Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stingray's Avatar Challenge

By Bixyl Shuftan

Various personalities at the Relay for Life have issued various challenges for ages. "Bid Me Bald," when someone offers for their avatar to go bald for a certain amount of time depending how much is raised, is an old favorite. Another example is avatar challenges, offering to don a certain appearance for a set amount of time once a certain goal is reached. One extreme example was when Fuzzball Ortega went purple once his team the Steelhead Salmons achieved a certain amount, and he remained that way for many months until the start of the next Relay season. More recently was the one for Team Strange Journeys which resulted in two going otter and two getting a smurf look.

The avatar challenge being talked about this week was issued by Stingray Raymaker. Stingray gained a bit of notoriety when he issued his "pink pantyhose challenge" in 2011. Although he never had to make do on it, it remains talked about to this day. On Sunday April 26, at the Relay Rap show, he issued another challenge, one he would have to make do on for certain. Whoever made the biggest donation at the kiosk there would get to chose his look for the duration of the Fantasy Faire. The catch was that it had to be for sale among the items sold at the Fantasy Faire.

[2015/04/26 16:09]  Random Darrow (random.padar): STING has a challenge and so do  you!   Grab a friend and make the highest donation into the kiosk at Relay Rap and YOU can name the challenge!  Shall he be a merman?  Shall he be a pretty princess? Stant donating!
[2015/04/26 16:09]  Holocluck Henly: it shoukld show up on the totals on the page?
[2015/04/26 16:10]  Melodie Jigsaw wants to see Sting as a brony :)
[2015/04/26 16:10]  Ariel Goldrozen: I'll take Remote Donations
[2015/04/26 16:10]  Ariel Goldrozen: LOL Mel
[2015/04/26 16:10]  Holocluck Henly: bronies are so 2013
[2015/04/26 16:10]  ??v? ?ngle?ood (tiviyah): OMG Melodie
[2015/04/26 16:10]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahha
[2015/04/26 16:10]  RichardBenoit: this could be fun lol
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Melodie Jigsaw: then..he must be Spongebob!
[2015/04/26 16:11]  RichardBenoit: tp me please
[2015/04/26 16:11]  ?Sigh U?d???ood? (sylisan): PRETTY PRINCESS
[2015/04/26 16:11]  ?Sigh U?d???ood? (sylisan): lol
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Melodie Jigsaw: lol
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Fiz (fizban.underwood): Gollum
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Vickie A. Maidstone (vickie.maidstone): ankle biter LOL!!
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Melodie Jigsaw: nawww...too close to his usual (grins and hides)
[2015/04/26 16:11]  Ariel Goldrozen: LOL
[2015/04/26 16:12]  Melodie Jigsaw: dump that in there Ariel!
[2015/04/26 16:12]  Ariel Goldrozen: There was talk abotu a Mer...or  a water sprite
[2015/04/26 16:13]  ?Sigh U?d???ood? (sylisan): LOL Mel
[2015/04/26 16:18]  Random Darrow (random.padar): get with friends pool your donations and hit the kiosk!
[2015/04/26 16:18]  Random Darrow (random.padar): you may be highest bidder! donor
[2015/04/26 16:19]  Sasha Fairywren blinks
[2015/04/26 16:19]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): high bid right now .... 10K

So why did Stingray make that challenge? Did he think what was for sale was limited to mermaids and forest spirits? Did he think the worst he would have to do was to endure wearing a dress? Or perhaps he simply underestimated the depths of which his fellow Relayers could rub it in, that is until it was too late.

