Monday, May 13, 2013

Dunk the Emperor

By DrFran Babcock

On Saturday from 10 to noon Second Life™ time, the "Relay Wizards for Spunky" held an American Cancer Society event called: "Dunk The Emperor." The event raised a stunning 33,500 Lindens, because Tiny Empires is still a popular pastime in world.

 Even if you never played it, if you hate it, or if you met and fell in love because of it, you know Tiny Empires, the HUD game that swept the grid a few years ago, and continues to be played by hundreds, nay thousands, of residents.

Many of the friends I have today are friends I either made during Tiny Empires beginnings or became friendly with recently when I revealed I had a HUD with many idle acres. The HUD often speaks of the Emperor, but I really didn’t think he was an actual person until the event. Ultralite Soliel is the man behind the creation of the wildly popular game, and it turns out a wickedly funny guy, who donated his body to the cause.

Ultralite stationed himself in a seat above a dunk tub that had a target attached to it. Folks could buy three balls to try to unseat him from a Relay vendor. A huge crowd of people gathered, both to watch the Emperor take his falls, and to cheer on the people attempting to soak him. While they waited and watched, they danced, chatted, and talked in type and voice, all while T1 Radio played. T1 is the official radio station of the Second Life Relay for Life.

As the event progressed, Ultralite’s emperor robes were becoming heavy with water, so, with urging from the crowd, he stripped down to his bright yellow scuba suit. Many hoots and hollers ensued, because he had bought a new skin for the event and looked hot!

The whole event was planned by Relay Wizards for Spunky Captain Shawna Montgomery, who was the first Queen in Tiny Empires. She was assisted by Co-Captains HALEY Salomon and Anhayla Lycia, and other members of the team.

The Relay Wizards for Spunky celebrate their seventh year in Relay this year. Their undying commitment to the Relay for Life is a role model for consistency and superb leadership. The group is named for survivor SpUnKy u Young, also a Co-Captain.

If you are looking for some meaning in Second Life™ join a Relay group and see what you can do. I promise you a richer Second Life™.

Editor's note: Ranchan Weidman, stated in a group chat that Ultra had set a goal of 8,000 raised by Noon, and if it was met he'd arrange for bonus events in the Tiny Empire games. The goal was reached.

Image credit: Shawna Montgomery

DrFran Babcock

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