Monday, July 10, 2023

Interview With Kitacelia on Raising Horses

 By Penny Shuftan (Deaflegacy)

Hello, everyone. I was lucky to be able to have a very good interview with Kἶէმƈεlἶმ Lմἶղƈօɾἶმlօէε Kεlνმɾl (Kitacelia). I have been buying horses and ponies from her for some time now.  She really does have remarkable horses and ponies. 
After the interview started, my first question to her was, "What inspired you to go into horse breeding?" Kitacelia answered, "Well, since I was a little girl, I have always loved horses.  When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have a few horse riding lessons, and I was in a show. I always wanted to have horses in real life, but my health and finances prevented it."  After a moment's thought, she added, "I should say disabilities and finances.  And it's exciting to see what different coats, breeds, and vanities (are available).

"Breeding animals in general is (interesting) in SL, though I prefer fantasy ones, horses and cats (that's mane and tail you can get."

My next question was, "What's your favorite horse?"  Kitacelia replied, "It's too hard to choose just one.  I don't breed much other than horses anymore as it can become expensive, and the market for them is sometimes pretty low."

I gave her a compliment in saying that she did pretty good at breeding horses.  "I don't really breed Amaretto anymore but I liked the crystal features some had so I bred a few,"  she told me,  "Thank you.  Foxtrot are nice because they don't require food.  Just bundle to breed. Sadly, they are not as detailed and do not move."

I then wondered which horse is the best breed.  "Depends on what you wanted to do," she told me,  "If you want something that is inexpensive and safe, foxtrot. If you wanted something realistic with a lot of options, ABC (Awesome Breed Creations) horses."

The conversation shifted to what to tell someone who is interested in breeding horses. Kitacelia answered, "I would tell them to not expect to make money from it or if they do, not much, especially not at first.  If they want to do it because they enjoy it and are able to take time and have the money to do it, they should."

I then asked her about how she's doing in the horses business. Kitacelia answered, "Well, I sell a few here and there.  You are by far my best customer." I confessed to constantly falling in love with her horses because they're the inspiring type. She told me, "Most people who buy horses either get them to breed them, or they get them for horse shows, which means they want matching manes and tails and feet and rare coats and eyes.  The other reason is for racing which requires very specific short vanities and high racing stats and training. I do not breed horses for racing.  Once in a while, I will by chance get one suitable for it.  But I mostly breed show horses."

I told Kitacelia that she's doing pretty good with the amazing show horses, especially with the Pegasus horses.  "I am glad." she said.  I added that I had one more question.  If I continue to buy horses from her, will she continue to breed horses?  "Of course," she answered. I thanked her because I was so glad that she would continue breeding horses as long as I continue to buy horses from her.

That was it.  I thanked her for the interview. I am forever glad that I can continue to buy horses from her.  Kἶէმƈεlἶმ Lմἶղƈօɾἶმlօէε Kεlνმɾl (kitacelia) really does breed remarkable horses. If anyone is interested in a show horse, I recommend Kitacelia.  She is truly the best in the horses business.

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