[2015/04/26 19:42]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok...getting ready for my FF Makeover
[2015/04/26 19:42]  Catalina Staheli: Woo-hooo!
[2015/04/26 19:42]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Sting's getting a makeover? Oh my. No Saints jersey tonight?
[2015/04/26 19:43]  Catalina Staheli: I kicked off my blog today with my look!
[2015/04/26 19:44]  Fuzzball Ortega: Taint no Saints Jersey?
[2015/04/26 19:44]  Catalina Staheli: Woo-hooo! Geaux N'Awlins!
[2015/04/26 19:44]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): laughs
[2015/04/26 19:44]  Catalina Staheli: Hey, I'm a native New Orleanian...sorta
[2015/04/26 19:44]  Catalina Staheli: laughs.
[2015/04/26 19:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): saving my avie so I can recover from thsi
[2015/04/26 19:45]  Catalina Staheli: I'm gonna  be back down in New Orleans in June. Woo-hoo!
[2015/04/26 19:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): aww, you'll miss the RFL of NOLA on May 16
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Catalina Staheli: I'll be the puddle of melted ice.
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Catalina Staheli: I'll be teachin' my kiddos til June 5th, but excited to come back to civilization!
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok, avie saved
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): they said they're going to put "hair on my chest"
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Catalina Staheli: Woo-hoo! Now it's time to go crazy!
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): or was it...furr?
[2015/04/26 19:46]  Catalina Staheli: laughs!
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Catalina Staheli: I'm a giant insect. Anything is possible!
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Fuzzball Ortega: What kind of hair? Because The Hair.......might be best on the head
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Bixyl Shuftan: giant insect? Are you "bugging" anyone?
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): haha Bixyl
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Melodie Jigsaw: lol sting
[2015/04/26 19:47]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Bixyl is so punny. I love it.
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok Rynn and Lauren have me in front of some kitty cat looking vendors
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker) wonders...what have I done?

Eventually, they found a look for him, but not a human one.

[2015/04/26 19:48]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Kitties!
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Random Padar: TAKE PICS!
[2015/04/26 19:48]  rynn Verwood: :D everything and anything
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I believe I do see the word Dinkeies
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Dinkies
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Fuzzball Ortega: I have a Dinkie avatar
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Bixyl Shuftan: Heh
[2015/04/26 19:48]  Random Darrow (random.padar): We can auction off those pictures Sting:)
[2015/04/26 19:48]  rynn Verwood: you do!
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Fuzzball Ortega: Was thinking of putting it on and heading over to FF
[2015/04/26 19:49]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Dinkies are cool

Apparently the "Dinkie" is a type of Tiny avatar, a mesh kitten-like feline with a large head.

[2015/04/26 19:49]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok rynn & lauren - tell me what to do
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Random Darrow (random.padar): Fuzz I didn't think anything about you was dinkie!
[2015/04/26 19:49]  rynn Verwood: theres a gorgeous pink dinkie in an rfl vendor right near me
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Lauren Thibaud: ok its easy!
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): lol random
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Fuzzball Ortega: Ummmm......Random, reword that
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Serina Juran faints
[2015/04/26 19:49]  Lauren Thibaud: hope you like pink!
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Random Darrow (random.padar): I ment your hair!
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): so you want me to buy this pink dinkie?
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Serina Juran: LOL
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Lauren Thibaud: yesh
[2015/04/26 19:50]  rynn Verwood: for part one
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Random Darrow (random.padar): lol
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Random Darrow (random.padar): part one!
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Lauren Thibaud: we need a good base to start
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): done
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): next ?
[2015/04/26 19:50]  rynn Verwood: cant go around as a naked dinkie now, no no
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Fuzzball Ortega: A Pinkie Dinkie
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Random Darrow (random.padar): What a sport Sting!
[2015/04/26 19:50]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): omg start!!?!?-
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Lauren Thibaud: ok you need to open the box!
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Lauren Thibaud: and WEAR it
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): naked dinkie - would have been so liberating
[2015/04/26 19:51]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): are you getting the mer dinkie
[2015/04/26 19:51]  rynn Verwood: but you'll enjoy that!
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Lauren Thibaud: heheheheh evil laugh
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Melodie Jigsaw is falling over laughing - a naked pinkie dinkie
[2015/04/26 19:51]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Oh myyyyyyyy
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Lauren Thibaud: backstage tag
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Lauren Thibaud: and you can
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Serina Juran hyperventilates
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Melodie Jigsaw: you MUST do at least one relay lap like that, Sting :)
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Lauren Thibaud: he has to wear it till relay i thought!
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahaha
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): for the rest of the FF
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): but I will do a Relay Lap with it
[2015/04/26 19:52]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): as a good sport

It didn't take long however for the jokes to begin.

