Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breezes Thoughts: Bixyl and Jasmine

It has been a long  time since I have taken this moment to describe to you the wonderful union of our Bixyl and Jasmine.  The sim was filled with as many friends as could witness the beautiful occasion.

Sitting there and gazing around, gives a solitude of the heart laughter, watching the crowds and comments gave us a moment to realize their finding of each other and the guests were waiting in anticipation the momentous event about to take place.

As the bridemaid  so lovely walked to the the place of honour,  you can feel  a static in the air.  Here comes the proud groom, walking to the future. And the bride that soon followed was so very lovely.

Nydia Tungsten said it all, "a unique world created these two together." And when the vows were read, many tears of happiness were with the guests hearts.  

I believe their vows were the best vows I have ever heard. 

So long live their lives of happiness together,

Breezes Babii

Picture from Lomgren Smalls 

For more pictures of the wedding, check out Bixyl's Flickr.

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