Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tranquility Health Care

By Kimiko Kanagowa (FoxytheJamie Resident)

In my travels, trying to find more about Second Life and Mental Health, I stumbled onto a place called Tranquility Health Care in the Sorens sim. The facility is owned by a Steffi Sugabum (QueenBSwag Resident). I had the opportunity of speaking with her, and this is what she had to say.

Kimiko: How long has this establishment been running?

Steffi: Since the start of January really. We're still quite a new business.

Kimiko: What was the original purpose for the creation of the establishment?

Steffi: Originally it was a roleplay before we set up on this land. It had therapy service still as well, but we also had a roleplay aspect to it as well. So it didn't have to be real-life relations. However, without breaking confidence of course, I found more coming to me wanting help with Therapy services due to their experiences. I had a meeting with staff and spoke about my ideas of helping more towards mental health awareness/general mental health - the therapists have real-life experience. So we just went for it and created a safe place for people to come to learn and seek help with mental health. (smile)

Kimiko: How many people have sought help here?

Steffi: It could range from 10 or something so far. I'll have to check properly later.

Kimiko: Can you describe the process of how people are helped?

Steffi: During their session? It can really vary, we offer talking therapy, in aid of support just being there for the client, seeing what they need from us, any advice we can give in aid towards them feeling better. We also may specialize in certain areas, such as one of our Therapists has a lot of experience towards helping with relationships. We offer a basic CBT as well. They also have experience with this too. This wont include homework or any diagnosis though. Just finding out what someone enjoys, helping them get back into what they enjoy in aid of helping with levels of depression or anxiety.

We do hold a test for Depression and Anxiety as well per client, just to make sure if they need real-life help more and provide advice towards that - say if someones in danger or risk of harm to themselves/anyone else. We'll still continue to support them though as well if they wish. Another thing - sorry if this ends up really long (laughter), we have set up a learning area as well, for free discussions/events in aid of awareness for mental health, self help advice and support. (smile)

Kimiko: What sort of conditions have you seen here?

Steffi: Mainly trauma and anxiety

Kimiko: Anything to add?

Steffi: Nothing really. Thanks, and I hope the best with your news letter too its a really great topic you're talking about. (smile)

This is the just the next chapter in the story about the constant struggle of mental health, everywhere, not just on Second Life. There is more to come, soon.

Sorens (87/120/21)

Kimiko Kanagowa

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