[2015/04/26 19:52]  Nuala Maracas just logged in and sees something about Sting's pink dinkie ?????

[2015/04/26 19:53]  Bixyl Shuftan: Hmmm, so as a dinkie, will he sing the song "My Ding-A-Ling?"
[2015/04/26 19:53]  Melodie Jigsaw: all I know is I want a PICTURE!
[2015/04/26 19:54]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahaha Bixyl
[2015/04/26 19:54]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): no flash photography
[2015/04/26 19:54]  Fuzzball Ortega: I dun Dinkied myself......and I need to reword that

[2015/04/26 19:56]  Lauren Thibaud: awww he's so CUTE!
[2015/04/26 19:56]  rynn Verwood: adooorable!
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Catalina Staheli laughs!
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Random Darrow (random.padar): Pictures we want pictures
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok...
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Catalina Staheli: no, but I seriously need ot find out about this Shatner album
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I am now a pink dinkie
[2015/04/26 19:56]  rynn Verwood puts a figleaf over yur dinkie nudity
[2015/04/26 19:56]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): stingDinkie
[2015/04/26 19:56]  rynn Verwood: stinkie
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Lauren Thibaud: ok now for the best part
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Random Darrow (random.padar): beats dinkie Sting
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): why am I holding a chair?
[2015/04/26 19:57]  rynn Verwood: time for clothes! *leads you by the hand
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): oh - and I am not naked - I have a shirt
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Lauren Thibaud: takes the other hand
[2015/04/26 19:57]  rynn Verwood: you can detatch the chair lol
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Lauren Thibaud: let's skip!
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Melodie Jigsaw: RLV the chair :)
[2015/04/26 19:57]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): but where will I skip?
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): i mean...sit
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Serina Juran now is picturing a skipping pink dinkie
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): omg - i'm so cute when i run!!
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Maverick Buccaneer: *hands sting a whip, and a tophat, then lets loose a lion.*
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Random Darrow (random.padar): lol
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Fuzzball Ortega sees Trader and wonders what mischief a Dinkie can do
[2015/04/26 19:58]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahah sting
[2015/04/26 19:59]  Melodie Jigsaw: that's one of those sentences you never thought you'd say "omg - I'm so cute when I run!!"

But the avatar was still without clothes. They had to find some for it.

[2015/04/26 20:00]  DJ Rock And Roll (rockandroll.michigan): It's not only a sentence you don't expect to say, but also one you don't expect to hear, Melodie.
[2015/04/26 20:01]  Lauren Thibaud: we lost him! naked dinkie on the loose!

