Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yoga Teacher Pramiil Magne Leaves Second Life

By Grease Coakes

He’s been my Guru for almost two years and due to his real life and request of his wife Kira, Pramiil Magne has left his Brahma Yoga class here in Second Life. Speaking for myself it’s going to be hard for me as I enjoyed coming to his meditation classes. His meditation technique and how far I have advanced in his class has made a large impact in my self-esteem and I’m less angry. Guru is a Sanskrit term for "teacher" or "master", especially in Indian religions.

You might remember that I wrote an article about him last year about what his class is all about. Lots of people, and me included, were sad to see him go. My friends in the BY class said various things about him leaving Second Life."

Aldaida, "Just would be nice if he could both stay and be happy, but we can't have everything we want."

Linux, who goes by his spiritual name, Divyamurti which means "The expression of the divine,” had this to say: “I like his information.”

StJohn Noyes over the phone had this to say about Pramiil our guru.

“That he was very committed to building and he was kind and was happy to give us love and attention in leading us in meditation. In addition to that he built spiritual connections between himself and hi students. He was educated and always knew the answer to spiritual questions. Pramiil has been a Guru for the past 30 years or so he had lots of knowledge to share.”

St John’s girlfriend Eyll Tripsa had this to say about Pramiil who has been a long time student of his teachings.

Eyll Tripsa, "For me Guruji was like a father figure. He guided me in Spiritualty. He has changed my view on life. And that helped me enormously in daily life."

My Guru has been helpful with helping with anger issues with myself and also Time of Sand who had this to say as a newcomer to the class.

TimeofSand, "He will be missed a lot."

Tiggy Scholessinger a furry who I invited to BY class who came to his class once had this to say about Pramiil, “It was a pleasure meeting him and it was a nice experience to meditate with him. I felt relaxed and really good about myself.”

When I got the quote from Eyll, she was telling me that she and her boyfriend StJohn were planning classes. She told me that Baba asked Eyll and St John to continue to organize times for everyone to meditate together. Baba Anandamurti a Guru that is no longer on earth, but he is a Guru that is very connected to Brahma asked Eyll and StJohn to start organizing classes right away.

People are welcome to meditate with me and my friends. Sadly due to real life, Pramiil can no longer be in Second Life to guide us spiritually. However with his teachings, I still have a strong connection to Brahma. And Pramiil did say ...

Pramiil Magne, "You are great Grease you have come such a long way (smile)."

Grease Coakes, "Thanks Guruji, but I’m sure I still have a while to go yet."

Pramiil Magne, "(smile) Yes, but you will get there very soon just keeping moving forward spiritually."

I’m not exactly sure what he meant by my next level of spiritualty is, but I’m sure it can only improve my soul and my real life person. Pramiil is still alive in real life and he said he will come watch over us when we meditate. He had this to say

Grease Coakes, "Namaste Guruji were you in my meditation before?"

Pramiil Magne, "Yes I was just there (smile)."

His avatar left us in Second Life, but he’s still thinking about our pixel avatars and the people behind them. That’s a lot of devotion and I’m happy that Pramiil Magne was and still is my Guru.

Grease Coakes


  1. Pramiil Magne was married in real life with 6 children . He propositioned female students in his "ashram" and had cyper sex with the vulnerable ones that consented. He had a temple set up in sl to basically worship him. He did have charisma which through history many abusive leader so called "spiritual" people have had. Is it a mark of a spiritual person to be married and have cybersex with other women. Is it spiritual to use your teaching abilities to prey on vulnerable and trusting people and pretend you are a guru. This man is not a guru, he's not gifted , he's a master manipulator and phony. They still have a shrine up to him on the ashram. The group that is left there, although nice people mostly are truly misguided by continuing to honor this user and fraud.

    1. Pramiil Magne was definitely not a Guru or a spiritual guide, he was a facade and exploiter of women, he used his teachings to take advantage of weak souls especially females, at the Brahma Yoga Ashram on Second Life he erected in 2007 until 2013.

      Many of these women fell into his trap, it came to a point where he nearly got divorced from his wife in Australia. Even though he might have helped some people with personal issues, this does not conceal the bare facts of who he really was and what his perverted intentions and agenda portrayed, using second life as a facade to carry out his sexual shenanigans with these poor women. He even robbed them off of real money when he felt like it, these women worshiped "him" blindly to the stage of unknowing and subconscious victimization.

      Good riddance Pramiil Magne you didn't leave any legacy behind you, but rather shameful deception.

      Stjohn Noyes courageously took over the Brahma Ashram in 2013 becoming it's owner after the fleeing of the so called "fake guruji" Pramiil.
      Stjohn made the Braham Yoga Ashram into what it is today, a true spiritual environment and lovely realm to be in on Second Life. It is important to stress the valuable work he does there.

      Well done Stjohn Noyes and all who promote true spirituality.

    2. yeah, that phony guru called pramiil was a heap of horse-shit. well said! !

    3. thank you for your reply, I personally only found out about his activities after he left sl and the ashram. I was shocked as I had been thinking he was selflessly dedicated to helping guide people in their spiritual journey. This still overshadows my ability to go to the ashram, as I've tried many times, it's sad that this happened. I would only comment that I don't think the women who fell in his trap were weak, just very trusting. I didn't know about the money he took from them. Thanks again for your reply, it's nice to know others have this observation about him as for awhile they were still talking about him like he was a guru. The ashram meant a lot to me personally for two years but I had a totally different point of view and never thought of him as a guru thankfully. I enjoyed many aspects of the ashram in my ignorance. Although at the same time I always had an underlying feeling something wasn't quite right. So happy it all came out and it's true and honest now there.

    4. The Ashram is finally gone !! All of it !!! It's for sale the land left over is that is and nobody is buying!! Best thing to happen in sl in a long time. Lies and phoniness will always come to light in the end. Hurray for cosmic justice !!! Hurray to those of us who spoke the truth about it and didn't get sucked into the lies.

    5. St. John was not a spiritual leader either. He excluded people who he thought were not worthy. He names himself a saint and went around as an angel and I think it went to his head. He couldn't recognize a spiritual experience or person if it smacked him in the face. He studied books for his moral high ground that he felt brought him enlightenment. He tried to act just like Pramiil did after he left. He pretended to care about people and be all inclusive but it was all phony . He was anything but. It was all playacting. The ashram at least before even with the phony Pramiil had a feeling of spirit. The new ashram was spiritually dead and had zero energy. Just a facade to nothing really. Only good it offered was a platform to learning what not to look to or go to for spiritual guidance and fulfillment.

    6. I felt the same thing, well said.

    7. Great discussion as these things are rarely discussed honestly and openly. To me it seemed the Ashram went from one extreme to another. Pramiil did have some sort of gift for raising spiritual energy it's true it could be felt all over the ashram. St. John did come off very bookish and judging, like he felt he had knowledge to impart to the ignorant. Pramiil abused his power and talents and so did St. John in a way as he turned people away that were sincere and thought provoking. Faking it sometimes isn't making it.