Saturday, May 27, 2023

Beverly Montgomery's Memorial Service

 By Bixyl Shufta

On Sunday May 21, a memorial service was held for Beverly Montgomery. She was one of the staff at NCI Kuula - New Citizens Incorporated, a newcomer help location in Second Life. She had been suffering from an illness and had passed away on April 25. She was 67 years old.

The service was at 11 AM. The sim was filled to capacity, but there was an overflow area where BLVK JVCK (Drilldo Drillon) was relaying the chatter. Among those there was Marious Bishop, "I'm Bev's son, and a very old member of NCI." Rowan Carroll would say, "You all know me. Marious is Bev's son and my RL friend and Loralie is Marious's wife and my RL friend." Someone offered extra seats for those having trouble finding one. Rowan would add, "... this is not gonna be formal. So no big speeches or anything. We are celebrating Bev, and Bev was anything but formal!" Someone commented, "True (laughter) and I think she liked it that way." It was also commented her real-life name was a mystery, at least to most, "Well, it was true, nobody knew her real name, or rather, very few did."

Paj Quan (pajobra.zessinthal) would say, "I took over beach parties when she got sick. I plan to continue them for her. I do miss her bugging me on Facebook though and all the giraffe pics she would post on my page"

Loralie Fairywren would say, " ... But I really want to express to everyone here how very much you all meant to mom.   She loved doing the beach parties, and being part of NCI.  She would talk about your community all the time. It was the weirdest conversation to have to have with the Nursing home staff.  If any cards or flowers arrive for a Beverly Montgomery, that's for mom, she has an online community that might be sending things but they may not know her real name.  The nurse looked at me like I had lost my mind." Someone responded, "You would think this day in age they would get it." Loralie added, "I thought it made perfect sense, but you would have though I was asking them to gaslight her."

Marious then made the following statement:
"Beverly Montgomery
11/24/55 - 4/25/23

"Beverly Montgomery, mother to Three Children, passed away on April 25th.  She had been ill and needed surgery in February and due to complications. Her health deteriorated over the following weeks. She kept high spirits through it all and her sense of humor. While we wish she could still be here to tell all the same stories to us again. We hope she is now telling them to those we, and she had lost. She is gone but that also means she is no longer in pain. Something she lived with daily.  

"Known for her giving heart, Beverly Montgomery will be dearly missed by all who knew her. Beverly Montgomery family asks that she be remembered for the joy she brought to others in life, Not the sadness of her passing.

"In her early years mom loved activities. She spent years learning how to tap dance, Even going so far as to perform her final recital on roller skates painted gold, another pastime she loved. She was an avid roller skater and would get out and show off when she was younger at skate parties with her kids. She loved to sing and instilled a love of music into her kids. She was a homebody for much of her life though she did work for a time as a waitress at Friendlys; and would tell you all about it if you would listen.  She always loved to see people having fun.  She enjoyed being the place for people to come and hang out. Hosting parties for her kids, friends so she knew they were being safe even if they were being bad. She was happy to be the home away from home for everyone. She treated everyone as her family. Even taking in people that needed a place to crash if they were without a safe place for a while. She always had a fascination and love for computers and video games. Mastering many of the early nintendo games and ruining the chance for anyone else to get a higher score. Adventure and racing games always caught her attention. Donne had a love for the Zelda series and Ridge Racer stealing her attention for many years.  And later in life she used that love to  explore the internet and make many friends on several platforms including Facebook and Second life where she hosted events and helped new people join the community through the New citizens Incorporated Group. A place she loved and cherished. Every one in the NCI family was a member of her family.  I would get weekly updates on all the things going on. All the Drama. New people, new gadgets and events. She was hard core about being home for her events. And worked hard to not miss them. Everyone here was important to her. And she loved to make people feel important.  If it was remembering a Rez day or just showing off someone's pictures.

"Let today not be a day of mourning. Not a day to be sad at what was lost or how she will be missed. Let today be a day of celebration of a woman that was everyone's mother.  Everyone's friend. A vibrant point of light in a dull gray world. That tried to shine as brightly as she could no matter how dreary the day was. She will be missed. But she will be remembered."