[2015/04/26 20:01]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): haha
[2015/04/26 20:01]  Random Darrow (random.padar): lol
[2015/04/26 20:01]  Random Darrow (random.padar): ty Sting!
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Nuala Maracas: rofl
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Lauren Thibaud: ok now see the rfl vendor with GRANDMA Dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (trader1.whiplash): oh geez do we need an Amber Alert?
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Nuala Maracas: oh the images in my head
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): omg no
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Melodie Jigsaw: I know Nu - I know loll
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I just saw the vendor
[2015/04/26 20:02]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): ohhhh more like a Golden Alert
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): that they're standing in front of
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Melodie Jigsaw: HA!
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): why would anyone make this?????
[2015/04/26 20:02]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Tiny Inc !
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Lauren Thibaud: Sunday Churchin' Hat, pearls, Sunday best dress purse and droopy kneehighs
[2015/04/26 20:02]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Etheria Parrott?
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I can understand a dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Melodie Jigsaw wonders what else is droopy....
[2015/04/26 20:02]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): just a mesh tiny
[2015/04/26 20:02]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): but...THIS?!!?
[2015/04/26 20:03]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): you haz a new one !!!
[2015/04/26 20:03]  Bixyl Shuftan: heh heh, what is it? ;-)
[2015/04/26 20:03]  rynn Verwood: toy gonna look so purdy
[2015/04/26 20:03]  Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (trader1.whiplash) thinks it may be easier to get him to agree to bid me bald after this
[2015/04/26 20:04]  Melodie Jigsaw laughs - probably trader :)
[2015/04/26 20:04]  Catalina Staheli: grins
[2015/04/26 20:04]  Lauren Thibaud: hahhaha screams
[2015/04/26 20:07]  Melodie Jigsaw rolls her eyes - of course!
[2015/04/26 20:07]  rynn Verwood: the purse matches the pearls so yes
[2015/04/26 20:07]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): wow - what a difference the clothes make
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Catalina Staheli: Y'all should come over when the makeover's done! I'd love to see your fantastical outfits
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Lauren Thibaud: yes!
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Catalina Staheli: !!
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I'm missing my blue shirt
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Melodie Jigsaw: (sheesh rynn - he's trying to go out unaccessorized!)
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Lauren Thibaud: ohh how does that song go
[2015/04/26 20:08]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): ohh nuuuu
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Lauren Thibaud: a pretty girrrrrlll.......
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Lauren Thibaud: is like a mellllllllodie!!!
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): this is NOT what I had in mind
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): when we started this challenge
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Melodie Jigsaw giggles
[2015/04/26 20:08]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): must have accessories
[2015/04/26 20:08]  rynn Verwood: the hat reaally finishes the outfit
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Bixyl Shuftan: now this sounds interesting ;-)
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Melodie Jigsaw: I may have to risk the crashing to see THIS
[2015/04/26 20:08]  Lauren Thibaud: he needs shoes though
[2015/04/26 20:09]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker) wonders if I should have helped Jamie win
[2015/04/26 20:09]  Melodie Jigsaw nods - clear plastic stillettos - or jellies, either or
[2015/04/26 20:09]  DJ Rock And Roll (rockandroll.michigan): Jellie stilettos!

The change was soon complete, Stingray looking like a tiny pink feline "Minnie Pearl."

[2015/04/26 20:09]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok, I cleaned up my mess
[2015/04/26 20:09]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): where to next?
[2015/04/26 20:09]  Lauren Thibaud: ohh where is clover's store!
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Melodie Jigsaw gives sting props for being a good sport :)
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Lauren Thibaud: what about some cute hair?
[2015/04/26 20:10]  rynn Verwood: oh i think its in with xavians
[2015/04/26 20:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Tiny Inc
[2015/04/26 20:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): yus
[2015/04/26 20:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): with Xavian
[2015/04/26 20:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): and Dru
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): oh dear, where are we off to meow?
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Fuzzball Ortega: where did they send you?
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Catalina Staheli: hehe
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Fuzzball Ortega: I'm wandering around as a Disco Dinky
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Catalina Staheli: I can't wait to see!!
[2015/04/26 20:10]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): gonna haz to tech yew to tiny speak
[2015/04/26 20:10]  Bixyl Shuftan: sounds like Stingray is facing a "cat"astrophie
[2015/04/26 20:11]  Lauren Thibaud: those shoes too big
[2015/04/26 20:11]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): everything is so much bigger when you're a dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): dinkie shoes
[2015/04/26 20:11]  rynn Verwood: etheria has shoes that will fit
[2015/04/26 20:11]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Indeed
[2015/04/26 20:11]  Melodie Jigsaw: you will get very familiar with folks' knees!
[2015/04/26 20:11]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): calling Clover
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I think I might need to call into question whether a dinkie can be considered "Fantasy"
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Lauren Thibaud: we will get the cheerleader outfit just for the roller skates
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): this one?
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Melodie Jigsaw: well - you have your fantasies, sting - we'll have ours :)
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): that you've pushed me to?
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Lauren Thibaud: mmmhhhmm
[2015/04/26 20:12]  rynn Verwood: totally, needs a quicker way to get around to those meetings all granma dinkies attend
[2015/04/26 20:12]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): tp Clover
[2015/04/26 20:12]  Fuzzball Ortega watches himself run as a Dinky and starts humming Yakkety Sax
[2015/04/26 20:13]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Clover Dezno
[2015/04/26 20:13]  Bixyl Shuftan: are there pictures?
[2015/04/26 20:13]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): she right here
[2015/04/26 20:13]  DJ Rock And Roll (rockandroll.michigan) gets Yakkety Sax suddenly stuck in his head now

