Friday, May 12, 2023

Reader Submitted: Remembering Allian Blackwell

 From Jaun Boucher
On 8 May 2023 - SL Coast Guard was devastated by receiving the news that their beloved Commandant Allian Blackwell has lost her battle to Cancer.

As Commandant of SL Coast Guard - she will be remembered with her dedication she gave to the Group and also to her Co SLCG members.  "I love you all" was her final words after most of her speeches.  To be the Commandant of such an active group - to always have new ideas open, is not an easy task, but the Commandant did her part in an excellent manner, and SL Coast Guard definitely has one empty spot right now, not only in the group, but also in our hearts.

Apart from SL Coast Guard, Allian also had a SL partner Tosh Morpork (RADM in SLCG), and a life beyond SLCG - CPO Jaun Boucher had the privilege to asked him a few questions about them, and it is such a lovely story - that anyone who is in a SL Partnership will understand the daily struggles we are going through:

How did you first meet Allian?

Tosh : In 2014 she came for an interview to join SL Coast Guard and I was the one who interviewed her.

Was it love at first sight?
Tosh : (Laughs) - Yes, and no...we rubbed shoulders for many months but just said "hello" I had a nick name for her - The Ice maden

Why that Nickname?
Nothing sinister about the name, but, when you see someone you really like but can't seem to find the words, and the other person feel the same way, it's a Mexican stand off.  So when the ice finally were broken, we never parted, we moved in and that was that. We became partners in 2015.

Did you ever met in RL?
Ali was a big part of my life in SL and RL....although we did not had the opportunity to meet in RL as life had other plans, we did plan on meeting......

Tosh's final words to Jaun was - We have lost a guiding light.....

Apart from Tosh, Allian also had a love for the K9 program which SLCG have - her K9 Partner - Ella.  During the Vigil stand off, you could feel the sadness in the lost of her human being...  SLCG will make sure, that the Commandant's K9 will be taken cared of.  Although Allian love and attention for Ella cannot be replaced ever...

RADM Allian Blackwell - you were a true inspiration to all of us in SLCG.  Your strength, your courage, your positiveness, and your love - will be missed, but we will let your flame keep on burning for you.

Allian was also a huge supporter for Relay For Life (RFL) - and SLCG will continue raising funds for RFL in Second Life.

RIP our dearest Comrade..Condolences to all her loved ones in SL, and also in Real Life.

Her memorial will be held on 14 May 2023 @12PM SLT- space will be limited, but invitations will be send out to relevant groups.


 Feel free to watch the small Video Tribute which were made about Allian - her full memorial also will be captured by Video.

Jaun Boucher

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