Monday, May 4, 2015

Commentary: Military Combat News Feed

By FoxytheJamie

At this point in time, there are 13 SLMC groups. Of those 13, there are three that remain inactive unless provoked really badly. There is also one combat group, T'Koi, that fluctuates between inactive and active. Of the nine remaining, there has been a decree.

One military group Corpus Private Contractors, or CPC as it is commonly known, has demanded a blockade of one of the major groups, named Coercion. The reason for this blockade is because Coercion's leader (who will remain anonymous) has banned a CPC member, from Coercion's sim, for aiding a copybotter who stole Coercion's armor.

CPC has already employed the help of its former enemy, Kkamagwi Paramilitary Corporation, known as KPC, and another military, known as 2142. However, many militaries are standing against the triad, as a blockade is the last thing the community needs now. Groups like Ordo Malleus who could have cared less, are actually taking a stand and demanding that this childish behavior be stopped.

In other news, T'Koi is slowly dying. It is highly evident as even a member of high ranking has left the group, to seek more opportunities. However, after said member left, T'Koi's commander was less than thrilled to know that the member joined Coercion, and has issued a threat to Coercion. T'Koi's commander has threatened to shut down Coercion's server, which will most likely result in that player's arrest, and incarceration in real life.

Still more news to report as well. Other members from other groups have also started to leave their groups, for other reasons. From incompetent leaders, to an escalation of cheap tactics. The reasons may be different, but the outcome is the same, they want out.

And still more news. KPC has issued a decree that they are shutting down. However, as they decreed that, many of their members rose up and took control of the group. Meaning KPC's leadership simply changed hands. Is the group on their last leg? Or will they grow larger? Only time will tell. That is the news of the SLMC as it stands right now.


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