Monday, January 30, 2017

Stepinwolf Darkstone, Virtual Ability's Apartment Manager

By Deaflegacy

Stepinwolf Darkstone, or Stepin as he is often called, and I met at his place on Cape Heron.  He is the apartment manager on Cape Heron.  He started being an apartment manager about three months after his first day in Second Life.  It would have been about nine years ago. "As far as the apartments go, that is my major responsibility." said Stepin.

Of working on the apartments, he described what it's like building them, "The first step was to work up a layout that would allow the apartments and the rental parcels to fit along with the open areas and tavern.  I did that on a spreadsheet." said Stepin. I told him that he does a good job.  He went on to say that Eme Capalini did the open spaces and the courtyards.  Stepin used entries in the apartment design contest as a basis for the apartment designs they have today.

I asked him what his favorite part of being an apartment manager. "Actually, it is talking to the tenants and other residents on Cape Heron." said Stepin.  He went on to say that dancing in the Heron's Nest Tavern is fun too because he gets to dance and chat.

Stepin has an assistant, whom is also his alt, VAI Spot. "Yes, VAI Spot is the official owner of most everything here apartment related." said Stepin.  "It is a VAI alt, so if someone needs to take over, it can be done.  And the ownership of the apartments isn't disturbed." I asked Stepin if we would get to see VAI Spot as often as we get to see Stepin.  He said that he usually only bring Spot in when he needs to change something that requires ownership of the object. Stepin told me that there are 44 apartments on Cape Heron.

Stepin then showed me the slide show that's about the history of the apartments beginning in Wolpertinger.  It was amazing and showed many different pictures, especially of the contest for the apartment designs. "When they did away with Second Life for teens, we made a teen friendly place for them to come to." said Stepin.  "You can see that Bels design was the winner of that first contest."

I asked Stepin about rentals. "Apartments in Cape Heron are available to Virtual Ability members with no other home." said Stepin. The apartments would be for the active members of Virtual Ability.

I asked Stepin if the rent for the apartments is one Linden a week. "That is correct.  It is mostly used to let us know if the apartment is being used." said Stepin. The maximum time of the rent would be six weeks, and the prim limit on an apartment is 150 prims.

Stepin did mention something about the new rental system. "Well, actually with the new rental system, we can't stop them from renting, but if we don't let them join the Cape Heron Land Group, they can't rez anything.  And I boot them out if they aren't members." said Stepin.

I asked Stepin if the rent is subsidized.  He said that the Virtual Ability Inc pays for the sim.  The rent on the apartments does not cover the cost of sim in any significant way. "So they are nearly free to Virtual Ability members who need them." said Stepin.

Stepin explained that Roxie Marten, iSkye Silverweb, and their respective ALTs Cape Heron Management as well as VAICapeHeron help him out a lot.

I asked Stepin if a member has to be a member of Virtual Ability and a member of Cape Heron Community before that person can rent an apartment. "Yes, you need to be a member of the Cape Heron Land Group with the role of Tenant to rez objects." said Stepin. "Only members of Virtual Ability qualify for membership in the Cape Heron Land Group and only after they have read the lease agreement and returned a copy with their name and date on it. Then one of the managers here will invite them into the group."

I asked Stepin if he is going to be an apartment manager for a very long time.  He said that he really enjoys working with the apartments and tenants so yes, he plans to stay.

My last question would be how long had Cape Heron been around.  He said that the covenant is dated June 30, 2015 although the sim was here before the place was done.

Stepin does have a goal and that would be to minimize the prims used by the apartments and maximize what was available to the tenant to make their apartment a home.

Stepin is really a good apartment manager.  I hope to see him again soon as time goes by.  I do plan on coming back to Cape Heron because it is really a beautiful place to be at.


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