Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Sci-fi Actor Yee Jee Tso Interview At Spooky Strides

By Bixyl Shuftan

The "Spooky Strides" Halloween event for "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" had a large number of music events. But that was not all. At one point, they had a TV and movie actor to talk to: Yee Jee Tso. It took place at 4PM SL time at October 24.

NOW @ Spooky Strides: Actor Yee Jee Tso  4pm-5pm
you've seen them in Snowpiercer, Psych, Battlestar Gaalctica, Dr Who, and MANY more things.  LIVE LIVE Halloween Question & Answer event.

The event took place in front of an audience. Tso appeared in the avatar "yjtso Resident." He sat in front of a chair, next to a real-life picture of him.  Also nearby was a Relay kiosk for donations. Various people from the crowd would ask questions. Occasionally someone would be thanked after a donation.

Jenny Anatine (Jenny Shackle), "You have been in a ton of films!"

Tso, "Yea there's been a few lucky moments over the years, haha."

VєηυŞ (Venus Amore), "So Yee, I know you have done a lot of things in your career over time. Do you still enjoy it now as much as you did in your earlier years?"

Tso, "Yea being on set is fun. Haven't been doing it lately as I took a hiatus. (The) last show was Snowpiercer. Great crew."

Jenny Anatine (Jenny Shackle)  "Well, let's go, top three? I wont judge the Mary-Kate and Ashley movie!"

Tso, "Oh I'm not totally sure about Mary Kate. If I recall correctly it was an animated thing. Top three: Doctor Who. Maybe Snowpiercer is in top 3? I dunno, that's hard to say, 50/50 maybe. Oh 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' was an interesting time. Unfortunately Peter and i did not spend too much time together."

Jenny Anatine (Jenny Shackle), "The Muppets Christmas Movie!! So fun."

Tso, "MUPPETS! That is top three for sure. Small part, but very fun and amazing to work with the muppets. Good cast too. Although I saw some of the muppets being 'transported,' and it was a bit freaky,.cause they just sit there. I was expecting them to start talking to me. They had crazy CNC machines to make all the detailed set stuff. Yes when you go up close they still look real. Well, they were real, I guess, in a way (laughter). The CNC machine means they could make it look almost exactly like they designed it."

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "Which character that you have played would you say is most like yourself?"

Tso, "Oooo, good question. Um. well I'm pretty nerdy in real life. I work in software engineering, so that could be a few roles. Actually Teddy Chin in 'Antitrust,' he was an open source software developer."

When Nance Clowes thanked someone for donating to the kiosk, Tso asked, "So Nance, when I click on that kiso, I go to a web page. Do I just click a donate button and do a web chcekout?"

Nance answered, "The kiosk lets people donate to it in 'Second Life' Linden money."

Tso responded, "Oh I'd love to do that but not sure how." Nance informed, "You CAN donate by Paypal, directly to American Cancer Society, which is also us, at ."

Tso then noticed something, "Ooooo, nice cover of radio head." VєηυŞ (Venus Amore) told him, "This is 'Post Modern Jukebox.'"

Jenny Anatine (Jenny Shackle), "So (about the) hiatus? Will you be returning to this life? Or are you enjoying hiatus?"

Tso, "Hiatus, yea I'm enjoying trying out other things, like I've been producing music or learning to. But I'll get back into acting at some point."

Liz Wilner, "Of all the roles you've had, which was your all time fav?"

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "The characters you play seem to be more on the positive side, do you ever think to play more dark characters?"

Tso, "Dark characters, yea. On 'Witches of East End,' I played this guy that was possessed by demons and went insane. Also when I was young they used to cast me in Chinese gang member roles (laughter)."

Liz Wilner, "Is there any current show or project out there that you would love to be cast in?"

Tso, "Brandon Sanderson's stuff, because I read them all with my kids, so they'd be super-stoked. Or maybe the new 'Wheel of Time' series?"

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "Which character that you have played would you actually like to be friends with in real life?"

Tso, "Oooo, good question. Okay, there was one on Smallville where my character could make electric energy bolts and stuff. So, that could come in handy I think, if we were good friends. Maybe he could like power my house or something."

(a few chuckles in response)

"Also (the) Snowpiercer guy was one of the richest people in the world. Not that in real life, I'm looking to have rich friends. But since we're fantasizing about fictional friends, might as well be one who can buy me a jet. Haha!"

Liz Wilner: "Can you name a show you like right now, that you watch?"

Tso, "Show right now,that I watch. To be honest, I don't watch much of anything anymore. My kids and I were watching 'Mandalorian' together a while ago."

The donating came up again when Nance spoke up, "You guys have helped us raise nearly 1/4 Million
lindens this expo so far." Tso replied, "Nice! So I made a Paypal thing, but I'd love to try it with the Second Life coins or whatever, how do you make that work?" VєηυŞ told him, "I can help you in IM." Tso spoke, "Sorry I'm pretty bad at operating this thing."

Nance Clowes, "How was working on 'Psych?'"

Tso: "Oh those guys are hilarious! It's constant improv. Very funny, naturally funny people. And (it) gives you the freedom to just do whatever when you're acting with them."

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "As an Asian, do you think it was easy or hard to get into movies/shows when you started your career?"

Tso, "Oh another good question. Yeah, it was more difficult. The thing is, there are less roles available. It's better now, but back then for every audition I got, my white male friends would get five or ten. Now, they would bring up the point that more of them would go to the audition making it more competitive. But they limit the number of people they see for each. And they can only hire one per part. So the competition thing only goes so far. You need the sheer number of opportunities."

Rayvynex Resident, "Do you have any tips for anyone hoping to get a start ?"

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "What acting advice would you give to your younger self just starting off in acting?"

Tso, "Yes keep doing it. It's all about perseverance. And advice to my younger self - Focus. Stop messing about (chuckle). In between gigs find something useful to do with yourself instead of f*rting around."

(a few chuckles from the audience)

VєηυŞ (Venus Amore), "Ok everyone we have time for maybe one more question he has to go to another engagement."

RezzDammit Resident: (Bixyl Shuftan) "Are you going to be coming back to Second Life, either for events like this, for personal fun, or both?  (and pardon about my using an alt, Second Life is one place you can be two places at once)."

Tso, "Yep, next week Venus has another one setup."

Nance Clowes, "Guys, Yee Jee Tso will be back for a Part 2, on Satuday the 30th at 1pm."

Tso, "Cool, it was really nice to meet you all (smile)."

Jaqueline Malus (Etoile Galicia), "Thank you so much for answering our questions."

Rayvynex Resident, "We will look for you on the Big Screen!"

The interview then ended, and Tso left the stage for the musician that came next.

Bixyl Shuftan

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