Saturday, September 3, 2011

Interview with Avination's Cindy Darkstone

While at the Avination aniversary celebration, I looked for someone to interview to ask a few questions about this other grid. Who answered me was Cindy Darkstone, the founder of the "From Second Life to AVN" group. So we met up later on the Avination grid, yours truly using his not-so-foxy Avination account Bixyl Sands.

Cindy Darkstone: Ask away and I will answer any questions you have. (smile)

Bixyl Sands: Sure. Where did you first hear about Avination?

Cindy Darkstone: From my friend Azzkicker Darkstone, he was in Avination just about the first day.

Bixyl Sands: When did you first come here?

Cindy Darkstone: Feb 6th 2011

Bixyl Sands: How did your experience here go?

Cindy Darkstone: I have been in the opensim grids since Aug 2007, so for me it was as I expected it to be. It was running well, and had some functions the other grids didn't have at that time.

Bixyl Sands: What functions did it have others didn't?

Cindy Darkstone: In Game Currency, Enhanced Permissions, Search, Groups and many estate land functions.

Bixyl Sands: I recall you saying you were in Second Life. How does Avination compare to it?

Cindy Darkstone: Many of the same types of functions are available in both SL and Avination, but the cost of the land is much lower, the access to the grid staff is much better, security and customer protection is much better also.

Bixyl Sands: What would you say Avination's biggest challenges have been?

Cindy Darkstone: I would have to say the growth has been a challenge to keep the software and servers able to handle the large volume of users and assets, but the grid staff has done well since Feb to upgrade and enhance the software to accommodate.

Bixyl Sands: What places would you reccomend newcomers go? Which for those familiar with other virtual worlds such as Second Life, and which ones to people completely new to virtual worlds?

Cindy Darkstone: It is hard to say, but the Avination Welcome sim has a mall and also staff there to help with any questions at all times.

Bixyl Sands: For those looking for a good place to explore, what places would you reccomend?

Cindy Darkstone: That is a good question.. I am a member of many groups, and we get notices of new events and fun places to vist, like now I am at Pappy's Club and Melanie the grid owner is the DJ for us.

About this time, Cindy got bumped offline. But we met later to finish the interview.

Cindy Darkstone: In Second Life, there are many people doing the same things. Here there are less people, so less are doing what you do. So (there is) a better opportunity for many to create a business. (smile) Also I am (the) co- Founder of Galaxy Corporation. I operate the AVN division. My SL name is Cindy Vichan. I am not as active in SL anymore, but my partner still is working the SL shopping centers we have. I run the AVN Galaxy Corporation office and services.

Bixyl Sands: What does Galaxy Corporation do in Avination?

Cindy Darkstone: We sell skins, shapes, clothing. We have a game called Galaxy Token Game, where people play and get tokens to be used for renting land, stores and purchasing merchandise, shopping center stores, pre fab buildings, and we are building a directory type system to help people find places in the grid.

It was about this time Cindy had to go, and we went our separate ways.

Bixyl Shuftan

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