Thursday, January 30, 2020

My Expirences As A Hostess

By Angel Fencer  (Ender Leven)   

It all began an few years ago when I was in Second Life looking for an job and stumbled upon DJ Uncle Pedro and the club he was DJing in. Since it was an while back, I don't remember much about how I found it. But I do remember the things we did.

I had fun in hosting and made an good income (tips only), traveled club to club with Pedro and sent loads of VIP notices and cheerfully met a lot of people. I even remember Pedro loved me so much, he asked a band to make me a song. I listened to it it, and it  was so beutiful and kind. He really was a gentleman and an amazing Blues DJ.  It only ended when I left Second Life for another grid called OSGrid.

After two years, I returned to Second Life. I tried making Lindens through scripting, but my scripts wouldn't sell. So I was searching for a new job. I went and searched for job groups, found one and then joined Friendlys. I chatted an bit with one of the staff and filled my application, which got accepted. I will have my first shift this Friday. I talked to an few people like Debbie, Tabs, and some others. It was amazing and I hope to have fun and can't wait to hype up people, make friends, party, chill, and hope to earn some lindens with tips.

What do hosts do?
A club host's job is to send notices, entertain the users, have fun, advertise the club, send notifications, and thank people for tips and such in group chat. It's an amazing way to meet people and earn some hard cash if they like you and the club is full enough.

So I wanna become an host, how does one become an host?

If you go to clubs, ask them for the application format and if your lucky, you get accepted. Be sure to ask them if they train hosts.

Where do you host currently?

At Friendlys at 12pm - 2 pm SLT/PST
Angel Fencer

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