Friday, February 10, 2017

Rana Dexler of Survivors of Suicide

By Deaflegacy

I recently sat down with Rana Dexler (random.demina) to talk about Survivors of Suicide and what the group is all about.  Rana explained that the group is about offering support to people who suffer from depression and other mental illnesses, including bipolar and borderline.  Krissy Sinclair founded the group, and is still an active member.

"Group chat is open 24/7 for peer support, and I have a support group meeting at SOS on Wednesdays at 3:30." said Rana.  SOS stands for Survivors of Suicide.  The support group meeting is at S.O.S.  Survivors of Suicide Group, Schoomere (162, 45, 22). If anyone wants to join the group, it's free to join with an open enrollment.  "There are no criteria for becoming a member." said Rana.

When Rana was asked if she would recommend this group to anyone who have mental illness, she said, "I would. I suffer from mental illness myself, and the group has been a great help to me." Rana joined SOS a very long time ago when she was in bad shape, both emotionally and mentally.  "Well, I joined SOS a very long time ago, (again, cant tell you how long for sure) and I was in really bad shape emotionally, and mentally." said Rana. "SOS gave me people to talk to, which helped a lot, in combination with rl medication and rl therapy.  Now, my illness is manageable and I feel my time with SOS has left me better able to cope."

Rana is a mentor, which makes Rana one of the chatroom moderators.  Rana is available for chat whenever Rana is online.  Rana is also the facilitator for the Wednesday support group.

Rana did say something important.  "I'd like to add that depression is the most common mental illness, but also the most treatable. If you suffer from depression, please seek treatment. most cities have free mental health services that can help." said Rana.

However, the whole point of the SOS is to be there for people with mental illnesses. Rana's plan for the future would be to carry on with Rana's support group, and encourage the other mentors to do the same.

Survivors of Suicide is a support group that has been going on for almost 10 years, if not longer.  It is for people with mental illnesses.  The group continues to grow.

Schoomere (162, 45, 22)


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