Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Midnight veils the small town cemetery in the free-form dark role play community of Crossroads. It is the year 1871. Within the gated Gothic cemetery stands an angel upon the platform of a cross, she is a bright illumination in a city haunted by a curse. She is known as Ravenal Ashby.

A traveler regarded as an outsider, I tread cautiously on the snow-covered grounds, surrounded by Princess Guiniverre Despres and numerous Crossroads residents. The Princess is dressed in a winter gown as black as night. Her ebony hair lies freely upon her shoulders. She is nothing less than beautiful, but there is a protective nature about her that suggests, rather than implies, that she is to be feared. She stands in front of me blocking my path, but it is not a confrontation she seeks. Openly she speaks to me about the town.

"The town was founded years ago by my grandfather, a baron, who brought in others to build it," explains Guiniverre. "A shipping business began, then wineries were added and the people appeared and it became a busy little town.” We stand alone, but we do trade with others."

She stated that there is both a countryside and mountainous terrain and that the town was founded some forty years ago (four years in SL).

"I think we have an equal mix of businessmen to artist. A mixed bag of personalities for sure, but everyone seems to add a flavor to the town. All together we are one delicious drink, so to speak,” she voiced with a grin.

Asked if everyone contributes equally, Guiniverre replied, that they don't. There are the overachievers. However, she felt that the town bum is just as important as he or she adds her personality to the mix. No one wants everyone to be the same.

"Our personalities should be as unique as our fingerprints," she tells me. "God knows if there was another me. The town can barely stand the one," she jokes, adding that her family adores her as well as the angel beside her.

It is ironic, yet natural here, that an angel is devoted to this town, but it is for a reason.

"We protect the town laws, Miss. That is our job here," Ravenal informs me. "Our mission is to bring light in a town cast in darkness.

Though I am told the darkness is because of the towering mountains that surround the town, Ravenal suggests otherwise.

"Or perhaps it is the curse put on the town because of your grandfather," Ravenal claims. "There is a curse on the town. Demons were involved, which is the reason I am here."

They then choose to speak out of character. Ravenal owns Crossroads, but her sister, Guiniverre co-owns a number of other sims with her. Guiniverre built Crossroads so they are pretty much in a partnership. She does 95% of the sim building.

"We offer the world of darkness role play. We offer VTM role play, Vampires of the Masquerade," Ravenal explains. "We also offer various races of role play such as demons, angels, vampires, fae, steampunk, neko and even a few draconic types."

On the character roster are 40-50 role players on the sim any given evening. They allow those who abide by the rules, have a concept and a desire to role play with them. There is a justice system in play that works often, but fights do occasionally break out from time to time. What's interesting is that they have a role play university for those just learning how it's done. They use the CCS hud, which is based on time spent in character. There is soul hunting with the demons.

"The CCS hud allows for an actual bite, but our VTM vampires do more role play biting then CCS biting," said Ravenal. "We have a very strict no “Out of Character” policy while in the IC zone. And, yes, you can live where you play!"

Be aware that this is a dark role play community, which means you can be killed. It might take awhile to be resurrected, but you do rez back to life. You are given the opportunity to tell them the degree of dark participation that you can handle comfortably. Also, VTM means that the characters do not openly state they are vampires and other paranormal beings. They take on normal lives which veil their true form. That's the premise of their existence.

If you feel like experimenting, give it a try. For more information, log on to


  1. This place is rife with dramatics and godmodding.I do not recommend anyone play there.Trust me.It is one of the worst places I have ever roleplayed.

    The princess..does not know how to tell ic from ooc.In character from Out of Character.

    She does not follow vampire the masquerade at all.Vampires do not walk in the sunlight,they do not have angels as friends and go to church.They do not all eat food and they certainly do not have a prince** of the city who never leaves and is never defeated.

    This place is an absolute nightmare from which the only escape is to never go there.

  2. Oh also make sure you notice all the bots in the sky just to get her sim numbers really high.But if you dare roleplay in another sim that is a part of her chain.Land that you paid will be visited by her gm's and they will remove your meter.

    If you want a drama mamma who never shuts up..then go meet guin.If you want someone that teleports in her friends to a fight then get to know guin.If you want someone that will be a loud mouthed godmodding female then by all means go there.

  3. Are you nucking futs?

    VTM my foot, The moment I tried to get them to follow the right set of VTM rules, I get my head bitten off. Not only that, I bork up a small CCS rule and I get my eared chewed off by the GMs. Someone does the same thing, but the GM's give them a slap on the wrist because apparently they are 'long time players' ... AKA ... RENTERS.

    If you are mental masochist and enjoy migraines, sure, go to this sim, theres plenty of it.


    Guin needs this sort of is sad really.She thinks she is a princess in real life.

