Monday, June 4, 2012

Virtual Railway Consortium Secretary Stryker Jenkins Steps Down

June 1 was the date that Stryker Jenkins took the chore of being Secretary for the Virtual Railway Consortium 2 years ago. He has done a magnificent job of keeping the group informed of all the activities for the SLRR. True to his word, June 1 was his last day as secretary. Many thanks to Stryker for all his efforts and I really don’t think he will be far away from the Consortium. Here is his final Statement. 
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Goodbye Railroaders,
As you may have heard I am resigning as Secretary for the VRC as of today, after 2 years at the self elected post...
I am still a builder / engineer for the VRC and I will volunteer where I can... I am just not in the decision making leadership group of the VRC anymore.
No dramas, no fuzz! I just felt it was time to make space for someone new to help run the VRC.

So, if you have any further questions or remarks, and want to talk to someone about that try Qie or Moundsa.
"But Stryker... Who will be replacing you?". That is up to Qie and Moundsa as well. As the dust settles, and things fall back into place, and I find my new role within the group doing what I love to do, build, I guess the group will have to talk about that one. Until then it's 'Business as Usual'!
"I hope it wasn't a bad departure." No, although there was a reason for it of course. It just felt like I was pulling the wagon in 1 direction and the conductors were actually wanting to go in the same general direction, but via a different route. "Time to give myself and the VRC leadership some space..." I thought, rather than getting in the way and making thing worse over time. As I said before, I am and will remain part of the VRC volunteer group. Because we do have a great organization here that helps new and exciting users enjoy the freedom on the tracks in SL.
"What will the future bring for you?". Well I am going to continue to do what I love to do. Organize some Rail Community meetings, Build, Create, Meet people, Ride the tracks and Make SLRR maps. And volunteer some of my time to the VRC group.
And I hope that many of you will volunteer your help and services to the VRC as well! We are a Rail Community... and are here to keep the Free railway travel in Second Life TM going.
As of today, Friday, 1st. of June 2012... anything I say and do is no longer "VRC policy", they are my own opinions and thoughts based on the beliefs of the VRC group.
Hello Railroaders,
The future is looking bright, the trains are polished and ready to go. Let's make the journey a nice one and...
Stryker Jenkins.   

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 For more on the Virtual Railway Consortium, check out it's website: .

Gemma Cleanslate

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