[2015/04/26 20:15]  Melodie Jigsaw is loving the running commentary....
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and it's not in my inventory
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): oh well, guess I can't wear these
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Random Darrow (random.padar): is shopping for her dinkie:)
[2015/04/26 20:15]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): da pawlice are on it
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Lauren Thibaud: no ots not under the floor either
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Bixyl Shuftan: Well, look at it this way Stingray. What if some "My Little Pony" builders were at the Faire?
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Miss Kate (katelynn.inglewood): waves...dinkies....sounds
[2015/04/26 20:15]  Melodie Jigsaw nods - it could be worse...
[2015/04/26 20:15]  rynn Verwood: good thing we has clover next to us for a redelivery
[2015/04/26 20:16]  Lauren Thibaud: you got a good deal on the hat!
[2015/04/26 20:16]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): does this avie come with claws?
[2015/04/26 20:16]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahahh
[2015/04/26 20:16]  Melodie Jigsaw: they're painted pink
[2015/04/26 20:16]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): I have claws and know where to get them...
[2015/04/26 20:17]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I may need them, Madonna
[2015/04/26 20:17]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): I can believe it, Sting.
[2015/04/26 20:17]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok rynn & lauren - which items, specifically, from this box?
[2015/04/26 20:17]  Catalina Staheli: So what did you win for such an awesome makeover, Sting?
[2015/04/26 20:17]  Lauren Thibaud: in the folder you just choose the skates
[2015/04/26 20:18]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and now zander is a giant
[2015/04/26 20:18]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I'm literally LOLing
[2015/04/26 20:18]  rynn Verwood: just the skates sting
[2015/04/26 20:18]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): hahahaahah

[2015/04/26 20:19]  Lauren Thibaud: no
[2015/04/26 20:19]  Melodie Jigsaw sees a hula outfit for dinkies....hmmm...
[2015/04/26 20:19]  rynn Verwood: FAB-U-LOUS!
[2015/04/26 20:20]  TS (ts.darrow): Sting... u made my facebook page

