Monday, April 8, 2019

Wesley Regenbogen on Cobras MC and "Be The Match"

By Deaflegacy

A few days ago, I had the luck of meeting Wesley Regenbogen. His being a member of the Cobras MC, I asked him what his role was there. “Well, let me start on how I got into being a biker in the first place," he replied, "I wanted to do an awareness campaign in Second Life for Be The Match ( ) and I found someone that did it before here in SL in the past. Her name is Mightbe Shelter, currently our Prez at Cobras MC, and she told me that Cobras MC might be interested into helping me with this cause. So, she invited me over and thaught me how to ride a bike and took me with her on the rides at Cobras MC.

"After a while, I was invited to become a Cobras Venom ( support tag at Cobras MC ) and after a while I was invited to become a Prospect. I prospected for about a month and then I was 'patched in' as they call it. I became a full member since June  4th 2017 . So this year on June 4 th I will be 2 years member of Cobras MC.”

My next question to Wesley was if he is planning on staying a member of Cobras MC for a longer time.  “I hope to be a member of Cobras MC forever, of course.” said Wesley, “Cobras MC is a bunch of nice people together.  I'm glad I got the opportunity to join them.”

I asked Wesley how long has he been supporting Bone Marrow Transplants. “Well, I wanted to start up an awareness campaign for Be The Match," Wesley replied, "I tried to convince the people behind the organization to get into Second Life. A while back they went to have a look in, but I never heard back from that person again. Either they are unfamiliar with the concept of Second Life or they aren't interested. I have no clue.”  

According to Wesley, in real life, he has beta thalassemia trait (minor), and he wanted to help people with the same conditions (genetic blood disorders).  I asked him what is beta thalassemia trait.  “A genetic blood disorder that has to do with the red blood cells,” Wesley answered.  Luckily, he has the version without symptoms.  There is more information about that condition at: . That is why Wesley would like to do an awareness campaign for Be The Match.

I asked Wesley ih he would be continuing the campaign for Be The Match for a long time.  “Well, if the persons behind the organization are willing to help me  and are willing to see the potential of Second Life," said Wesley, " then  yes, I would fully start the campaign here in Second Life.” 

Before leaving, I asked Wesley if there was anything else he wanted me to say in the article about him.  “Well, in real life I'm not a biker," he replied, "but in Second Life, I'm a biker.  Recently, I managed to get my 300 rides done with the Cobra MC.”


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