Friday, August 24, 2018

Interview with Treacle Darlandes

By Deaflegacy

I met recently with Treacle Darlandes.  The first question I had for her is to tell us some details about herself.  “Well, I think my inspiration comes from the tools, textures, scripts and other things we can all use to make beautiful things in Second Life,” she told me,  “My father in the real world is an artist.  He paints with various mediums.  Maybe I have some of his art genes.  As for my artworks, they just kind of develop when I make or see things that I like.”

I asked Treacle about the Walk of Art.  “Yes.  I use a lot of colours, and moving fractals.  Often the real intensity of the colours and movements are lost out in the open, such as garden, or where there is a lot of light,” she replied, “I felt the need (for myself mostly in the beginning) to look at the fractals and things I made at Midnight setting, or in dark places, so I could feel the intensity of the colours.  Then I decided to make them against black backgrounds.  I like it so much that I made the Walk of Art with a complete black background so that anyone who visited would hopefully feel the same power from the intense colours as I did.  That too just grew as my ideas for it unfolded.  People who visit often say that the 'Walk' gives them peace.  Or a spiritual feeling.  Or makes them emotional.  I am very flattered that people feel that way.  That is why I try to get everyone else who wants to visit to actually do the walk and not be camming about, as that spoils the whole meaning of why I created it.”

The next question was what the inspiration behind the Walk of Art.  “Some I made from things I had created previously and were my favourites, or other peoples favourites.  The rest just sort of grew as I worked on it.  Always though the theme was the power of colour.  I believe colour, like music, can have a powerful effect on how we feel.  I wanted people to feel the way I did when I looked at rich colours,” answered, Treacle, “There is nothing for sale in the Walk of Art, it is simply there as a journey for people to see should they wish to visit.  So, I suppose the inspiration was pleasure, and feelings.  Hopefully good feelings.”

I was wondering if Treacle is planning on keeping the Walk of Arts around for a long time.  “As long as I am in Second Life, or as long as Second Life is here, or as long as I can still pay for my land it will be h ere, yes.  It is part of who I am in Second Life,” she replied, “Some day I may build more.  We will see.” 

I asked Treacle about the other projects.  “Well, I take care of my art gallery where my things are for sale, and I also help Meredith Staheli with her gallery, which is called Triglav Gallery and can be found through my profile,” she told me, “Other than art, I like to help newcomers to join Second Life, or older residents who may like some help with things.  I also like to visit the Buddha Centre as it is a very relaxing and unique place in Second Life.  My art gallery was made to feel relaxing and comfortable.  This is where people can buy what I make.  I do not make art from mesh, maybe I will one day.  For my art, I prefer the traditional tools.”

I also asked Treacle for the landmarks, and here they are.

To the art gallery:

To the Walk of Art:

to the New Resident Island:


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