[2015/04/26 20:22]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): you know, I'm glad to walk a mile in a dinkie's shoes
[2015/04/26 20:22]  TS (ts.darrow): he is there
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): it will help to build empathy to the plight of the dinkies
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Lauren Thibaud: yes is like 10 for us
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Mmmmm... Walking boots.
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Melodie Jigsaw: Up With Dinkies!
[2015/04/26 20:22]  TS (ts.darrow): nice err pearls you got there
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Lauren Thibaud: yay!!
[2015/04/26 20:22]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I am going to lead the Dinkie revolution!!!
[2015/04/26 20:22]  ?a?????? ?olƒ? (maverick.buccaneer): Is the person that was speaking to me earlier online?
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Melodie Jigsaw: A dinkie in every pot! wait...wrong slogan
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Lauren Thibaud: gasps!
[2015/04/26 20:23]  ?a?????? ?olƒ? (maverick.buccaneer): I was trying to get things for them and my setup glitched and started closing out IM's
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker) raises my clawless paw..."Viva La Revolution!!"
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Melodie Jigsaw: Che Sting
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): oh...does anyone need a tic tac? I'm sure I have one in my purse
[2015/04/26 20:23]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahha
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Melodie Jigsaw: you will be amazed how handy that thing will be, sting lol
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): haha
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I feel like I need some mentos
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Melodie Jigsaw: tictacs..old kleenex...random keys...
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and a small pack of travel tissues
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Lauren Thibaud: ohh he looks so forlorn
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): You have Random's keys?
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahaha madonna
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and some yarn
[2015/04/26 20:24]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): a ball of yarn!!
[2015/04/26 20:24]  TS (ts.darrow): you need a rocking chair
[2015/04/26 20:25]  TS (ts.darrow): or a literbox
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Random Darrow (random.padar): Sting can I take you home and call you mine???? Your so dang cute!
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Melodie Jigsaw: throws a lint bunny in the bottom of sting's purse - it's name his Harold  - be nice to him
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I AM cute!
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Only if you name him George. And hug him. And squeeze him. And....
[2015/04/26 20:25]  TS (ts.darrow): she wants your purse
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Random Darrow (random.padar): lol Melodie
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and I'm gonig to fiddle with my iPhone, confusedly
[2015/04/26 20:25]  Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[2015/04/26 20:25]  ?a?????? ?olƒ? (maverick.buccaneer): Random could you message me please, I'm having tech issues and can't click on your name.
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): and use my iPad as a chopping board
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Lauren Thibaud: does anyone know if there is a tiny wheelchir in an rfl vendor?
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahaha
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Melodie Jigsaw: a walker!
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Melodie Jigsaw: he needs a walker!
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): omg a walker!
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Lauren Thibaud: hahah thats the spirit!
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Melodie Jigsaw: itty bitty tennis balls on the legs lol
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): hahah
[2015/04/26 20:26]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): or how about Olde's segway?
[2015/04/26 20:26]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Clover is here and can make it all
[2015/04/26 20:26]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): ohh we have a segway for dinkies

[2015/04/26 20:27]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): oh, look at this snappy young lad
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker) looks kat Fuzz's Dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): wait...let me rephrase
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Melodie Jigsaw: boy THAT sounded wrong
[2015/04/26 20:27]  ?a?????? ?olƒ? (maverick.buccaneer): LOL
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I instantly regreat that one

[2015/04/26 20:27]  Lauren Thibaud: hahahhaha!!
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Fuzzball Ortega: PG EVENT!!!!!
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Melodie Jigsaw is laughing so hard her ribs hurt
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Lauren Thibaud: owww
[2015/04/26 20:27]  Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (trader1.whiplash) is saving quotes for future challenges
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Melodie Jigsaw: (dontcha hate when things sound better in your head than when you say them outloud?)
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): hey see all my dinkie friends?
[2015/04/26 20:28]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): ohhh my!!! Fuzzball
[2015/04/26 20:28]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): you are a fuzzball
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): now you will know the real meaning of herding cats
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Random Darrow (random.padar): Im trying not to step on em:)
[2015/04/26 20:28]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): well and some tiny ones
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Random Darrow (random.padar): I want one!
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[2015/04/26 20:28]  Melodie Jigsaw: this settles it - there must be a dinkie lap
[2015/04/26 20:29]  Fuzzball Ortega: Ok, next RFL Committee meeting, all members will be in Dinkie Avatars, and we'll get a Dinkie (tm) latex outfit for Madonna
[2015/04/26 20:29]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Being a dinkie really does change your catitude
[2015/04/26 20:29]  Fuzzball Ortega: Meanwhile.......Sting.....did you dress yourself?
[2015/04/26 20:30]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Lauren & Rynn dressed me. Don't you think I look Clawsome?

[2015/04/26 20:30]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): What IS a dinkie anyway?
[2015/04/26 20:30]  Bixyl Shuftan: I think it's another word for "Tiny"
[2015/04/26 20:30]  TS (ts.darrow): madonna
[2015/04/26 20:30]  TS (ts.darrow): you just made my quote book
[2015/04/26 20:30]  Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[2015/04/26 20:30]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): hah
[2015/04/26 20:30]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): I did? Uh oh.
[2015/04/26 20:31]  TS (ts.darrow): [20:30] Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena): What IS a dinkie anyway?
[2015/04/26 20:31]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): apparently, I am one, and I'm still not entirely sure what is a dinkie

