Monday, August 7, 2023

The Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy

 By Gemma Cleanslate

During the SL20B event many visitors saw Lindens and Moles walking around with “tablets” in their hands and avatars swarming around them chattering about STAMPS. In the birthday group chat people were stating where those Moles might be sighted and a gaggle of avatars would descend on the locations immediately. Here are Strawberry , Patch, and Misssy with theirs in hand, I thought I would explain to those who are not in the know what it was all about and invite you to get involved.

Back in 2020 BÓÒ (Boo Rojyo) envisioned the need for bureaucracy on Bellisseria and the Bellisseria Bureau of Bureaucracy, (the BBB) to help people leave their homes and explore the grid. He invented the passport. The headquarters was set up where applicants could apply for a one. The passport was good all over the entire grid at all sorts of places, clubs, nature centers, yacht clubs, gas stations, restaurants and so many more. The owners of the sites maintain a passport terminal at their locations. With help from several friends they also began issuing a driver’s license, plate for vehicles. The idea grew and so did the staff all of whom had a role.

The personal tablets carried came as a later idea. This Ancient Mole’s .

When a holder carries (wears) their passport they may click the terminal and receive a stamp on their

own passport. It is great fun. Sometimes there are special stamps for events such parties at the fairgrounds or the Relay or birthdays. They are available for that time and then retired. A list of all the past stamps are on the web provided by Robert Rhodan. At first it was just for Bellisserian residents. Every Saturday The Gazette is published and a list of new locations with terminals is listed. I take advantage of that and go get them immediately.

Over the years the opportunity has grown so much. This is a statement by Boo explaining the new opportunity for all to collect stamps . Each continent can now carry a passport the reflects their own continent and for those off the mainland a generic one. He told me,

“Why and how did the BBB make passports available to everyone in SL ?

It's something we'd always planned to do. However we had a rather manual process for producing passports and were afraid we just couldn’t cope with the workload that might occur if we suddenly opened the passports to all.

However North Crannock did some great work creating a more 'self build' passport. This coincided with the creation of the Bellisseria embassies throughout mainland. This allowed us to make the stamps, and the passports freely available to anyone on SL, land owner, premium, or neither who wanted to collect and explore. Since I stepped down as CEO of the BBB the team has continued to perfect and improve the stamp and passport process enormously. Special mention to Robert, Amanda, Laurel, and also Dave for all the publicity. And of course to Bel for taking over leading the ship so ably.”

Boo has now become an ambassador at the Embassy on Heterocera. The embassies are maintained by the BBB.There is a Board of directors that works together to ensure everything keeps up to date and has other ideas in mind. To see all the previous stamps that are available or retired you can go to and begin to collect the older ones listed.

To apply for an intercontinental passport on line you can visit

or you can stop in at anyone of the Embassies to get a folder containing loads of information to help you. This is the Corsica Embassy. A passport is already in the folder with directions.

These are the people who are involved in the workings of the BBB . I hope I got them all!

Founder and Ambassador to Heterocera -- Boo Rojyo

CEO -Bel (Jezebel Bailey)

Board Members -, Dave (Lord Junibalya), AmandaT Tamatzui. Teresa Firelight

Scriptors -North (North Crannock), Robert Rhodan (RobertRhodan)

and Sandy Burgess

POH editor and Linden/Mole Liaison -- Teresa

Party Planner - Amanda

Stamp Designers - Amanda, Robert

BBB Passports, Licenses, License Plates -Laurel (Laurelrose Anthony) (Bel backup)

Discord Geek and backup scripter - Coal Edge

Editor in Chief - Dave

Scout - Gemma Cleanslate

Ambassadors --

Heterocera - Boo Rojyo

Nautilaus -Freddie Harrington (Freddie Venus)

Gaeta - SᴏɴDᴇᴇ Bᴀᴛɪsᴛᴀ-LᴇFᴇᴠʀᴇ (SonsarayDeJonay)

CDS - Sandy Burgess

Corsica - Dulcinea Andretti

Zindra -Rascal Starlight

Jeogeot - Coughran Mayo

Sansara - OPEN

Satori – OPEN

There is a search on for a new ambassador for the two open continents in case you are interested.

“Builders of all things possible - Everyone has their own specialty! Mine is stand and point!” said Bel , and she does a wonderful job of pointing and directing traffic!

The BBB headquarters is a fun place to visit .
Take a walk around and see the buildings and the back yard. Relax in the new Zen Garden. On the wall inside are posters for each of the type of Passport available. upstairs is a room with all the Embassies on the wall.

Gemma Cleanslate

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