Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Syzygy Celebrates Winter

The Syzygy Community was surprised and pleased to find they were listed in the Linden’s Showcase for winter activities this past weekend. Since early December, the residents have been celebrating winter by ice fishing, sledding, skating, and racing on the ice. Syzygy Eos (218, 131, 21) Kulta Hannu landscaped and decorated the common areas, and Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks set up ice skating at various locations around the sim. Elric Anataine orchestrated the snowfalls and even managed to get the Aurora Borealis to appear in the northern skies. Individual Syzygy residents decorated their homes in a variety of themes depending upon their individual beliefs and personalities.

In addition to the impromptu fun that has been happening, a home tour and tree trimming party was held on Sunday, December 20. The festivities began at the ice fishing hole. The tour went to eight locations, each decorated in a different theme. About 12 residents first traveled to this reporter’s house, Grey Wolf Retreat, located at Grey Wolf Retreat, Syzygy Corvus (163, 223, 21). A north woods theme dominates this residence and includes wolves, elk, a reindeer, and other wildlife.

Next the group went to “Grisland In Winter”, an island owned by Grijandomore Greene and also located at Syzygy Corvus (143, 54, 21). While the tour was here, the Aurora Borealis appeared. It was spectacular! Gri’s home is open to the public, and there is a wishing well, too!

The group then traveled to the Syzygy mainland to “Imagine Peace and the Order of the Istari”, a beautiful residence owned by Olorin Tigerpaw and Crescent Renard. Imagine Peace of Syzygy, Helios-, Syzygy Helios (108, 218, 67). Their theme was “Have a Cool Yule” and included a yule log in a beautiful rooftop setting.

“Ubi Sunt”, the home of Sonny Beverly and Lydia Bracken was the next stop. Ubi Sunt, Syzygy Helios (46, 26, 36) Indian music and an exotic theme were the highlights of this lovely home. The tour then progressed back down the mountain to Celtic Infinity’s “Slice of Heaven”, where animated Christmas bears and other whimsical animals played on the rocks above the waterfall. Celtic's Slice of Heaven, Syzygy Selene (67, 32, 37)

Next we climbed up to Kulta Hannu’s Neki Teien, located high in the mountains. A warm fire gave everyone a chance to warm up as they admired the decorations and the view. Neko Teien / Neko Garden (open , Syzygy Selene (74, 102, 51).

Elric Anatine’s “Slight Twisted Winter” was the next stop. This location is a fun, offbeat spot with black and white candy canes, anise flavored of course, and other non-traditional decorations. A highlight here was a Santa’s sack that tossed gifts to the residents. Slightly Twisted Winter - A Rein, Syzygy Selene (177, 240, 42)

The group ran down the hill to “Pip’s Tree”, a cute creation of Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks. It gives out donuts. Yummy! Near this location are melting and sinking snowmen -- a funny sight that shouldn’t be missed. Common Region - 120 minute auto , Syzygy Selene (149, 246, 21)

The tour ended at the Syzygy Festive Community Tree, located at Syzygy Eos (76, 14, 37). Here the residents placed an ornament on the tree that reflected their interests or personality.

Syzygy is a friendly community that welcomes visitors. Resident Samantha Glume has set up helicopters near the Community Tree that can be rezzed and flown around the islands. The ice that now surrounds Syzygy and connects the islands is great for sleigh rides, skating, and horseback riding. If you visit, look for swirling blue snowflakes that will give notecards with Landmarks to interesting spots in the community.

Grey Lupindo

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