Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Reader Submitted - Halloween for Stoners in SL

By Any1 Gymoid

Even though I don't smoke in RL, I am part of a significant community in Second Life (SL).  We are stoners. SL stoners congregate around some brilliant musicians: Tukso Okey and Jed Luckless. Also Lluis Indigo and Larree Quixote.

Every few weeks, I get an IM from Jed Luckless, like Hey Maggie! I'm gigging tonight! Spread the word! He knows that I will! My avatar is very wired into live music groups; which also tend to spill over into other art groups such as P.S. (for writers and poets) and Communication Arts (for all artforms). And of course Active and Acting is a great group for all event announcements; founded by a Greek politician; who often shares his fav youtube links on a bender. It's fun!

Anyways, I got the request from Jed on Sunday afternoon, and as I spread the word, the lead staff writer for SL Newser, Gemma Cleanslate, started screaming at me in a public forum. Maggie you MUST write up that event for SL Newser! She's was not taking no for an answer! The editor in chief reluctantly agreed to this arrangement; all that jazz went down on the ASSOCIATED PRESS group for all to witness. Surprise scoop! Eh?

So anyways, Jed was doing a Halloween Show at Dark Star; his home sim, and it was totally awesome! As expected! Spiderman can JAM, my friends! My gang of stoners love to come over early before Jed's shows and lounge about in Jed's parking lot. Very bare bones accommodations, but always terrific fun. Jed usually gigs for 2 hours; so hang onto your hats it's a wild ride. Jed plays in the style of The Grateful Dead; doing many of their covers. Stoner heaven it is.

I am a yuge fan of stoner movies too. I've always been a fan of Cheech and Chong; also Bill and Ted... and House Party I, but more recently Harold and Kumar, PCU, and others. Totally funny! 

At Tukso's shows, I have a special role. I am sort of a tight ass when it comes to wall-clock timing; so I announce the countdown to 4:20pm. 4:20 is a special time for stoners; it's an real-life schoolyard tradition that arose after Columbine. Yeah April 20th is blah blah's birthday, but now we stoners rule 4:20. Always! Another fun tradition: when Tukso gigs late on Saturday Nights at Purple Rain club, a lot of us stoners do get naked! So there you have it! I like to kid the young men, like: "Hey Lluis! How's it hangin? LOL" 

Lluis Indigo is yet another brilliant stoner musician in SL! Sometimes he plays live with the Looper (a guitar gadget), as Tukso does. And also plays live Flamenco guitars. He was my stoner buddy for about 2 years before we discovered his brilliant music! Like Larree Quixote! Go figure! Larree Quixote is another great stoner musician who plays many traditional hippy-era anthems! 

To get involved in SL stoner community is really easy. Join Tukso's SL group is one way. Another is to join any entertainment group  and watch for my announcements! I am totally sure Jed Luckless will call on me again! Keep an eye out for Tukso Okey, Jed Luckless, Lluis "Puddin" Indigo, and Larree Quixote. We love and cherish them all! Blessed Love! Peace Out! Dude, it's 4:20 somewhere!

Maggie Mae Bhaktiguru

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