Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Interview With Sugar Paw / Casio Microline (Casio2000)

By Cyfir (Cyfiremmerich Resident)

Casio Microline (also known as Sugar Paw) has been part of the Second Life community for over eight years. In that time, she’s been a valuable asset to the scripting and building scene and served as an admin and sim owner. Ever generous and kind, she helps communities, stores, and other creators with her skills. It’s no wonder that she’s well known and respected throughout the Second Life community. I had a chance to interview her this weekend and pick her brain for the Second Life Newser.

Q: What got you started in scripting and building for Second Life?

A: I got into Linden World in 2002 and was so fascinated with how this virtual world works with it’s physics which were more than the simple interaction you get from most of the other games that are limited and not simulating a world but rather just being an action point of interest. I found it interesting till Linden Labs had announced a new and improved product called Second Life. I had joined Second Life in 2003 after the announcement of L$ but as I continued in it's community on through 2005-2006 new features were introduced with more options and tools for building during that time. There were places that we were able to learn basic scripting and builds, and from then on, I have seen lots of users building art and homes with just basic prims. From my experiences of being in the community for so long, it gave me the idea and impression that this world can improve more with it’s contents and it would be my favorite playground. I had been inspired to continue building and scripting as part of showing my ways of arts and fun to the community as they also share their experiences of their own. Therefore, as a builder, it would always be inspiring to build and continue pushing the limits of quality and creating more for the community.

Q: How did you come up with the name for your store?

A: In 2012, I had created a club sponsored by a few friends called Mirco Heaven. After that, in 2013, I had made my own club called "Toxic-Illusion.” After that same year, we had continued on and merged both clubs to be one and named it "Toxic-X Club and Lounge.” When I started building mods and put them to the test on marketplace in October of 2013, I just thought that having the product brand as the club would be easy to remember. My first product was an animated tattoo mod for the VRPS Sergals.

Q: What resources did you use/currently use to build up your scripting/building skills?

A: In 2009 I found a book called "Scripting Your World: The Official Guide to Second Life® Scripting By Dana” The book was used by me as a guild to understand more about scripting. The programs I use to create textures and plan are GIMP, Photoshop, and Blender. I also use tools and plug-ins supported from Second Life Wiki pages. For most updates and future knowledge, I read up and ask in the Second Life Community Forum.

Q: Sandboxes are a valuable resource for creators in Second Life and you seem to frequent many of them. Can you suggest any good sandboxes for those just starting out?

A: I would think of in-world sandbox as a place to present some ideas including taking notes of ideas that others saw as you progress. Some of the sandboxes are peaceful and quite empty and some could be crowded with users and can be annoying. It depends on what you are working on or if you are just hanging out. Each sandbox has a different community type. I would choose a few for different concepts depending on what you are looking to do. Most of the time I would build on my private parcel/sim or at my home. The best way to look up a sandbox is to just use the search and the "Places" tab and type "Sandbox.” If I was looking for a place that welcomes furries, I would search for "Furry" also. It also depends on the rating of the sandbox which content (General, Moderated and Adult) is allowed. Also, I would recommend reading the rules and guides of that region. There are six sandboxs I hang around or work in currently and those are Sudden Stop Sandbox, Sandbox Mirificatio (Premium), Fluffy Sandbox, MAGE Sandbox, Aldora Sandbox, and Pixel Hills Sandbox.

Q: What do you think brings success in the creative world of Second Life?

A: Having lots of friends and getting random ideas leads to knowing what needs to be produced. Some of my ideas are just for fun and some might be interesting to put on the market. Most success from creators in Second Life come from builders who mostly follow their dreams and enjoy creative builds. The phrase I would always tell myself when it comes to building and being creative is "Keep on moving and never give up!" because the failing of a build gives me the knowledge of the mistakes I made. I would continue on building to avoid and improve from the mistakes I made.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for those who want to learn how to script or build but may feel intimidated in learning to do so?

A: The first suggestion is to have fun with the build and be creative. Find resources like books or the Second Life Wiki where there are references of the tools, samples, and functions. If you’re stuck with any builds and can't find a solution, it would be best to try asking around places like sandboxes or friends that has experiences with builds. If all this fails, there are in-world learning centers which anyone can apply to at Builders Brewery.

Q: What have been your favorite projects to script and build for?

A: Mostly I would love building random things just for fun. Some of the items can be funny or cute and some may be useful in roleplay and effects. Most of the common builds I enjoy is making random fun toys, attachments, and decorative objects as long as others enjoy the creative ideas.

Q: Can you talk about what else you've done besides scripting and building in Second Life, such as admin work?

A: The most common things I would do aside from building is just hanging out with friends and family. Other than that I sim-hop (explore the world) and find random people to talk to. Some random conversations are interesting and some places can be fun to explore. Mostly, in the end, I like making more friends. Aside from this, I would volunteer by moderating groups and advise region club administrators or managers.

Q: Can you talk about any projects that you're currently working on?

A: There are a few. The main projects are creating HUDs, a roleplay system, tools for Ravenlock Pokemon sim, and other project commissions for a few creators as part of their tools for their products.

Q: Are you open to any scripting or building work for those who might be interested?

A: I am open to new ideas and new challenges to build or script for. I mostly do simple scripts just for fun but any scripts or works that take time would have a cost. Any projects involving weapons and violence would be a no.

Q: What keeps you scripting and building and being so generous and helping the Second Life community?

A: Enjoying making examples of creative possibilities in Second Life experiences. I would always enjoy seeing others having a good time as I enjoy watching them. I don't believe that being harsh or rude to any simple question solves anything so ask away and I will respond as much as I can.


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