The people applauded, "Oh that is beautiful Marious." "Indeed." Rowan would add, "Loralie wrote it.. she's a published author!"

Corcosman Voom would say, "I'll say something. Bev and I are close in real-life age and we shared some sensibilities. In Second Life, I imitated the way she treated new Residents. She called people by and name and added, welcome. My hope now is that Bev has received as she gave, that she has been called by name and welcomed." Sophiekittycat Chemistry (sophiekittycat) commented, "At Wednesday parties , Bev always was getting her hug from me, she was always rising  the ball dance for us that Chrissy feet not be in the ground." Krystal Devonshire spoke, "She would bug me so hard for the Beach Party theme, if I wasn't on she would message my partners to find me." Mortis (HarumiMichi Resident) commented, "I only come around very little now, the last time I spoke (to her) she broke the news to me about Gramma passing. I hope her and Gramma are goofin' off and tube racin' right now." Alia Fairbrooke (Patchouli Woollahra) remarked, "They probably are, and she's probably still cheating at the last bend." "A lovely thought, hahaha!"

Loralie mused over one happening, "It was a while ago now, but I'm pretty sure I made her log onto Second Life at my house. Teleported her over, handed her the lindens and was like BUY the Maitreya body NOW."

Rowan would then say, "I saw her the Sat before she passed, and after we talked a little while, she leaned over to me and asked if everyone at NCI was ok. So she cared for ALL of you."

Eventually, the chatter went to other subjects and people started to go their separate ways, including me who's attention was needed elsewhere and logged off my alt. But no doubt Beverly will continue to be remembered

Pictures from Linn Darkwatch
Bixyl Shuftan 

Friday, May 12, 2023

Reader Submitted: Remembering Allian Blackwell

 From Jaun Boucher
On 8 May 2023 - SL Coast Guard was devastated by receiving the news that their beloved Commandant Allian Blackwell has lost her battle to Cancer.

As Commandant of SL Coast Guard - she will be remembered with her dedication she gave to the Group and also to her Co SLCG members.  "I love you all" was her final words after most of her speeches.  To be the Commandant of such an active group - to always have new ideas open, is not an easy task, but the Commandant did her part in an excellent manner, and SL Coast Guard definitely has one empty spot right now, not only in the group, but also in our hearts.

Apart from SL Coast Guard, Allian also had a SL partner Tosh Morpork (RADM in SLCG), and a life beyond SLCG - CPO Jaun Boucher had the privilege to asked him a few questions about them, and it is such a lovely story - that anyone who is in a SL Partnership will understand the daily struggles we are going through:

How did you first meet Allian?

Tosh : In 2014 she came for an interview to join SL Coast Guard and I was the one who interviewed her.

Was it love at first sight?
Tosh : (Laughs) - Yes, and no...we rubbed shoulders for many months but just said "hello" I had a nick name for her - The Ice maden

Why that Nickname?
Nothing sinister about the name, but, when you see someone you really like but can't seem to find the words, and the other person feel the same way, it's a Mexican stand off.  So when the ice finally were broken, we never parted, we moved in and that was that. We became partners in 2015.

Did you ever met in RL?
Ali was a big part of my life in SL and RL....although we did not had the opportunity to meet in RL as life had other plans, we did plan on meeting......

Tosh's final words to Jaun was - We have lost a guiding light.....

Apart from Tosh, Allian also had a love for the K9 program which SLCG have - her K9 Partner - Ella.  During the Vigil stand off, you could feel the sadness in the lost of her human being...  SLCG will make sure, that the Commandant's K9 will be taken cared of.  Although Allian love and attention for Ella cannot be replaced ever...

RADM Allian Blackwell - you were a true inspiration to all of us in SLCG.  Your strength, your courage, your positiveness, and your love - will be missed, but we will let your flame keep on burning for you.

Allian was also a huge supporter for Relay For Life (RFL) - and SLCG will continue raising funds for RFL in Second Life.

RIP our dearest Comrade..Condolences to all her loved ones in SL, and also in Real Life.

Her memorial will be held on 14 May 2023 @12PM SLT- space will be limited, but invitations will be send out to relevant groups.


 Feel free to watch the small Video Tribute which were made about Allian - her full memorial also will be captured by Video.

Jaun Boucher