[2015/04/26 20:33]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): are there any more stops, Lauren or Rynn?
[2015/04/26 20:33]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Or is the torture over?
[2015/04/26 20:33]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): you looks sharp Fuzz
[2015/04/26 20:33]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Paw-lease tell me it's over
[2015/04/26 20:33]  VI (violet.solano): dis someone want to see a dinkie?
[2015/04/26 20:33]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): well I will get you a segway
[2015/04/26 20:33]  Lauren Thibaud: what do we think- do we need hair!?
[2015/04/26 20:33]  rynn Verwood: i think you're ready for the town now :D unless lauren can think of anything
[2015/04/26 20:33]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): and send it to you
[2015/04/26 20:33]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): If Fuzz looks sharp, it must mean that a knife or sword is involved. Yikes.
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Melodie Jigsaw: hair is always good
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Fuzzball Ortega: Oh, I could get you hair
[2015/04/26 20:34]  rynn Verwood: no hair, its all under the hair anyway
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Melodie Jigsaw takes that back really fast
[2015/04/26 20:34]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): hair is great -
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Lauren Thibaud: i'd like some earrings
[2015/04/26 20:34]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): hahah
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Bixyl Shuftan: Fuzz is a werewolf, sharp teeth maybe
[2015/04/26 20:34]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Good point, Bixyl. And those are even more dangerous than knives and swords.
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Before you made me into a granny dinkie, I thought I might at least be somewhat cathletic
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): A granny? Huh? What?
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I suppose the skates make me so
[2015/04/26 20:35]  VI (violet.solano): teeth ha1 i have cookie breath
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Bixyl Shuftan: So Stingray's off his rocker?
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): haha
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): bix
[2015/04/26 20:35]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): how did I get purr-suaded into this?
[2015/04/26 20:36]  rynn Verwood: hahahha
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Bixyl Shuftan: "What could possibly go wrong?"
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): They bribed you with Meow Mix and Pounce cat treats?

Then someone posted a picture of him as part of a group notice.

[2015/04/26 20:36]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Wow. Oh myyyyyyyyy
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): random, we might need to reshedule that meeting with the executives tomorrow
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Melodie Jigsaw: ohmygod - it's wonderful lol
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Catalina Staheli: D'awwwwww
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Catalina Staheli: That's so cute!!!
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Bixyl Shuftan: heh, pink ;-)
[2015/04/26 20:36]  Lauren Thibaud: hahhahaha
[2015/04/26 20:37]  rynn Verwood: hahaha sooo pink and fluffy!
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): so when does FF end? Caturday?
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Random Darrow (random.padar): They will accept you as you are Sting no worries
[2015/04/26 20:37]  VI (violet.solano): Bixyl never say that l;ine in New Babbage
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): if they don't accept me as a dinkie, then we don't want them in rfl of sl anyway!
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Catalina Staheli laughs
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Melodie Jigsaw: you DO look like you've had some bad salmon, Sting
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Or in Steelhead.
[2015/04/26 20:37]  Random Darrow (random.padar): May 3rd Ms Dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ohh. Ms Dinkie
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): Ms Stingie
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Catalina Staheli: And then the exhibition!!!! Yay!!
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Sting looks a lot like my cat. Except the pink fur and the hair and the dress and the skates...
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I might get some respekt
[2015/04/26 20:38]  Melodie Jigsaw: mmhmm sure
[2015/04/26 20:39]  Bixyl Shuftan: Heh, so he's "tickled pink?"
[2015/04/26 20:39]  Catalina Staheli: laughs
[2015/04/26 20:39]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): I don't know. Has anyone tickled him yet?
[2015/04/26 20:39]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): at least this had a pawsitive impact on fundraising

They then began to walk around.

