Monday, June 14, 2010

Disaster at Shelz' Haven

On Wednesday morning, the 9th of June, I rezzed onto my home land like I always do, coffee in hand. What I saw scared me--all I could see was green grass and water, not a single object could I see. I relogged, I cleared cache and relogged two more times....still the same thing.

I walked around in a state of stunned panic. Called a friend who was on line, she came to see. She was equally stunned, but she flew around (such a level head that one) and discovered that my parcel, 1/4 sim, had been raised way up above sea level. She took a pic and I was even more stunned than before, there was my land, up in the sky. She discovered that my stuff was far below where we had been standing.

She lowered the entire parcel for me to be in line with the neighbors. What I saw shocked me even more. There was the house, there was the flower bed, sans flowers. The only thing in the flower bed were the sundial, bench, a chair I had placed. All flowers were gone. The barn was gone, all the palm trees were gone. All edits to terrain for ponds and water inlets were undone.

Then, the most horrifying sight of all---ALL THE BUNNIES WERE GONE! The 100 plus bunnies and their food had VANISHED!

I walked around in a state of shock, not knowing what to do, I couldn't react exactly, couldn't cry. All I wanted to do was scream and kick and punch someone and just.....but I was too stunned to do any of those things, this was beyond my comprehension and experience in SL.

From the outside of the house, I could see the curtains were gone, but I did see a picture hanging on the wall. The wicker furniture on the front porch was gone, the lounger on the deck on the other side gone also, as well as my lounger by the water's edge. I chose not to venture in to the house at that time.

There was nothing to be done at the moment. I sent a message to the sim owner. I had to leave and face the RL job. I hoped all would resolve by the time I got home.

When I got home, I wrote a poem, as I am wont to do in times of severe stress. I went into the house. I saw the painting, one of three that were in the living room. A table and two chairs were still in tact, but the living room furniture and rug were gone. I went around all three floors, all empty, including the nude pictures I had bought at a benefit auction...POL, Lyndon, Djai and another guy whose name escapes me. All musicians.

On Saturday, the 12th of June, I logged in as usual; no rollback yet. I decided to log in as my alt. When I arrived, all the bunnies were there, the flowers, the barn, everything! My alt did not have rights (she does now!), so I decided to log back in as Shellie and give her rights to take all my stuff and give to Shellie. I relogged as Shellie and VOILA! All my stuff was restored! It was the oddest thing ... welcome to SL.

Shellie Sands


  1. I would have paniced like you did!! Mymy.. hope it will never happen to our island with almost all prims used.. I'm very glad to read all is solved, not a most easy way. Do you know what has caused this dramatic disappearance??
    Much love
    10 Goosson

  2. 10, I have no idea, but Lindens did a rollback and all was restored (they seem to listen to landowners/managers more than us ordinary folk lol). But all my bunnies were in hibernation because they were starved after two days existence in SL limbo :( Took me two full days to get them back to normal.