say, it's wonderful to relax with friends listening to his music,” spoke Carla (carla.broek) with a smile.

“Oh lovely Deaf, it's very relaxing and the piano is as stunning as the music,” AkiaFlame told me.

“And the audience is the best,” Ari spoke.

“It's not only the healing piano music, but also Ari's soothing and gentle energy that makes the whole package of this experience so dear,” Nimue Galatea observed, “That's what I'd say, Deaf.”

I thanked each person after they gave me feedback about Ari's piano music.  Ari even told me that he looked forward to reading the article.

I do think that Ari is the best piano player ever to come to Second Life.  Ari is kind, caring person with a sense of humor.  I do feel lucky that I have a chance to listen to his music and at the same time, be best friends with Ari.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

"Your Mother Has Cancer"

By Deaflegacy,

“Your mother has cancer,” I was told one day.  “It's too late.  They're moving her to the hospice.”  That was what I heard in 2013.  That was the year I was living in Langley before I moved somewhere else. 

My best friend was still alive back then.  We would take a trip to the Langley Hospice so we could visit Mom.  I remember wanting to spend as much time as I could with Mom and at the same time, I can feel that I'm starting to lose her. 

On August 15, 2013, we visited the hospice.  I saw her on bed.  She was asleep.  I didn't want to wake her up.  The nurse told me to talk to Mom.  I talked to Mom.  I told her that everything will be fine.  As I was talking to Mom, I knew it would be the last I'd see of Mom.

 We left.  According to my best friend, Mom passed away fifteen minutes after we left.  I remember arriving at my best friend's place and the phone was ringing.  My best friend answered the phone and immediately started crying.  I just knew.  Mom passed away because of cancer. 

The same thing that took my Uncle away earlier when my Grandmother was still alive. 

At the same time, I was in shock.  Mom was my best friend.  Even though we have had really hard times when I was growing up, we were still best friends. 

Sometimes after I joined Second Life, I found out about Relay for Life.  I wanted to join and offer support.  I did join Relay for Life. 

I did move on, knowing that Mom is with my Uncle and Grandmother.  I know that one day, I would join them.  Yes, I do miss them, and yes, I do resent cancer in every possible way, knowing that cancer did strike four times in my family – my Grandfather, my Grandmother, my Uncle, and my Mother got cancer.  My grandmother survived cancer (it was skin cancer).  I don't know about my Grandfather.  All I know is that my Grandfather did not die of cancer.  It would be my Uncle and mother who died of cancer.  I miss them very much. 

One day, I asked Bixyl Shuftan if I can write about my family having cancer and how it affected me, seeing that my family had been hit by cancer.  I can honestly tell you that each time, it's the same thing.  A hard cold blow, knowing what would happen in the end with my mother.  Do I hate cancer for taking my family away from me?  Yes, I do, very much hate cancer. 

I just know that later on, my best friend got cancer.  She would later die of a cardiac arrest.  I miss her, too. 

Do I think that I might one day get cancer because my family got it?  Yes, it scares me.  But is it possible?  No.  My father's family doesn't get cancer.  When it comes to my uncle and mother, both their parents got cancer. 

Now, I'm a little sad, missing my family.  That's the reason why I joined Relay for Life.  It's so I can offer support to people who have been affected by cancer in any way.


Monday, June 4, 2018

Published Author Writes Novel of Crime and Mystery In a Virtual World

By Bixyl Shuftan

There was a book published in April this year, "Femme Fatale Online," written by Eugene Rodgers, that would be of interest to some in Second Life. The story takes place partly in a virtual world much like Second Life. A man named Rick goes by the name Issac in the world, and befriends a beautiful lady avatar named Joan. Joan arranges for Rick to get a job in real life with Molcom, a large corporation that's made breakthroughs that could potentially lead to practical nuclear fusion power. She lures Rick, who is married in real life, into a virtual romance. Then she blackmails him by threatening to mail recordings of the tryst, ordering him to commit industrial espionage. As time goes on, she threatens to harm he and his family as well. He realizes he has to find out who she is, and comes up with a list of suspects he has to narrow down before he's discovered.

Rodgers contacted me, and corresponding with him I found he had been going by the name Adolphe Menjou inworld years earlier.  He also had a couple alts, "my book's hero, Rick Collins," and "Joan d'Arc, the book's villain." But unfortunately, a problem came up, "when I returned to SL last year after a hiatus, Adolphe had become a white cloud and I couldn't revive him." So he got another account, Isaacasimov1 Resident, whom still has "off-the-shelf" looks, "I ... did nothing with it since all my inworld time was with Rick or Joan."

