Friday, March 13, 2020

The Other Dating Game

By Gemma Cleanslate

Bellisseria fairground was the site of  a really fun event last Saturday, March 7. Sponsored by the new team for the Relay for Life , Bellis Blues and DJs, and Bellisseria for RFL citizens gathered to watch and giggle at The Other Dating Game. Money was raised during the shows, of which there were two.

DJ FAR Dharma (fwdfwd Farslider) was the charming host of the show with assistance from the lovely fairgrounds host, Iseult Ní Urquhart (PrudenceAnton Resident) . The stage was set with a chair for the bachelor of the game and three stools for the lovely contestants vyeing to be his date. Of course he could not see them,

This is not the first time the show was on and it was such a  success a repeat was requested. I was not able to make the first one, nor the first part of this two hour show but finally got to see the whole show at the second part.

What a riot. Zildjian Clifton took his place on the red sofa and three lovelies arrived to sit on their stools and wait for the questions that would determine his choice. The audience had to get involved by providing their answers too as it progressed. Some of the comments were so distracting and funny it  is a wonder Zildjian could keep his mind on what he was doing and the poor contestants could survive with their own responses.

A sample of a question and answer.

“Zildjian Clifton: No. 2: If lindens were no object, what would you buy for yourself?”

Meli (MelisseLharithlyn Resident): A  year's worth of a full sim”

The show people tried hard to keep it more or less serious . I am sorry I did not think to collect some of the comments from  the audience but it was probably better that I didn’t.

The other contestants , Annie Panties (JadeEast Resident) and Gem Parker (Gem Oxygen)
waited patiently to face their questions and interference from the  watchers.

At the end Zildjian chose contestant number three, Gem Parker as his date. All those attending sent waves of applause to each of the show’s participants . I don’t know where or when the date will take place but will find out . I hope  the show will be on again it was amusing and raised some good funds for the Relay. North Crannock reported,

“after todays fantastic donations to RFL our current Bellisseria joint donations are
B - Bellis Blues and Djs  L$: 50,520     USD: $202.08
Bellisseria for RFL       L$: 230,853    USD: $923.41
Total                           L$: 281,373     USD: 1,125.49“

Gemma Cleanslate

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