Monday, March 18, 2019

Kitacelia and Raising Horses

By Deaflegacy

I got a chance to interview Kitacelia (Kἶէმƈεlἶმ Lմἶղƈօɾἶმlօէε Kεlνმɾl) for her role in the horse business in Second Life.  Over time, I have gotten some horses from her.  So I felt if there's someone who knows about them in Second Life and can tell others, it's her.

My first question to Kitacelia was how long has she been breeding horses. She answered,  “ABC horses I have bred for about a year and half now.  I bred another type of horse as well but they are less realistic and cost extra to make pets after they are done breeding.”

I was curious about what was her favorite part about having ABC horses, so asked.  “The fact that they are realistic looking horses in size, the different breeds, etc.” Kitacelia answered.

I then asked Kitacalia how much longer she is going to continue in the horses business.  “Hmm well as long as I am able to, and as long as I enjoy it, I suppose,” she replied.

Besides raising horses, Kitacelia spends some time as a club hostess. She works at Club Zero Gravity, the Happy Vixen, and other places, getting the word out about events and greeting people as they enter the club.

Before we ended the interview, I told Kitacelia that she is an inspiration because she raises horses and helps others to get the them. I also told her that I would definitely recommend her business to the others.  I also said that I would also include the landmarks where the others can buy her horses from.

Here are the places where you can get Kitacelia's horses:

Dark Moon Rising ABC pony pen Kitacelia

Dark Moon Rising ABC Stockyard



Hope you have fun raising horses too.


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