    1. that is the most ridiculous comment to make about Guin. She is playing a character, stupid. What you just posted proves you are here to make people hate her and hate a really good rp sim who kicks out really dramatic people like you.

  5. My experience of Crossroads was nice to begin with, but I soon found out that the 'hook' of VtM and the promise of 'dark' roleplay was just a lie, and a lure to bring in numbers of people. The people who run crossroads should be truthful and admit that they are in fact freeform RP, and stop the pretence of being VoC, when these vampires do not even act as vampires.. it is more akin to Twilight vampires which is nice if you like that sort of thing, but this is FALSE ADVERTISING!

    These are vampires who have a Thanksgiving day celebrations, and don't even put blood in the meat to entice mortals/blood bond them, nor try to subjugate them. These are vampires which, in my opinion this seems more like a perpetual high-school mentallity, which I could understand if they were all turned at such a young age, before they left high-school.. actually it seems like none of them graduated high-shool and perhaps this explains the lack of intelligence in the RP, and the inability to have an objectinve point of view. If you do not comply with the Princess' wishes, she will then proceed to not only run you out of the clan, but also out of the sim, with constent hounding.

    There was a culture of the rules applying to everyone else except Guiniverre and here 'elite' whom can do anything they want, yet other people commit a minor infraction and never hear the end of it. I have seen them MAKE UP NEW RULES on the spot, and I pointed out it was not in the rules, and then I get in trouble for it.

    If you enjoy a VERY mild, light and weak RP which does not go very deep, and is populated by cookie cut-out clones of the same abhorent, shallow, vain, attention seeking dramatic crybabies.. then this is the place for you!

    However if you want serious RP, with proper proceedures and rules which are rigid and do not fluctuate according to the time of day or day of the week, then you can find it if you look a bit deeper.. it may buried under the more popular sims, but honestly, there is a reason why they have such high numbers and that is a combination of sheep-like shallow monkeys who must all bow down to and worship the Princess, always telling her what she wants to hear, and the fact that Guin actually runs a lot of the different groups herself with alts, who seem to make up about 30-40% of the sim population at any given moment.

  6. Two former haters who used to rp here trying to grossly exagerate a very good sim that has gotten better since their departure. Apparently Guin plays her part so well she has people believing she is wearing tiaras behind the screen of her computer. The few times I cammed a conversation with her (an old friend going back to Cola and Nor times) she was no makeup hair in a ponytail very pretty girl who was in sl to rp.

    Now the ones who say it is no vtm are the ones who tried to rp vtm incorrectly. For example one ventrue trying to achieve vtm paths, which anyone of any knowledge knows are Sabbat paths which can only be taught by a Sabbat and the Sabbat of Crossroads did not teach them. One day he had the pope visit, the next he was trying to be more angelic than the angels and the next he was screaming cunt bitches in an 1871 sim. Now under the pretense of anonymity he pretendds he was treated wrongly. The land is rented at cost. Meaning after the sim owners pay for tier and ccs costs, what they rent to people is 100% cost. They make no money off of anyone. The other person commenting here could not keep her ooc from her ic, constantly confusing one thing from the other. I've been with Rave since before Guin came to Crossroads. I've played vtm for many years and I can tell you this is the best vtm you will find in Second Life. I can also tell you out of 60 people in the sim 30-40% are not bots at all. Vicious lies by people who got themselves removed for their drama.

    1. you obviously don't know VtM any better than Guin's fake ass does ... her and rave tried to tell one person that they had played VtM tabletop for 9 years and never once used dice!! ... yeah, because that would EVER happen in real life LOL ... sounds to me like you are either a typical kiss-ass, or Guin/Rave herself trying futilely to make an appeal on a grossly mismanaged and fake sim.

  7. Crossroads is the best roleplay sim in Second Life. I was in the sim last week and there must have been 40-50 active roleplayers in the square actively roleplaying. We had an npc event coupled with a storyteller. The event was very very good. The VTM vampires who are there emote a lot of their rp which fills the other players in on what is going on with their masqueraded characters. Not only is this a clever way to advance the VTM rp, it was led by the leaders of the bloodlines which was refreshing to see. This sim has the best VTM I have seen in SL by far.

    I read the complaints above and what I see is the same person posting over and over. It's sad to see a disgruntled former player or someone who just couldn't fit in try to ruin this for the rest of us. It has live traffic and very good rp. Don't listen to lies.

    1. it has live traffic? that's why people who live there constantly IM e with complaints that "it's so dead all the time" ... the events are the same rehashed bullshit filler redone and cooked up for new players since they can't keep anything but sycophantic ass kissers for longer than it takes to realise the whole thing is a sham.

  8. People are such cowardly pricks.

  9. Make jealous cowardly pricks.