Friday, December 4, 2020

Moonlit Night Shores

By Bixyl Shuftan

One of my friends recently told me about a new pony-themed community: Moonlit Night Shores in the Coral Outlet sim. Among the first things I saw there was a huge pony statue in the public circle in the middle of the grounds. Different areas of the place have different functions. The shops are in one area. The local houses are in another. There's also a dance area, a beach area, a sandbox area, a theme park, and a manor for the owner and the community staff. The area looked a bit winterized at the time with snow in places, and the housing area had a Christmas tree in the middle.

While going about the area, I came across RosieDrop Honeydew (RosieStarfield Resident). "Sorry if I seem busy," she told me, "I'm just trying to edit the windows so people cant see into others' homes." She asked to change to voice, as she was more used to chatting that way, "This is a pony related sim, but it allows all species, humans, furries, ponies, nekos ... we do have some rules that we are in the process of making. ... certain things allowed, certain things not allowed." 

When I asked where did the idea of the place come from, she told me she'd been working on the idea for over a year, "I just haven't been able to accomplish it." She tried with a friend, but failed. So she was trying things again, this time with a staff to help her out. She introduced me to Barcode, the "co-owner," whom helped out with rules in addition to his theme park and other things in the area. There was also Evra Nolan (VioletBogues Resident), the superviser. Six String (RolePlayismylife Resident), whom was there was one of the staff, one of the music performers. Not there but mentioned by Rosie was Janus, whom along with Barcode "are putting in the major help of funding the sim," and another officer named Whale94 aka Captain Whale, whom Rosie had known since the first sim.

Of the Sandbox, "Or as the kitties call it, the Moonlit Litterbox," Six mused, it was built by Evra. "Don't get messy," she laughed. It was set up so people in the community group could rezz and build things there, though a few items were there for good such as the posing platforms and seats, "I set up seating with the plush tigers too to chill if anyone wants." Barcodeland was the name of the theme park, which had walls and a floor with white and balck lines resembling the maker's namesake: barcodes. It had a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, "Duck Hunt" shooting game, a funhouse, and more attractions.

Next to the homes was the tallest structure of the community, the watertower. "... straight out of Animaniacs, but with a Moonlit twist" Six commented, it having the logo of the community. Of the houses, Six commented, "There are homes for rent here for a more than reasonable amount. rent costs so low, it's practically criminal." Of the shops, none of the buildings were occupied yet, though they had high hopes they would soon be filled. The beach area was a strip of sand, a few beach towels, a lifeguard stand, and shallow water. Next to that was the stage and dance area, where a DJ or live performer could entertain a crowd.

I was invited to take a tour of the staff residence, the manor. It was usually off-limits to others, but this time they made an exception. It was the place for monthly meetings, in the staff meeting room. Each of the people also had their own rooms. Barcode's place was a "drug trip of a room." Of Evra's room, "I honestly just wanted to go a little ham on decor, thank barcode for some of the ideas ... the room is basically very horror themed." Of Rosie's "We went kinda crazy and made it Picasso."

Once the tour was over, Rosie talked a little more about the backstory, "I just wanted a nice calm relaxing place ... where people could relax with their friends, add to the pony community, make the pony community better." She had been at other places with drama issues, so she thought about how it could be handled better, wanting "A place where people can be themselves so as long as they're no drama. We act like ourselves .. sometimes there's some ...  tease each other, but we do it to be funny, not being actual trolls. ... we don't want to p*ss people off." Evra commented, "We know when to be serious and mature but we like to be good and fun." The staff were serious about their rules. But when it was just them around, they felt free to horse around.

Rosie made the snow textures, as well as the textures on the water. "I consider myself an artistic person ... drawings, cutie marks. Of her pony avatar, blue with honey-colored swirly stripes, she told me it was inspired by her original pony, and took pride on it being unique. In pony roleplay, she had a magical ability that could be chaotic. She considered the character not unlike a fallen angel, comparable to Discord, that liked to cause chaos and make everything look silly. Once she got to know someone, she might get a bit flirty. She was easily angered, but her stunts were mostly limited to pranks like covering things or the one angering her in honey, or games.

Of the sim, they planned something for Christmas, possibly a secret Santa. There also were plans for kareoke events, as well as something for the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Ox. Rosie hoped that the place would be around for many years.

Dropping by some time later, the look of the place had changed some. There were plenty of houses around, but instead of the manor was a castle, and instead of shops there were stalls. There was plenty of empty space around this area, though I did see the beach area further away, along with an ocean liner and a couple other places. Messaging Rosie, she told me they had gotten some more of the sim's land and were in the middle of expanding. So it seems my tour was done just before a rebuilding that would result in a bigger and better Moonlit Night Shores. So what will it look like when it's done? We'll have to wait some time to find out. In any event, feel free to drop by and relax, just pardon the dust.

Bixyl Shuftan.

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