Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paisley Bebbe’s “Tonight Live” holds Third Anniversary Show

Sunday June 27 2010, marked three years since Paisley Bebbe began her “Tonight Live” show on Second Life. Her third anniversary show, marked by a giant “3” on her set, had some noteable guests. There was Troy McLuhan, whom at the time of the first show worked at the International Space Museum in Second Life. Guest number two was Astrin Few, whom according to Paisley was the first musician to play live in Second Life. Last but hardly least was Wiz Norberg, the head of

For the most part, the show went as more or less as planned. The most obvious “glitch” was when Paisley had to move her cat off her lap, not the prim cat on her virtual seat, but her real life kitty, “Me-ROWWWL!!” A few in the audience at first thought that was a sound effect from the prim pet. After that, the show more or less went smoothly. Troy and Paisley talked about space and Second Life’s Sci-lands. Austin Few talked about a number of things in Second Life’s music scene, and discussed a little about when he threatened to leave second life due to “frustration with the platform.”

Wiz Nordberg’s interview was the most lively of the three. His “The Beatles” t-shirt was not what one expected a CEO to wear. Talk turned to Paisley’s first show, which was broadcast on the screen for the audience to see. Wiz had built the outside of the studio, but the less than experience Paisley built the inside, “poseballs everywhere.” She was also told her appearance at the time was a problem for the show as her skin seemed too dark, the Australian being told her avatar looked to Polynesian.

Wiz also talked a little about Paisley’s guests, “RacerX was the only one who left you speechless ... I loved it.” Paisley also asked Wiz some questions about When she asked Wiz what was the craziest idea pitched at him, he responded they almost did a show titled “The Ponygirls.” “One of those Second Life counter-cultures,” Wiz explained, before he, and some of the audience in text, went into detail about them. “Maybe we need an adult channel,” Wiz joked.

Once the cameras were cut, the mayhem began. Delinda Dyrssen, whom is usually behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly, this time she came on stage with something in her hand. She then pointed it at Paisley and her guests, and began firing little yellow rubber duckies at them. The host and her guests laughed, one muttering, “Where would Second Life be without griefing.” It wasn’t long before Wiz brought one out, and the duckies started to fly. Paisley then brought up a shield. Then someone flung a “fat man” at her, which took some time to rez, but her voice reflected her surprise. Then someone rezzed a *really* fat man that took up most of the inside. By the time it dissipated, the majority of the audience had left, and someone had tossed Paisley some “Paparazzi,” that when worn looked like a bunch of noobs with cameras were taking her pictures.

Darn, our competition managed to sneak in on us.

It was one of those "off camera" moments to remember, and a reminder Paisley and her staff do not forget to have a little fun.

Happy Third Anniversary, Paisley Beebe.

Bixyl Shuftan

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