Monday, March 4, 2019

Ari at Creations Park

By Deaflegacy

Ari (Arisia Vita) is a piano player in Second Life. I recently went to one of his events. The party was held at Creations Park (168, 168, 1) as it usually happens every Tuesday from 12 pm to 1 pm SLT.  There are mermaids at the ball, dancing as Ari plays the piano, often with help from Carleonie.  Unfortunately, during the event, real life kept interrupting my listening (and covering for the Newser).  I am sure that I would be going back to the event again next week.  But I did catch up to Ari and Carleonie to ask them questions about the event that I missed.

I asked Ari how the concert was.  “Ok,” he replied, “It was very nice.”  I then asked if there was many people at the concert. “Yes, and each one special, for different reasons,” he answered.  I noticed at the concert, even with real life interrupting often, that Ari had Carleonie helping him.  “She helps me by just being close to me,” he told me.  I then asked him if is going to continue performing at the concert for as long as he can.  “Yes, I would like to,” Ari told me.  I thanked him, and moved on to his music event partner, Carleonie.

I asked Carleonie how the concert was.  “Oh it has been very nice," she told me with a smile, "Everyone loved the music, as always. (smile) Ari had prepared a very nice playlist.  I like it, too.”  I told her that I noticed that she was helping Ari.  I wanted to know how she likes helping him out.  She smiled, “I love it.  And I feel honored, that he asks me to do so. And since I have helped him two or three times, now it has become already some kind of tradition.”  I was curious to see if Carleonie would continue to help Ari out every Tuesday from 12 pm to 1pm. She answered, “When I am able to log on I surely will do so with pleasure.”  I thanked her.

They do make lovely piano music every Tuesday afternoon, from 12 pm to 1 pm.  They would go to Creations Park to play their music.  There are mermaids at the concert, always with a contest.  If anyone is interested in listening to piano music as well as hanging out with the mermaids, I would encourage them to go to Creations Park.


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