Friday, February 12, 2021

Interview With Susan Braveheart (aka Miss Longtail)

by Kayly Iali

Susan Braveheart is an illustrator who brings her delightful illustrations into Second Life.

Kayly:What kind of artist are you? and what medium do you work in? How would you describe your art?

Susan: I am a small furry long tailed kind of visual art creator. I don’t use any specific medium as a standard; I like experimenting and mixing things. My art is mostly made up of illustrations with animals, especially cats. Kind of naive imaginative illustrations with a touch of seriousness and/or humor. It also is made up of different kind of patterns or abstract decorative drawings.

Kayly: What is your process? Do you work from photos? Do you work from life? How do you approach your art?

Susan: Process... hmmm, well, usually there just pops up a vision or picture in my mind. It can be when something or somewhere catches my eye, or a situation or just anything. Usually, I start off with pencil and paper and continue with ink. Then I would color the picture with pens and/or watercolor depending on the effect I want to add. Last of all, I scan the drawing into (the) computer to make it printable. Very often I would add effects by retouch or colorize.

Kayly: Did you have any formal training in art? If so, what university? If not did you take workshops or learned from books?

Susan: No, I did not have any formal training in art only graphic design/advertising a big bunch of years ago. I have worked as a textile pattern designer, but I am otherwise self-taught.

Kayly: What is your earliest experience with art that you remembered that mark your path into becoming an artist? Who influenced you to be an artist? A family member, a teacher....

Susan: I think it was probably my grandmother who influenced me.When I was a child visiting my grandparents summer cottage, I saw her paintings of flowers and birds and cats. They were the prettiest paintings ever. Otherwise, I always been seeing pictures in things and happenings around me. Suddenly pictures would just popup for an idea/vision. 

Kayly: What artists in real-life and Second Life have affected you?

Susan: There are way too many for me to put a finger to name.

Kayly: What is your reason to exhibit in Second Life? and what is your experience had been? Any positive or negative. And has exhibiting in SL affected your real-life art?

Susan: I just like to share what I do. If people like my art and it brings bring a smile or two,then I am happy. Someone buying my art is just an extra bonus, but most of all I am always honored I have affected someone that much with my work that they want a share of it as their own. 

Kayly: Do you have your own galleries? Do you exhibit in other galleries? What art related projects do you usually do in Second Life?

Susan: I share my work on and off in different galleries, and not that long ago I put up my own little art building at my main store location, where I have put up some of my work together with some fashion with my artwork printed on them. As I have my art for sale printed on various items in real-life online stores. So I thought well why not put such items up in Second Life also.

Kayly:What real-life online stores are you in?

Susan: My art is currently up for sale as prints on various items on,, and They are under MissLongtail -

Kayly:Do you find that your Second Life customers visit your real-life online stores?

Susan: Some have actually gone to my real-life stores after seeing stuff here. Yes,items I have sold on my real-life sites have been abroad from people all over the world. But mostly in Europe.


Kayly:What advice would you give to artists who is interested in exhibiting in Second Life?

Susan: Do what you are passionate about show it to the world!

Kayly: So besides being an artist you are also a musician. When did you start becoming a musician?

Susan: Oh, that was way back in 2009, I just happened to end up at the O-Lounge, a karaoke lounge.I believe it was the first and only one back then. A good friend, Canipanic, talked me over to get on stage. I only knew one song to sing and I was super nervous. And so that’s how I got started and learned more mewsic. Then I got talked into entering a Second Life Idol contest which I won :-D And shortly after that I got booked for my first real sets. Now I am hooked. Mewsic is my feel good medicine and joy.

Kayly:How does being a musician affect your art?

Susan: I think they go hand in hand. Both parts of me inspire one another. Mewsic gives me visions of pictures and pictures sometimes puts mewsic in my head.

Kayly: When did you become a tiny or a furry animal? and why?

Susan: Well,the tiny kitten, kitteh in me is just a smaller furrier and purrier version of the bigger or real me.  I do shape shift at times but never lose my tail or ears. I am always a kitten no matter what shape or size (big grin). Actually the me here in Second Life was a normal biggie avatar in the beginning in 2007 and also, I purr-formed under different name. Then during a period of surgery and sick leave for fun I created this kitten from my back up alternate account. And I got stuck being all meowy and purry when I came across this kitten avatar. Too much fun (big grin).

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