Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Interview With Geerkil Ziskey, the Dragon DJ

By Deaflegacy

Second Life has a number of DJs, but only one takes on the form of a dragon: Geerkil Ziskey. I'm a curious pony, so I got an interview with him. 

Wanting to get to know DJ Geerkil, so my first question was, “Okay, could you please tell me about yourself?”  He replied, “Well, I am a child in an adult body that likes to have fun and joke around a lot.”

My next question was about his hobbies.  The dragon answered, “Amateur Radio.  Collecting music, avatars, and interesting SL builds.”

I was wondering where he likes to go on Second Life.  His response was, “Due to my size, I do not venture around much. I mostly hang out in the sims I work in as a music broadcaster.”

I asked Geerkil what he would like me to say about him in the article. His answer was, “I lack in social skills, but I more than make up for that in a desire to be helpful. I love what I do in Second Life.  I love my music and the sharing of it with the others.”

According to Geerkil, he plays at The Happy Vixen.  He also plays at the Zeta Valley Wharf, The Gathering Oak, Club EFS, The Heart of Gold, Lost Farms Crystal Cavern, also The Cutlass Club from time to time.  He also plays at The FunHouse.  Geerkil works for three different Internet Radio Stations,, and KVXN

My last question was if he is planning on being a DJ for a long time.  “As long as I can.  I have been doing it in Second Life over twelve years.  For working for actual Internet radio stations, about five.

The dragon will be playing from his hoard of music records for some time to come.


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