Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Passionate Redheads Hold Opening Event for RFL 2012

On Sunday March 11th, the Relay for Life team Passionate Redheads held their first event for 2012. This was on the opening weekend for the Relay for Life fundraising season, and like other teams they wanted to bring in a good amount of donations. Daaneth Kivioq invited all to the dance at the Southern Colorado sim.

The Passionate Redheads of RFL of SL invite you to a formal event at Palais with DJ Daaneth Kivioq on March 11, 2012 at 5pmSLT . Ladies please wear formal gowns and gentlemen please wear tuxedos to this event at

Please use the transporter to Le Palais.

The event took place at "Le Palais Du Soleil," or "The Palace of the Sun," set on a floating island well above the Enchanted Forrest. Daaneth told those attending that he and his partner Sabine McGettin and built the dance hall. He told they had been inspired by several European ballrooms, but mainly the Russian Winter Palace.

The dance party began at 5 SL time, and it was a success with over two dozen attending, though some had to leave early and some appeared late. Among those outside the Redheads attending were Fuzzball Ortega of the Steelhead Salmons, as well as Dolleyes Barbosa, Panza Eilde, and Trader Whiplash. Those attending were asked to donate to the RFL kiosk, and the donations came in.

Daaneth played the music for the party that night. Some of the songs were slower dance tunes, but others were more lively, and some were favorites of the Relayers. Among the first played was John Denver's "Calypso," followed by "Run for Life."

I run for hope, I run to feel,
I run for the truth, for all that is real,
I run for your mother your sister your wife,
I run for you and me my friend,
I run for life.

"This song always makes me cry. …." Daan mentioned a few people he did the Relay in honor for, his sister, his partner Sabine, "and most of all, all of you. Pray you never hear those words 'You have cancer.' " He sniffled, then apologized to the audience. He switched to more upbeat songs, such as "I Love Rock & Roll" which he described as being played once at a USO show in Afghanistan by Joan Jett and the "Blackhearts." Daaneth reminded the crowd he had a stroke last year, but mostly recovered, giving most of the credit to Sabine. Sabine herself was not at the party due to real-life commitments.

The event was also a chance to show off some items. Dusk Griswold showed off a Pony avatar she had made for sale for the Relay. Fuzzball soon had a response, "Hey, look what'll be in a Steelhead vendor: (The) Double Nut Purple Squirrel Gun." He then showed off a pistol with a board on top with two purplish rodents, "And the single shooter." The first pistol changed to a slimmer one-rodent model. The attendees chuckled away at the nutty weaponry.

During the party, Nydia Tungsten excused herself, then returned with another party of the party. She rode a motorcycle across the ballroom floor to the kiosk, announcing there would be a raffle, and this limited edition motorcycle made for the Relay was the prize, "this Bike is one of MLCC's finest Cruisers with a custom RFL paint job. It will be going to a few of the events to give everyone a chance to get some tickets."

The party went on for a few hours, and eventually people had to go. Daaneth told SL Newser 7742 Lindens were raised that night, or $31 US Dollars.

This was only the first of the events the Passionate Redheads have planned. There are plans in the works for a biker rally and a "Bid me Furry."

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Thank you for the great article, and thanks to all who attended and donated to make this event a success. Go Relay! Go Redheads!