Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Duets With Ari

By DeafLegacy

Something special was happening at Ari's concert.  I was given a chance to play the violin as Ari plays the piano.  It happened at the Whole Brain Health.

As Ari and I played the duet, not much was being said.  But some people do have something to say while the music was being played.

"I love to play duets with you." said Ari (arisia.vita)  "The violin adds another dimension to the music."

"That is a great... :) always love it with violin and piano together in a beautiful duet." said Minya.

"Well, all I can say is that I think your music just saved my Second Life!" said Krip Lyter.

But nothing would change my mind that Ari makes the most beautiful music, with or without the violins.  I stayed until the end as I played the violin and Ari played the piano.  I can only hope to one day play the duet with Ari.

* * * * *

This is a chance for me to come out with something to say about Ari (Arisia Vita)'s special talent.  Only this time, he had shared the stage with me.  I was the violin player, and Ari was the piano player.  He had agreed to let me be a part of the duet that happened at 10:30 AM that day.

There was a few people at the concert.  It happened at a small cafe, Romany (135/30/22). 

When Ari arrived at the cafe, and started playing the piano, I got the violin out and started playing as well.  The music that came would get a few comments from people at the concert.

“Together, you and Ari are making magic!” said Gaia Maria (mariaseconda).

“The magic is in each of you here.” said Ari.  “The music just sets it free.”

Ari was right. As the music continued, so did the comments.

“This is indeed a great piece. And you two are doing a wonderful job with it.” said Whys (docwhy).

When we started playing a piece called “Claire de lune,” Gaia Maria said, “Oh, I have very special memories of this piece, involving Nice, my honeymoon, and something delightful that happened.”

It's not just about the music that we were playing as it turned out. “When I was a little boy and saw my first violin concert, I kept expecting the bow to cut the violin in two.” said Ari with a smile.

“That makes sense in a way, Ari.” said Whys, smiling.

As the concert came to an end, Gaia had something special to say, “Ari and Deaf, this has been an absolutely lovely concert ...thank you so very, very much! And thank you all for being who you are, and for helping to make this event so special.”

“Thank you all for coming, and Deaf for playing with me.” said Ari.

Thank you, Ari, for letting me play with you.  It was something that I will never forget.  I hope that one day, Ari and I will get to play the duet again.  Who knows?  As I am concerned, the concert was the unforgettable and the best I have been to in which I was a part of. 


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