[2015/04/26 20:41]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ok, so I guess we should start walking
[2015/04/26 20:41]  Lauren Thibaud: he's sprightly!
[2015/04/26 20:41]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Or rolling in your case, I'm guessing
[2015/04/26 20:42]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): yeah!
[2015/04/26 20:42]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I'm fast
[2015/04/26 20:42]  Catalina Staheli: I wanna see y'all!!!
[2015/04/26 20:42]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): what about Kelly Clarkson - A Meowment Like This?
[2015/04/26 20:43]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Meowterial Girl by Madonna?
[2015/04/26 20:43]  Catalina Staheli laughs
[2015/04/26 20:43]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): I should go ask for donations with this face
[2015/04/26 20:43]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): who can say no to a pouting pink dinkie granny?
[2015/04/26 20:43]  Melodie Jigsaw: Pawtown Funk
[2015/04/26 20:44]  Fuzzball Ortega: Stray Cat Strut
[2015/04/26 20:44]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Sting Cat Strut?
[2015/04/26 20:44]  Melodie Jigsaw slaps herself in the head - of course!
[2015/04/26 20:44]  Fuzzball Ortega: Oh, that's not a pun. Sorry
[2015/04/26 20:44]  Bixyl Shuftan: ha ha
[2015/04/26 20:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): taking a lap around the FF sims
[2015/04/26 20:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): join us if you can find us!
[2015/04/26 20:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): starting on Poppetsborough
[2015/04/26 20:45]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): sponsored by Dandelion Daydream Factory
[2015/04/26 20:48]  IshtarAngel Micheline: i just got back there. if i see ya ill take pics
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Catalina Staheli: Woo-hoO!
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Fuzzball Ortega chants, "We are Dinkies. Stay out of our way"
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Melodie Jigsaw: uhoh - dinkies with cattitudes!
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Bixyl Shuftan: "Keep your hands off my dinkie."
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Fuzz as a dinkie? Why do I get the feeling that is more dangerous than Cartman with authoritah?
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Melodie Jigsaw: rofl bixyl
[2015/04/26 20:50]  Bixyl Shuftan: heh heh
[2015/04/26 20:51]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): dinkies with catitudes - that would be a good Relay team name
[2015/04/26 20:51]  Melodie Jigsaw: O.o!
[2015/04/26 20:51]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): ty Melodie. Oh my. And OldeSoul being the tallest one around for once... How often does that happen?
[2015/04/26 20:52]  Melodie Jigsaw: Lauren and Rynn are killer good :0
[2015/04/26 20:52]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): ohhh - WINGS!!!
[2015/04/26 20:52]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahhahaha
[2015/04/26 20:52]  Melodie Jigsaw: he's HOOKED
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): by the end of this, I'm going to be advocating for dinkie rights
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Melodie Jigsaw: makes a miniature sammich board for sting to wear
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Stingray (stingray9798.raymaker): losing myself in tall grass
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Melodie Jigsaw: hahahahah
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Rights for all. So, yeah, I'll stand with you on that, Sting
[2015/04/26 20:53]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): END TINY OPPRESSION NOW!!!
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Melodie Jigsaw: put a tall flag on your head
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Hear hear
[2015/04/26 20:53]  Random Darrow (random.padar): wave your purse around Sting someone will see you
[2015/04/26 20:54]  OldeSoul Eldemar (oldesoul): Toss sum skittles out
[2015/04/26 20:54]  Madonna Daehlie (madonna.milena): Mmmmm... Skittles.
[2015/04/26 20:54]  Melodie Jigsaw: *perks* skittles!
[2015/04/26 20:54]  Catalina Staheli: Woo-hoo!
[2015/04/26 20:54]  Catalina Staheli: Purple skittles?
[2015/04/26 20:56]  Branwyn Emerald: Good Evening
[2015/04/26 20:56]  Melodie Jigsaw looks under the big leaves - did the dinkies get lost?
[2015/04/26 20:57]  Wyn (branwyn.emerald): I am starting the planning for the Torvaldsland Thing-Fair for RFL and its been a long time since I did this.

Eventually, the Relay chat turned to more serious subjects. But this was one moment those witnessing would remember. The time when Stingray was showing off his little pink dinkie.

Source: All pictures after the first from the Relay group

Bixyl Shuftan

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