Thursday, June 7, 2012

Star Journey: A Journey of the Self

Within the vast realm of Second Life, I found something neat as I always do. Something called a star journey. Something created by the author of “Star Journey - A Cosmology of Self" by Richard H Geer. His SL self Starman Heron holds a guided tour and shows you what it is all about.

For starters his tour on Monday at 7pm SL is great if you have never been to his sim before. When you warp to his Star Journey sim, you’re surrounded by stars and space. You see arrows on the floor directing you where to go. Starman using voice greets everyone in a friendly manner. Before he starts, he gives everyone a notecard explaining the 96 symbols in his star journey.

I asked him what inspired to create star journey. He answered, “I wanted to teach in a new way and he wanted to build a set of tools for what wasn’t there before.” The star journey may sound new age, but actually it’s not. It’s actually a practical way to answer your own questions and life concerns. Starman also mentioned that real life counselors and mentors and coaches use it on a professional level to help their students.

Like a tour in real life, Starman/Richard shows everyone around towards his star journey group and a HUD you can play with. Then he directs everyone towards a deck of cards on the star floor. He asks a person to volunteer to ask a topic he or she may be thinking over one night. I volunteered and from the deck of cards I picked the leaf out of 96 symbols. Whatever symbol is drawn he asks what you think about that symbol and also what other people in the tour may think. Class participation is encouraged as the picked symbol is discussed about what it could mean. In the notecard he hands out to you is a list of all the symbols. When that card is picked out you teleport to that location.

Below the starting star environment of the tour he shows you a picture of, down below is a whole another sim with the 96 symbols each in the same position of the star map. You and the class teleport to that same symbol and look around and discuss the symbol further so it clicks on how it applies to your question.

 Next on the wall he shows a star map on the wall with the 96 symbols in certain places. He points out that leaf is no. 30, which is fresh young and represents new growth. Amazingly that’s pretty accurate when I asked about my children’s story. Another night that I came to the tour a woman drew the field card no. 82, asking about her career. When I thought field it made me think this woman has the world in her hands like in a vast open field. She described she had a lot of freedom in her job.

Pure luck? Maybe not. In a more advanced class on Saturday, three symbols are picked at once and talked about three symbols randomly picked. Picking water, rope, and the serpent, me and the class visualized those three things together and how it connected to my book. One woman saw me riding the serpent in the water and using the rope as a lasso to grab a publisher. Haha!

Starman’s set of tools the Star Journey deck of cards is addicting and exciting to play with. You don’t even need the tour to poke at the deck with Starman around.

Next time you want to check out something new and you have a burning question check out the Star Journey tour with Starman.

Class times are: 7pm SL time on Monday & Wednesday, and 2 PM SL time on Saturday.

Star Journey , Star Journey (125, 123, 439)

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