Thursday, November 3, 2011

Scenes of Halloween Weekend

The Aussie club "The Pocket," at Freestar Bay, having a Halloween Party late Friday Night.

Cellandra Zon, who runs The Pocket. Talk about going topless.

Saturday Night, the Cutlass Club at Sunweaver Air had it's Halloween Party.

And the fog when seen at "midnight" was pretty spooky.

Luskwood's Halloween party was Sunday, and the LM to get there led to this spot on the ground at the Perry sim.

And it led to a treehouse hundreds of meters in the air, which looked cool when viewed at "Midnight."

There was music by DJ, a few trivia contest questions with cash prizes, and a new avatar released. It's among the first with Mesh features.

On Monday, Halloween Day, the Queen of Hearts club at Mystery had afternoon and evening costume parties.

Later that evening, after the "treaters" had gone home on the East Coast, and still going house to house in the west, "The Happy Vixen" at the Purrfection Estates had a Halloween party to celebrate.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Bixyl Shuftan

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