Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interview with Sarah Glenn

Sometimes I’m able to convince authors to explore the creativity and opportunities of Second Life. Numerous efforts have led me to introduce the virtual world to authors Robert Dugoni, Karen Kay, Donna Fletcher Crow and two women that I met at my AuthorFest in IL, Sarah Glenn and Gwen Mayo.

This article will be devoted to Sarah, first. So we sit at my Italian table on my SL home’s patio on a Wednesday night. The three of us enjoy a quiet moment of no IMs. The first discussion is about Sarah's real life writing experiences.

Sarah began writing in her youth. She focused on stories about horses and drew them. Years later, she graduated to X-men and the horror genre, first writing fan fiction.

"I wanted to be a writer my entire life," she confesses in voice. "In my novel, 'All This and Family, Too,' extraordinary people are in very ordinary circumstances. Cynthia Leach is an astronomer who likes going out and using a telescope in the woods. She's extremely upright and heroic. Penelope was her sire."

At this point you should get the idea that we're discussing a paranormal and Sarah is writing about vampires. She tells me that Penelope has been destroyed and does not appear as an active character.

“She is a vampire, but not exactly a vamp. She has a family she wants to protect. They’re a little dysfunctional,” Sarah admits. “She tends to think of being a vampire as a disability. She can’t teach daytime classes, meet with various research bodies, go to conventions to present papers and she has an odd social life. She dates women because of her need for blood.”

Cynthia does have a mentor and friend. Dylan Duvoth was born into a wealthy family in Great Britain. He wanted to be a movie star, so he set out for California.

“He arrived in Laguna Beach, then a popular setting for the silent films and the new ‘talkies,” said Sarah. “It was there that he became a vampire. Sadly, he discovered that he no longer showed up on film and his career was over. Dylan resides in Laguna Beach now and owns the ‘Undertow’, a gay bar. He also coaches budding actors and singers. He has discovered that he shows up in the new digital filming, though, so hope springs eternal.”

Pill Hill Press in Nebraska published the book in May. Sarah’s currently working on a sequel to the book, possibly a family saga.

In terms of promotion, Sarah had a giveaway with and received a good response. There have been a few good reviews and appearances at various conventions. She and partner Gwen Mayo attended Golden Crown Literary Society Lesbian Fiction Convention in June and she’s going to be at FandomFest in Kentucky in November. In Second Life, she was featured in a mini interview on Book Island’s Newsletter and will be my guest for the Netera Landar chat on Aug. 27 at 11 a.m. SL Time

Netera Landar


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