Friday, August 27, 2021

Wedding in The Deathlands

By Bixyl Shuftan

A time and place still recovering after a nuclear holocost a few decades ago doesn't sound like the setting for a romance story. But even in bleak places such as that, one can find hope for a future. Recently, Rebel Wolf, the Baron of the Deathlands, announced there had been a wedding there, officially their first. He had carried out the event himself.

Yep, we had our first official wedding in Deathlands  at the old Cat Lick Church! Rev Wolf married Siccity  and Bynji! They actually might be really married as wolf IS a  registered minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in RL. Best man, Wolf was Fourpaws. Feel free to send them gifts or Lindens.  Congrats guys!

Messaging Rebel about the event, his first remark was, "I do divorces too." He apologized for not getting pictures, It was in a hury, not a shotgun wedding but they are from Europe and were going to bed, so it was a quick service." Then he got back into character, "Do you, yeah I did, swap spit?  Yer now married." But he did have a picture of the couple that he took earlier. He told me given the short notice, he wasn't able to wear much of anything special, "I wore my gun of course and semi-clean combats." Sadly the only thing resembling a tie that he had was an old noose.

The wedding itself was in what the locals called "the old Cat Lick church. That's a pre-nuke religion they tell me." When asked if it meant Catholic, he stated what it used to be called was lost to history as people struggled to survive, "It's a old church, and we called it he Cat Lick Church, as the records are incomplete. I dunno what they do with cats, but live and let live." He checked some old notes he had written earlier, "Obliviously it's a dark chapel of some kind that didn't fare well on Nuke Day.  Today is is run by some strange old religion called Cat Licks.  I fail to see what licking cats has to do with anything. Not that we have many cats still alive." He would say that cats in the area tend to stay clear of people, as with the shortage of food many find them tasty.

Wolf did wonder if the marriage might have some real-life standing as in real-life he is a registered minister of the "Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster." When I asked if pasta was served at the reception, Wolf responded, "There were rats at the church, do those count?"

And so that's the story of the post-apocalyptic sims's first official wedding.

First image credit: Rebel Wolf

Bixyl Shuftan

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