Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Interview with Deaflegacy

By Wesley Regenbogen

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question one:  How did you find out about Second Life and how did you manage to get started?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "Someone who I used to know in real life was the one who told me about Second Life.  I got interested and asked him how I can join.  He helped me out.  When I got on Second Life, I met some peopl,e and that was how I got started here."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question two: How did you get involved in Virtual Ability and how did that reflect your experience here in Second Life?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "The same person who introduced me to Second Life was a member of Virtual Ability.  I met Gentle Heron, and I found out what Virtual Ability is all about.  I asked to become a member and ever since then, I've been with the group.  It reflects my experience in Second Life a great deal because I'm disabled and as far as I know, there had been no misunderstanding, which is fantastic."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question three:  You are also a reporter for SL Newser. How did you get involved in SL Newser?  As I understand you are a writer in real life as well."

DeafLegacy Resident, "Well, there is one person I'd like to give credit to for introducing me to the Newser.  It would be you, who introduced me to Bixyl Shuftan, and I asked him if I could be a reporter.  Bixyl said yes, and on that day, I've became a reporter.  It is true that I am a writer in real life as well.  So far, I've written two stories, and hope to write a third story soon."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question four: Was it difficult for you to get started in Second Life, because of your disability in real life? I understand Virtual Ability helps people with disabilities in Second Life and does a great job at doing so."

DeafLegacy Resident, "I met Gentle Heron on the first day I was on Second Life.  I became a member on that day.  It wasn't hard because someone who introduced me to Second Life was a member of Virtual Ability.  That helped me a lot, even though I have no idea if that person is still around in Virtual Ability."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question five: How long have you been member of Virtual Ability ?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "I have been on Second Life for two years now.  So I've also been a member of Virtual Ability for two years."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question six: What role do you have in Virtual Ability or are you just a member of it ?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "I'm just a member."

Wesley Regenbogen< "Question 7, If you would meet another person in Second Life that has a disability, would you introduce them to Virtual Ability and guide them around SL?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "Yes, I would."

Wesley Regenbogen, "Question eight: What plans do you have in your Second Life in the near future?"

DeafLegacy Resident, "I hope to continue renting the land parcels I have now until it's no longer possible. And I also hope to continue being a reporter and a photographer for SL Newser."

Wesley Regenbogen, "I wish you all of the luck and hope you will do what you like here in Second Life. Thank you for taking the time for doing this interview."

DeafLegacy Resident, "Thank you, Wesley."

Wesley Regenbogen

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