Monday, May 9, 2016

Tinies' Jail and Bail at the Fantasy Faire

By Bixyl Shuftan

Sunday May 1 was the last official day of the 2016 Fantasy Faire, a Relay for Life mega-event noted for it's Fantasy-themed items up for sale, and several well-designed sims that are worth going to just to explore around. Among the events that day, at 11AM SL time was a tiny-themed "Jail and Bail" at the Bright Haven sim in which the tiny Faire "pawlice" did a mock arrest of fellow tinies Clover Dezno and Druscilla Ferraris.

It never fails! These two tinies can't go a Faire without adding to their ever expanding rap sheet! But say what you will, Clover Dezno and Druscilla Ferraris know how to pawtay! Ever see a sim full of tinies get nakie in protest! We have. Who knows what will happen? All we can say for sure is that Justice has never been swifter! Or cuter! 

The two avatars in question, along with a supporting spider, stood in a cell behind bars, with some of the Faire tiny cops standing by on segway scooters with sirens attached. On top of the cage was a printout of the late Shady Fox whom passed away a few months ago, still fondly remembered by the tinies. Nearby were two Relay kiosks to donate to. Next to the cage in the water was a "Colossus" style avatar, which while sympathetic to the tinies would not bust them out as she explained her size didn't make her immune from the law. Next to the cage was a huge sign listing the charges against the pair, "inciting riots against authority, libelous words against Faire pawlice, obstructing pawlice actions, inciting crowds against pawlice." 

It didn't take long for a crowd to gather. Clover encouraged them to donate, "a donation to free us is an investment in FREE SPEECH for everybodys," as well as egging them on, "I wants to see more protest signs out dere, come on Tinies and Dinkies!"

The dark unicorn Avariel Falcon began chewing on one of the blue uniforms, which got one calling out, "Avariel, dat uniform ish SACRED! No nommin, or ya go back in da cage n' stuff!" Someone quipped, "She got a taste for Tiny Uniforms now! No Pawlice is safe!"

Time went on, people continuing to make donations, and comments, "35 min is an eterity for a tiny." "I'm all for the revolution, but when you got a Ferret and a BKOD in a cage together, something must be up." "Oh hey how did I miss that charge. *reads* Dru? Clover? You went on a PANTY RAID????" "Lets make em fight to da death!" "Tiny Torture!" "Dru vs Clober vs Aine! Who will win! Bwahahaha!"

Before long, the two were asking for food and drink, "I HAZ BIN WIFOUT JOOS NOR WAFFLE FOR OVER A HOUR!" "Ya dats cuz you bein punished for yer ebilness." "Yew got noms in dere?" "I starting to feel sick in here." "I FEEL FAINT." "We has no WATER!" "WE DEMAND WATER!" "WE DEMAND WOOTBERRY JOOS!" "HALP US!" "Dun leave us like dis!" "I too weak to stand." "What's wrong wit Dru! DOCTOR, NEED A DOCTOR!!" "Pawlice medics! Come help our suspects, they is fainted!"

Someone comented, "Tiny riots are the most cheerful and happy riots you can have!" Another added. "Yep. Tinies can't even take a riot seriously!"

 At about 12 Noon, enough money was raised, "Unlock the jail." "FREEEDOM!!!!" "DEY got da DOOR OOPEN!" "RUN RUN!" "Neener-neener-neeeeeener!" "Run Wild!"

Exactly what happened next is less then clear, but the results were it were the boys in blue who ended up behind bars, "We has you NOW!" "WE GOT EM!!!!" And the door was slapped shut on them. "HA!  Hahahaha!  Heeheehee!  Hee-heeee!" "Oh no the pawlice are trapped!" "The PAWLICE ARE IN JAIL!!!" "WOT DA HECK?!" "O! WE WUZ TRICKED!" "PAWLICE LOOK GOOD IN THEre!!" "YOU IS BAD PAWLICE!!!" "OMG, I can't believe this?!?! after all the work i've done for the pawlice here I am landed in jail???" "YOUR turn to pay!"

 And before long, the cops had exchanged their blues for prison stripes. "Now where ya gonna get yer security?" "Ya wot about all the criminals out dare doing crimez!" "On behalf of all da innocent Faire people who has been put in jail I say..... EAT DIS!" "JIMMINY CRICKET! I am getting claustraphobic!" "Help us! We left the key in a pile of waffles somewhere!" "You not taking care of criminals, you here torturing tinies!!!" "You want out, YOU raise some dough now!" "But but morton, we not only arrested innercentz tinies but innercentz biggies and unicorns too. we an equal opportunity pawlice department!" "We're happy to arrest any one any time! hehe!" "We got lots of cells, lots of batons, n' lots of pepper spray! Anyone is welcome to partake!" "Thankyou for those amazind donations... how much can we get into those kiosks.. we are making it up there but will it be enough to keep them in there??? or do we want them out??? you decide!!!"

 One of the cops turned inmates couldn't take it and began munching on some chocolate cereal puffs. "Lemme out! Im panicking! I will sweep streets! I will clean litter boxes! I will polish hooves and boots! I SWEAR IT! ... I cant take it! I need MORE COCOA PUFFS DAMMIT!" "Dey just want us to be responsible and to not abuse our powah! Dat's not cool!" "Morton... Morton... You seem like you abusive towards prisoners, and have an inflated sense of importance... Wanna join da pawlice? *grins ebily*" "No way!" "We got waaaffles..."

One of the cops-turned-prisoners drew a file from his hat and began sawing on one of the bars. No one paid much attention, probably because the bars were pretty thick and like the filer it was tiny. But then there was a flash of light, temporarily blinding the crowd. And when the flare and smoke cleared, the prisoners were gone.

And so came to an end one of the wackiest jail and bails of the Relay season, done only as Second Life's tinies can.

Bixyl Shuftan

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