Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The BBB Anniversary Concludes

By Gemma Cleanslate

The last days of the BBB event were full and busy. The staff hung around the fairgrounds greeting those who were still gathering stamps for their visas. Some gatherings were planned and on the events calendar. Some were impromtu, so I did miss a few. But everyone who visited the fairgrounds had a marvelous time just exploring , riding the train and meeting the staff who were there.

A pop party where DJ FAR (fwdfwd Farslider) provided the entertaining tunes. Great attendance as usual!

Ambassador Yukiko Yeshto led another of her fun tours on Saturday to other regions of the Bellisseria continent. One amazing part of the tour was by bus. We entered a tunnel under the waterway on a region . Everyone was shocked to see the tunnel and then more surprised to enter another tunnel for the next stop. Then we transferred to the train to get us to the next stops. At each stop we picked up another visa stamp that was especially for event. Yuki advised us there would be another tour Sunday and we could hardly wait!

The start of the tour Sunday was by minicopter! That was an experience . I started flying my mini and following the course that was charted for us. Everything was fine until I wandered off the coast line and too close to a security orb I think. Next thing I know I was in the water with no copter. Thank goodness I was able to get into a passing copter and continue as a passenger.

After collecting the stamp at Fishtail Point we continued over to Molehenge that was the site of the next stamp and also a magical stone. Touching the stone was enough to take each one of us off to the next stop, Fantasseria. This is where Kalia and Riot were married a while back. We tried out the beautiful flying luna moths around the lovely community center. I missed the end of the tour but know it ended at Rigamarole pier.

Later the final planned event party took place at the fairgrounds again. DJ Stephanie spun some lovely tunes as staff and many members of the group and friends enjoyed the fireworks overhead. What a week! It was a jam packed week and it will take a while for attendees, and I am sure the staff , to recover and slow down. Thanks to Boo and all the staff for the great event! The beautiful venue at the Fairgrounds will be gone but will be replaced ty another for the next event. We will see what will come.

In the middle of all this I went over to Burn2 Winter event to do Ranger work. I took some photos of the cute gingerbread houses and the parties going on . Here is a look at some of the builds and party if you did not make it. 

Gemma Cleanslate

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  1. Thanks to the SLNewser and Gemma especially for supporting and reporting on our BBB2B event. The BBB team worked hard and it paid off. We've made lots of new friends and feel it was certainly well worth while. Getting great feedback.