We met up at "Rick's Ranch," the place he called his inworld home. He apologized for some slow responses early on, "I'm a bit rusty on the controls, plus I'm a crappy typist." I brought up by the rezz date on his first account that he had been in Second Life for over ten years. "Technically, yes," he answered, "But I left dfor several years and came back last year. ... The place has sue changed. All my friends are gone." I asked why he left for a while. He responded, "Started writing the book! My first attempt at fiction, so it took a long, hard time." I asked him where he got the idea for the plot. He told me, "I started to write the book as nonfiction. I wanted to show what life was like in a huge corporation. But I decided fiction would have a greater impact. I was in Second Life and thought of the idea for the book. So besides corporate life, I could also show readers what a virtual world is like. Most people have no idea what corporate life is like or what a virtual world is."

Following up his comment about corporate life, I brought up, "I recall you saying, 'One character proposes what he calls the 3B’s of business success — backstabbing, butt kissing, and bull throwing.' Was he being a pessimist, or being accurate in your opinion?" Rodgers/Issac answered, "Accurate! The original nonfiction idea would have been mostly about the 3B's, 'The 3B Approach to Business Success,' my idea of a tongue in cheek title.But in the book I would have used a less delicate word than 'bullthrowing'." I asked if there were any references to "Dilbert," a daily comic strip by Scott Adams about an office cubicle worker dealing with a dimwitted boss and less than sympathetic coworkers. "No references," he answered, "but it's very much like Dilbert. I tried sending a message to Scott Adams, but couldn't get through. He once worked for a corporation."

I brought up Second Life once more, "How did you find your experience here?" "Loved it!" he told me enthusiastically, "Especially meeting people from all over the world. And the anonymity allows people to open up. I really got to know some friends well. One person I never got to know at all. And she was mean, but interesting. She became the villain, Joan, in my book." I asked if the characters from the business were based on anyone or completely made up. "Fictional," he responded, "but everything that happens in the book is a disguised version of what actually happened to colleagues or myself. The corporation, Molcom, is a composite of several huge corporations."

I asked if the fictional virtual world was almost like Second Life. He answered, "Yes, but technologically much more advanced. For example, I had to invent a way to make AVS perfect reproductions so the blackmail would work. So Rick's AV would look exactly likehim and the videos of his romancing Joan would seem real. ... the basic AV there is like AVs here. You can make them look like whatever you want. In my fictional world, you have to spend a lot of money to make a perfect AV.  I think I saw once where someone took photos you sent in and made a realistic AV from them." Of nonhuman avatars, Rodgers/Isaac told me he didn't come up how those came about or their use in his story.

Of the plot in the story in which Joan blackmails Rick and he has to try and figure out who she is to stop her, I asked how does he come up with a list of suspects. Rodgers/Isaac answered, "Various ways, careful observation and deduction. He realizes she must live in the Pittsburgh area and works for Molcom. He actively seeks some clues, interviewing a person in the virtual world, PP, who's a friend of Joan, eavesdropping on her meeting with friends on a beach." How Rick finds out, he wouldn't say, "You don't know until the last few pages that he succeeds. I tried to write a page turner. I also inject suspense by having a real-life sexy woman try to seduce him. You don't know until near the end whether she succeeds (either). Sex sells!"

Rodgers/Isaac felt virtual reality would soon skyrocket in use among the general public, " I'm going by news stories I've read. The investment community seems to expect virtual reality to take off soon. As you know, you can already buy limited versions. When that happens, goodbye SL! Unless Linden Labs gets into virtual reality." When I brought up Sansar and it's low numbers, he responded, " ... I don't think Linden Lab is very business savvy. Second Life isn't what it was years ago when I ws active. Some people think Facebook stole its thunder. Maybe it's the proliferation of social media.  I don't know. I know when I came back all my friends were gone and my old haunts were deserted or almost so." He wondered if the enthusiasm was gone, though seemed to feel more optimistic when I mentioned the Relay for Life, "If my book sells well, maybe more people will become interested in Second Life. ... If you're keeping busy, then I guess SL still has some excitement left."

Rodgers has published some books before, "'Beyond the Barrier: The Story of Byrd's First Expedition to Antarctica,' which is still in print after 27 years, and 'Flying High: The Story of Boeing and the Jetliner Industry.'" He told me the books sold well, "especially the Byrd book. ... On the basis of the Byrd book, I became a technical advisor to a woman who did a book that came out in January called 'The Stowaway' about a member of the Byrd expedition. I understand it's doing well." Transitioning from nonfiction to fiction, "I find fiction to be much different from nonfiction, a big surprise to me."

Besides having published three books, Rodgers is a retired public relations writer for several large corporations and managed public relations for the Westinghouse R&D Center. He was named Virginia author of the year in 1991 by the Virginia College Store’s Association for the first printing of "Beyond the Barrier." He is married with a grown son and daughter.

For more information on "Femme Fatale Online," check out it's Facebook page at : .

Bixyl Shuftan