Friday, January 13, 2017

Lauren Weyland. Second Life's Comedian/Comedienne, is Retiring

By Deaflegacy

Lauren Weyland and I met at her club.  Before the interview began, I asked if we could do the interview in text because of my hearing disability.  Lauren said yes, and it was when the interview began.

Lauren's last day is on Tuesday, January 17.  After that, she will be retiring.  She had been working as a comedian for 10 years.  Lauren told me she had done comedy shows that are of First Life and Second Life. Curious, I asked what "First Life" is.  It turns out that "First Life" is another word for "Real Life" among some residents.

"What's your best memories, Lauren?" I asked.

"One of my best memories was actually at a real-life Second Life event nearly 8 years ago in San Francisco.  THE Second Life convention." said Lauren.  "When a woman came up to me and hugged me so tight. She is blind in first life...and she said I made her laugh so much she found so much happiness."

I smiled, knowing that comedy could go a long way.

Lauren said that after doing ten years of comedy, it's time to move on.  She will miss doing the show, which is the longest running show on Second Life.  She told me she missed only twenty shows in the whole time. At one show a week at fifty-two weeks a year, that's five hundred shows she's been in.

One of the things that comes with being a comedian is many great memories. 

Lauren gave me her old biography, which I will share in this article. 

I did learn from her old biography that Lauren was born on October 1, 2006, into a relatively modest family.  Lauren was unable to learn the craft of building or scripting.  Instead, she made watercress sandwiches for people who could build and entertained them with her jokes.  Since then, Lauren moved on and performed at dozens of clubs, corporate events, and numerable benefits.  She had also written and performed in Theater Plays as well as to maintain a regular show night at her club, "Lauren's Place" on Cookie Island.

Lauren has one child, Lula, and is living in the sim Old Wives although she had never been married.  When she is not working on comedy, she can be found landscaping at her home, making a gourmet meal, or just kicking back on her dock, reading a good novel. Lauren is also writing an autobiography, "Beneath The Skin: Second Life Exposed" and "Laughter - The orgasm you don't have to worry about if your partner is finished."

After reading Lauren's old biography and having an interview with her, I'd say that Lauren had accomplished so much in her 10 years of doing comedy.  I wish her all the best in her retirement.


Editor's note: The Newser also interviewed Lauren Weyland in 2011

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